Motorola Droid Gets Unboxed

The rite of passage for all highly anticipated gadgets, the unboxing, has happened for the Motorola DROID. Unsurprisingly, the Droid/Terminator theme of the DROID is splashed on the box with the expected Verizon branding. Google gets some love on the outer box as well, with Motorola showing up only in the product photo and the inner box. The DROID only comes with a microUSB charger, the accessories like the dock and car dock are sold separately.

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Casey Chan
  • interesting that they aren't giving you a headset of any kind...for me, it doesn't matter since i never use them anyways, but interesting none the less. unless the box is final but the contents included aren't....?
  • this is nice i must admit my favorite android device so far besides the behold 2
  • No point in including headphones if its 3.5 and works with all. Would have been nice though. Love the droid if it wasnt for the extra 30 dollars a month for the internet plan.