Motorola DROID Gets Disassembled, Still Looks Great

It seems like the same cycle happens for every notable gadget release: blurry photos emerge, less blurry photos emerge, pre-release reviews come out, unboxing videos pop up, post-release images and videos are widely available, and then finally, said notable gadget gets disassembled. The Motorola DROID is in that last stage of the cycle yet even disassembled and torn apart, still manages to look good.

The guys at phonewreck commented that the DROID was pretty difficult to take apart which we like to think speaks to the DROID's high craftsmanship and quality build. They also mentioned that the DROID's sliding keyboard has the simplest sliding mechanism they've ever seen. Just wanted to point that out. In any case, feel free to hit the link to see how they disassembled the Motorola DROID!

[via engadget]

Casey Chan