Motorola Droid RAZR ships with locked bootloader, says Motorola Twitter account

Here's a bit of news that a few of you aren't going to like hearing -- the Motorola Droid RAZR will ship with a locked bootloader.  According to the official Motorola Mobility Twitter account:

The bootloader was locked per the carrier, in addition to meeting security, safety and regulatory guidelines.

We're not quite sure where regulatory guidelines come into play here, but we understand the carrier wants it locked as well as the safety aspect (even if we don't agree).  Luckily, it looks like Verizon will be offering another phone for those of you who want to unlock and fool around with the inner workings of your Android phone's software, and we should see it in about eight hours.  Android -- something for everyone.

Source: @Motorola

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • BeeEssse
  • Not surprised. Apparently VZ requested the lock on it.
  • Why would they specifically request a lock on this phone, and not bother with many other phones over the past few years? I think this is just Motorola following suite with what they do.. encrypt their bootloaders, point and laugh.
  • You have a point there.
    Same day Verizon gets the totally unlocked Nexus they demand Moto lock their boot loader? Not very believable.
  • Maybe Verizon just wants all of their Droid's to have an encrypted bootloader? After all, Droid's are exclusive to Verizon, so I wouldn't be surprised if Verizon wants them to be more to their satisfaction than other Android phones.
  • don't start jumping to conclusions about the Verizon "Nexus". I have a bad feeling that we might not get the true Nexus, but a device similar to it. I am probably wrong, at least I hope I am, but just a feeling I have...
  • Well, that made my choice real easy. Nexus Prime.
  • Crap...
  • Crappola!
  • Nexus Prime it is. Thanks for making the decision for me. Goodbye Moto
  • That moto is hot! But the locked bootloader just sealed its fate for me. Come on Nexus!!!
  • That means the CEOs claim its the world best smartphone is an outright lie. It was before (SGS2 and Nexus prime) but even so.
  • I am pretty sure what they are talking about has to do with them marketing the phone partially as an enterprise device that has FIPS compliance. Folks who have to access secure networks (as in US Secret, Top Secret, etc) have to have devices that meet FIPs compliance, and perhaps that's why Moto had to lock this one down. I am taking a guess here, but I do that type of work, so its an educated guess. Moto almost had me on this one... but I think I will still pass for the Nexus. We'll see.
  • Those people don't buy off the shelf phones or phones with cameras. Do you know how hard it is to find a smartphone without a camera?
    Getting near certain navy bases with a camera phone gets you a sit down with heavily armed Marines.
  • So if vzw request it. What about NP?
  • I'm running a custom on my locked Droid 3. Just sayin
  • Can't wait to get rid of my Droid 3! Ebay here it comes!
  • If there isn't a microsd card slot in the Galaxy Nexus, then neither that phone nor this one are worth my money.
  • And don't forget the NON removable batteries, at least the RAZR has an SD card. I got used to carrying a spare with my Tbolt, I rearely use it but it's there.
  • Why freak out so does the x but I still have CM and overckock.
  • Wasn't eveything supposed to be unlocked moving forward? Guess NOT.
  • I owned an original Droid and loved it, within 10 minutes even as a n00b I had it flashed to CM with no problems. I got a used Droid X (the old Droid developed touch screen issues) and it was a $#@$ nightmare. I don't know how many time I had to use RSD Lite to flash it back to stock and re-root it, but it took me quite a bit of time to get CM on the thing, and even now I have to deal with only having nightlies (no mainstream release of 7.1 for the X) and having to flash a "patch" every time I update to a new nightly to get my stupid camera to even work. NEVER AGAIN Motorola will I buy a phone with a locked boot loader. If I want my choices restricted I'll buy a friggin' iPhone, thanks. The Razr could be a quad core device with a 5' 1080p screen with 4gb of RAM and I'd not buy it with a locked bootloader!
  • Where else will you get the build quality that motorola puts out? Also I would be willing to bet that you'd cream your jeans over a quad core device with a 1080p(although would be a little hard to read on such a small display) screen and 4gb of ram if it was announced today so dont lie.
  • If I can't run the software I want on the device, what's the point? I used the stock ROM on the thing for a day and it was so annoying I wanted to throw the device out the window. And what build quality? My original Droid had to be replaced a month before I could get another device I wanted because the stupid touchscreen kept going nuts and the haptic feedback buttons would randomly press themselves. It would be sitting on my desk and it would start buzzing and jumping around all over the place. And I'm not the only one who had that problem, I've seen many similar complaints with the original Droid.