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Moto X for T-Mobile now available direct from Motorola

Motorola has announced that the T-Mobile specific Moto X is now available exclusively on The phone will be initially available in woven black and with 16GB storage capacity, but Motorola says the woven white model is coming soon. The phone lists for $599.99. The T-Mobile variant will also have an unlockable boot loader for those who like to get in there and tinker.

There's no word on any T-Mobile specific software — like the ever-so-handy Wifi-calling, but the AT&T and Verizon models had the requisite carrier apps so we've not given up hope. Scary day when we want carrier-ware installed on our phones, isn't it? 

Currently, the phone is still out of stock on Motorola's page, but the information on their official blog says today is the day. If you've been waiting, you'll want to keep checking the site, which we've linked below.

Source: Motorola; Order page (opens in new tab)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Sweet... Finally.
  • Waking up next to the HTC One in the morning is like waking up to a supermodel. Beautiful and slightly cold to touch. Waking up next to the Moto X in the morning is like waking up to an old and used hooker that has gone through tons of plastic surgery. Ugly and well, plastic.
  • Which I'm sure you've only ever woken up to the hooker Posted via Android Central App
  • I think you might be alone on the idea that the Moto X is ugly. It's not as pretty as the One to some, but it's definitely no S4 with ridiculous buttons or logos on it (which HTC does have). It's also younger than the One, smarter and much more subtle in it's technologies.
  • woo-hoo, go T-Mobile :) It seemed like quite a few people nervous about this in the forums.
  • It already says OUT OF STOCK!!
  • My wife really wants one... I've never paid the full cost of a new phone up-front. Not sure I'm ready to take the plunge.
  • Why would T-Mobile go this route? Allot folks wanted to use the jump program and now are screwed. Posted via Android Central App
  • Lovers quarrel Posted via Android Central App
  • Nobody's going to be taking advantage of Jump until January at the soonest, so we'll see what their offerings looks like then.
  • Oh well, looks like its the Nexus 5 for me and wifey. Posted via Android Central App
  • Agreed.
  • You might want to hold off on N5, they'll probably will butcher the camera the same way they did with the lg optimus g and N4.......I have the N4 and the camera is horrible when comparing it with optimus g....better off getting the lg G2
  • T-Mobile apparently has a beef with Motorola they haven't sold a moto phone in years out of their stores or on their website its just so suspicious Posted via Android Central App
  • T-mobile always got the short end of the stick with Motorola Android phones anyway.
  • That's definitely true. The Cliq was my first Motorola phone and it was solid like a rock. That's the only praise I can give it.
  • Sweet. Halfway there. Now they just need to get Moto-maker and the 32GB model.
  • I just can see $599 for this phone. For the same amount, you get get a GPE HTC One, for $50 more, GPE GS4 and for $100 more, a GN3. I was really considering replacing my GPE Galaxy Nexus with the Moto X, but now I'm going wait and see what the new Nexus phone will be. Disappointed.
  • You have a GPE Galazy Nexus, huh? You don't say... Nexus is Nexus. GPE is GPE. Thought we're well past that ; p Agree with your sentiments on the Moto X, though. It's a nice enough phone, guess I'm a spec junkie : / Seems very overpriced. Just spoiled from the Nexus line.
  • Nexus is NOT Nexus when it comes to the Galaxy Nexus. Remember the Verizon GNex? How about the Sprint version of the GNex? Then there was the Google Play Edition (GPE) version of the GNex. I agree about being spoiled with the Nexus line, both in price and the idea of an unlocked, pure vanilla Android experience.
  • Lmfao +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • How is it sold out already? Posted via Android Central App
  • Ebayers Posted via Android Central App
  • Well I kinda figured this would be the price, but now that its official it just killed it for me, looks like I'm waiting for a new Nexus now.
  • Y'all know this price will drop within a couple of months, right?
  • And then it will be pushed further into irrelevance.
  • I'm hoping that it does so soon, very soon.
  • I really want one of those,but, my One works fantastic. I like those active notifications...
  • So lets get this straight it's sold online only, has just 16 GB and we get to pay a 20.00 premium over what it costs at ATT for that privilege? Ahhh, NO I won't bite thank you very much. When they drop the price and get motomaker working on this i'll be back. I know Motorola has to make money but they won't be doing that on my back.
  • Oh, no! $20? That's a 3.4% increase on the phone's price! Whatever will we do?! /s Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the Android Central app.
  • 16GB.. OUCH... I know its still an AT&T exclusive but it hurt to read.... Hopefully the developer edition has AWS frequency needed.
  • Funny how people are assuming the Nexus 5 will still cost $299/$349. I think Google is done with that experiment. Now that it owns Motorola, Google has become an OEM, and they won't undercut their own division with a superior phone at a better price. I also don't think they want to continue to undermine AT&T and T-mobile. My guess is that the next Nexus phone will cost $399 for 16GB and $449 for 32GB. Still cheap enough to make a splash, but expensive enough to fend of criticism from Motorola and the carriers. If they stick to the same dirt cheap cheap prices as the Nexus 4, I will be shocked.
  • Get ready to be shocked. Google owns Moto, but that is about it. Google is not an OEM, Motorola is.
    Google pays the manufacturer to make the phone, they can price it like they want. GM owns a luxury car division and a compact division. The cars are not priced the same. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yup. Nexus Phones have been fairly inexpensive and we don't have any reason to believe that will change. Posted via The Android Central App
  • How have Nexus phones been inexpensive? Except for the Nexus 4 they have all been expensive. With that said, I see the Nexus 5 being about $400.
  • I just checked and they're back in stock. I'm personally waiting for Moto Maker to be available first.
  • Can't say I'd buy a phone that costs the same as an HTC One, with a lesser screen (720 vs 1080), less memory (16 gigs vs 32), plastic vs aluminum, and no stereo speakers on the front; software features notwithstanding. Posted via Android Central App
  • EXACTLY!!!!
  • Everybody who is whining about specs has not touched this phone. It runs WAY smoother than the HTC One and the GS4. They both have clunky and laggy user interfaces. This phone is smooth as glass. Feels smoother than my Nexus 4. Run over to the Best Buy and play with it for a little while to see what it's like.
    Also, I was waiting for this phone on Jump from T-mo because I have a Nexus 4 so I haven't joined Jump yet. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was waiting with their unlocked phone for this to come out to join jump.
  • Did this. Went to BB, saw the Moto X demo unit, battery was dead, hardware looked awful cheap (maybe because it was white and dirty?) No way I'd pick this up over a One or S4. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow. So you don't like the Moto X because the demo unit you used was out of battery? Smh. Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the Android Central app.
  • Waiting to see if the play addition keeps all the features and if customizable as well. Posted via Android Central App and my Nexus 4 or 7
  • According to the support docs on T-Mobile's website, WiFi calling isn't supported.
  • Oh Crap Posted via The Android Central App
  • I'm on att but want this one due to the fact I can unlock the bootloader. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can I get this on T-Mobile's interest free installment plan?
  • I just ordered one. Expensive but worth it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ugh. 16gb is just woefully inadequate. So frustrating.