Motorola Droid Booted Up, Caught on Video!

BGR has their mitts on the Motorola Droid and was kind enough to record it booting up on video. The 35-second video itself doesn’t tell us much, we just see it go through the usual (but unique) startup progressions a phone would go through. It begins with a Motorola logo then stylishly flashes the word DROID, after that a red beacon pops up and runs a bit and the phone says ‘Droid’ in a robotic voice. Looks like ‘Droid’ is the name it likes being called.

There’s no sign of MOTOBLUR or any unique features that Android 2.0 ‘Eclair’ might have. The only thing we can tell from this brief Motorola Droid video is that it runs on Verizon. As cute as everything looks right now, we’re going to be positively tripped out every time our future Droid utters the word ‘Droid’.

Casey Chan
  • Come on when will this drop need more info. Droid vs Storm2 what do I buy
  • After the storm, the storm 2 is not an option for most. It-now VZW and RIM have alienated to many customers for the storm 2 to be successful. I would look at the hero, you can bring it over from Sprint or wait for Verizon version. This OS kinda looks like the krave OS seven though it's android. More of the same from big red and Motorola. As consumers we need to pull the plug on Moto , they lead the way on crappy phones and RIM is following suit.
  • Wow ... what a waste of my precious time!
  • Looks like another crap phone for Moto. I'll skip any Moto products since I know a few people that have went through several RZOR and SLVR phones.