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Motorola announces European Xoom retail plans

Motorola Mobility has announced its European retail arrangements for the upcoming Xoom tablet.

According to Moto's press release, the Xoom will arrive on European shores in the second quarter of 2011. In the UK, the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy will stock the 3G/WiFi version, while the WiFi-only Xoom will be available at PC World and Currys. Elsewhere, Motorola says that T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom will introduce the Xoom in "selected markets".

No prices were mentioned, but the Xoom was recently given a price of $799 for 3G/WiFi and $600 for WiFi-only in the US. Inflated European prices are pretty much par for the course when it comes to consumer electronics though, so we'd expect the Xoom to retail for more than exchange rates would suggest. [Motorola Media Center]

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

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  • One thing the US can say about electronics is that we don't really get screwed over like Europe on Pricing...
  • true, but I still think Moto is trying to screw Americans over on the Xoom as well! Everyone likes to compare to the current, year old, iPad and say the updated hardware in the Xoom justifies the cost... once the iPad 2 comes out and matches the computing power of the Xoom but keeps it's same cost what will people say? Bottom line. The Xoom and iPad are just over priced. the $400-500 range for top tablets will be the selling point in a couple years when there's 30 different options out there.
  • "once the iPad 2 comes out and matches the computing power of the Xoom but keeps it's same cost what will people say?" They'll say, OK as they're the same power and price, I'll go for the one I like best. Invalid argument is invalid.
  • you're not getting it. If the iPad 2 is updated to be just as powerful as the Xoom and keeps it's $730 price tag and the Xoom is at $800 then that means two tablets with about the same specs and one is $70 cheaper. Apple always over prices their products. you pay for the name.
    Moto shouldn't be charging higher than Apple. in the end, the $400-500 tablets are what will sell.
  • Totally agree. Usually it's almost a $1 to £1 rule so we'll be looking at about £600 for the Wifi only version... :( I'm going to be over in Florida shortly so maybe I'll just pick one up from there and save myself a couple of hundred quid.
  • Lol you might as well if you're going to be stateside. And $600 is perfectly fine if you ask me.
  • Any word on when the Wifi US version will hit? It seems like it may be the same day. I may just go for the 3G/4G version though. I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it. Plus, I dig the month-to-month data plans.
  • I cannot imagine a situation where I do not have my android phone with me but only the tab... so I will certainly get the wifi version only... tethering or wifi hotspot function is set up in seconds...
  • At £600 I'm not even going to look at it. Below £500 I might and close to £400 then I would be tempted.
  • I was wondering when this was going to happen
  • Are the inflated prices due to VAT or are these prices before that's added in?
  • Retail plans ...will introduce the Xoom in "selected markets". Sounds like a plan, Moto.