Motorola Atrix launches on T-Mobile UK

The Motorola Atrix is now available on T-Mobile UK, ending the handset's brief period of exclusivity on T-Mo's sister network Orange. T-Mobile is offering the Atrix for free on 24-month contracts of £35.75 or more per month, which is pretty much the going rate for dual-core smartphones in the UK right now. Opt for a cheaper or shorter contract, and you'll pay between £50 and £350 upfront for your Atrix.

There's no mention of the laptop dock just yet, but Orange has been selling them for £299.99 (~$490), so you can probably expect T-Mobile to get on-board soon at a similar price point.

Source: T-Mobile UK (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Does this mean it's a lock to come out on T-Mobile US? I would like the phone but will not buy it for AT&T.
  • IF it comes to t-mobile in six months it will be a boat anchor
  • T-Mobile UK is using the 1800Mhz 3G band. It means that the T-Mobile UK Atrix have a different radio. Now T-Mobile US is using the AWS Band and there is no compatible Atrix announced yet.
  • Where's GB?!?