Verizon Motorola Devour update

Word on the street is that Verizon's Motorola Devour is in line for a maintenance upgrade on Monday. No, it's not Android 2.1 or anything as sexy as that (the 2.1 update is still "under evaluation"). But here's what you are getting:

  • Improved response time when menu, home and back keys are pressed.
  • Adjustments to improve the accuracy of signal strength indicators on the display.
  • Stability improvements made to browser, contacts and VCAST Music apps.
  • Improved incoming call performance.
  • Volume keys now work when you're in the mobile IM app.
  • Fix for picture orientation on upload.
  • Fix to make it easier to delete POP3 e-mail accounts.
  • Changed display on the e-mail account setup.
  • Change to Exchange calendar agenda view to show meeting titles
  • e-mail accounts now auto-configure.
  • Improvements to ringer, voice dialing and multimedia audio when using a headset.
  • Update Google apps.

So, look for the update -- version CALAND_X_01.15.08P, if you're keeping track -- next week. And be sure to let us know if it makes your life any easier. Thanks, anon!