If you're smart, and we know you are since you are here, you want to protect your Motorola Droid so that nothing can happen. Whether protecting to add style, to prevent damage, or to withstand the elements, adding a case to your Motorola Droid is always a great idea.

Motorola Droid Hard Cases


Motorola Droid Hard Cases are geared to the person looking for maximum protection for their device while adding a little bit of style and personality. Often times there are a few different colors of each case to chose from so you could even accessorize your new device with your outfits if you wish.

Motorola Droid Holsters

Droid Holster

Holsters for the Motorola Droid won't appeal to everyone, since not everyone wears their device on their hip, but for those looking for something to provide a little protection, while adding easy access this accessory is for you. The holster will allow you to easily reach your phone at any time, and you won't have to struggle to get it back in at the end of the conversation.

Motorola Droid Side Cases

Motorola Droid Side Case

Side cases for the Motorola Droid will give you the ease of access that the holsters will offer, along with some additional protection since your device will be completely surrounded. Some will offer organizational pouches, and other slots to hold some additional accessories while on the go, which is a huge plus.

Motorola Droid Bags

Motorola Droid Bags

Motorola Droid bags will appeal to your inner fashonista. Let's be honest, along with protection you want style, and this is a great way to add it. The bags are made from a nice soft material that is available in a variety of patterns, and great for on the go with the removable clip.

Motorola Droid Weather Resistant Cases

Motorola Droid Weather Resistant Cases

Weather resistant cases for the Motorola Droid are great for those who love to brave the elements, or those who are just accident prone. Either way, if you think you will be near rain, snow, or any type of liquid, invest in one of these.