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Moto X developer editions appear, Verizon version now available

The promised Moto X developer editions have made an appearance today. Available in a special black and woven white shell, with the words Developer Edition labeled across the back, the 32GB version models are now available for Verizon with a $650 price tag.

The GSM version (listed as working with AT&T and T-Mobile) has a page ready to go, but as of this writing there is no way to order them just yet.

At $650, I predict that these won't be very popular, but I know at least one person who will be clicking the button on the GSM version the minute it's able to be clicked. Anyone else out there waiting for these? Fill the comments with praise and rage. 

For more info, and ordering details, check the source links.

Source: Motorola (Verizon (opens in new tab)) (GSM (opens in new tab))

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • so do these D.E. devices get the OS updates just as fast as Nexus devices? what's the track record for the D.E. S4 and One?
  • the D.E One has been getting the shaft. I still think it is on 4.1.2....even the carrier version are more current.
  • Those are Google Play edition phones, not developer phones. That being said, I believe turnaround was about 2 weeks between 4.3 being available on Nexus devices and on GPe devices.
  • ok thanks for pointing that out - i forgot about G.P.E vs. D.E. so it appears that Nexus will always be first and everything else will be later if ever - especially if you have those evil bastards at Verizon involved?
  • I was referring to the developer edition one, not the Google play one. The developer edition one is awful for updates.
  • Yeah, and Development Edition One owners were the first to report the lock screen bug and we're still living with it :-( Posted via Android Central App
  • It's the same as the carrier version, except bootloader can be unlocked.
  • ok thanks. i got confused with all the "Editions". i'll stick with Nexus.
  • Not the same thing. The S4 and One have a Google Play edition that has a separate recovery and firmware setup and the One has a developer edition that is GSM only. Developer editions should have less time in front of them IF they're updated directly by the OEM and don't have to deal with carrier interference, however with Verizon that's unlikely. Verizon will most likely still want to certify any software changes, it just may happen faster or slower than it does for the regular version. Google Play edition devices receive faster updates directly from the OEM.
  • Same thing happened with the Verizon Nexus. Still isn't current. Had to ditch them. Posted via Android Central App and my Nexus 4 or 7
  • So would this be eligible for the Edge plan?
  • No you are buying from Motorola not the carrier. Pull out the cc Posted via Android Central App
  • two thumbs up! I'm not clear on why there is one weird color option for the dev edition, but w/e at least there is a 32GB option for folks now that can't use MotoMaker yet.
  • Mr. Visa is getting antsy. Clicking the GSM button as soon as it's live.
  • I want one. But for the price. Meh. I wish you could customize the dev edition. And I wish there was an all black option. Now I'm considering waiting it out for the new nexus. I love my htc one but either the Moto X or new nexus or both will be my next phones Posted via Android Central App
  • Buy a subsidized Moto X /and/ the dev edition. Put Sim in Dev edition. Sell subsidized phone as new on eBay for a slight loss. Now you have a subsidized dev edition. Problem solv-ed Posted via my thumb(s) and the Submit button
  • I would wait to see if the other carriers push the camera update..The flaws on the camera have really been exposed with TMobile getting an update and it being described as fantastic and a world of difference..I can say that my Moto X takes "flat" pictures with no color pop...Clarity is good, but they look dead.
  • Isn't this the same price as the Verizon "non-developer" edition?
    but with twice as much memory? This is an amazing deal
  • Verizon lists the 16GB Moto X at $599.99.
  • good call, thanks.
    I was looking at the price with the crap "accessory bundle"
  • Way to expensive for me to take a bite. At $499, I'd buy one, but at $650, I'll wait for the next Nexus.
  • It should be free for this garbage. My wife is at a hospital right now, about to give birth to our first child.
    I feel so bad that I can't be with her right now as I've joined the line at the Apple store Fifth Avenue. So stoked!
  • I really hope you're joking.. If not, you have your priorities WWWAAAAYYYY outta whack.
  • Another iTool... haha or an iTroll??
  • Please tell me you're joking... Posted via Android Central App
  • I hope you like your new iphone because that's what you will be sleeping with for the next decade.
  • Lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, no way I'm going to buy a developer edition that doesn't cost me a hundred dollars less with more storage than the retail edition.
  • So what are some differences between this and the normal edition? Isn't the Moto X already pretty close to stock? Will this be missing features like active notification, touchless controls, and quick camera access?
  • Unlockable boot loader. Sprint and USC users don't need this, their versions are unlockable. Verizon and AT&T have bootloader security, and this is Motorola's answer for folks who want to tinker. I'm only interested because it's carrier free and won't have to wait for someone behind a desk at AT&T to decide to push out any updates.
  • Yes. When I heard the att version didn't have an unlockable bootloader I was very upset. I'm on At&t and was able to unlock my htc one. Really upset me as I wanted to use MotoMaker. And now at this price I just don't Know if it's worth it. I'll stick to draining battery with active notifications on my one for that price. Although I love the feel and design of the Moto X. Looks like my money is better spent on the new nexus when it comes out. Posted via Android Central App
  • I guess I don't understand then why verizon can't just leave the bootloader unlocked on the normal moto x? They are basically saying "devices with unlocked bootloaders are only safe on our network if you pay $650 have a special developer edition badge on the back of it." Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
  • More like unlockable bootloaders aren't safe at all, and while we will let you use one on our network, we won't support it with any of our apps, we won't provide any customer support for it, and we won't subsidise it. They're partially right. If you have an unlocked bootloader and I get your phone, I'll have every piece of data off of it in mere minutes — unlocked boot loaders are as unsafe as using an SD card. You can also flash unapproved radios, which can (and do) cause a lot of issues for both customer support and the network support team. 
  • That's interesting, didn't know unlocking the bootloader poses a personal data security risk, how does a locked bootloader protect that data? Posted via Android Central App
  • EDIT: Double post, sorry.
  • Give me one with a wood back and I am sold Posted via Android Central App
  • U think sprint will get one? I swear to god, if the nexus 5 only goes to 1 carrier like the 4 did (T-Mobile), I will have to kill someone.
  • You can use the nexus 4 on any GSM carrier. Posted via Android Central App
  • I think that HSPA+ worked best w T-Mobile. I remember that there were some issues when it was released Posted via Android Central App
  • only pricing testicle!! that is one expensive mid rage phone!!
  • If the X is mid range then the HTC ONE and S4 must be low range because quite a few people including myself have ditched one of those for the X and have not regretted it for a second.
  • ok. lol.
  • Yup. HTC One was sold after the Moto X ran laps around it except for the camera.
  • As much as I love the moto X...pass
  • Hello Moto? No. Goodbye Moto. Seriously, for $649 you would at least expect better specs/camera. I don't know. I just feel like this phone is pushing it too far. Maybe not a Nexus price, but I wasn't expecting a price over $599. No.
  • Can you just stfu about specs. Phone runs better than any other Android phone out their. Just like the iPhone has always ran smoother than any Android for years with less specs.
  • You are right, but for the camera, it's what it is. 1000 mp is not bad, but the performance is just not as good as the OS experience. It's probably the worst among $600 phones. But I agree with you about the smoothness.
  • After I read AnandTech's thorough review of the iPhone 5s and the performance of the new A7 chip I don't think I could justify spending Six Hundred and Fifty Dollars (stupid AC spam filters forced me to type it out) on a Moto X. Honestly, I hate the damn iPhone, but at a similar Six Hundred and Fifty Dollars price, the performance of that chip compared to every other Andoid phone out there is simply astonishing. We are talking 100-300% increases in performance despite being only dual-core and clocked at only 1.3ghz. and running software not optimized for 64-Bit. The only phone to even attempt to hold a candle to the A7 was the LG G2, which bodes well for the Nexus 5, but even the G2 wasn't close. Look at the SunSpider browser score.. it's shocking. Granted I know that doesn't translate to everyday use, but it's pretty damned impressive and at least somewhat justifies the high cost. Can I really say that about the Moto X?
  • The A7 is a beast. Even so, I'll be leaving iOS this time around. Note 3, G2, or N5 for me. I don't think you can justify spending this much on the Moto X. The Moto X is a great phone, however. I've used it multiple times in store, and I walk away impressed every time, except for the camera. Too much money. And, it's not customizable. That's just crazy IMO.
  • Somebody needs to read up some more on the A7 chipset from unbiased sources...
  • Who buys these things? I've always thought, if you're an Android Dev, you buy a nexus. Who the bleep would buy this?? Posted via Android Central App
  • I bought one since I am a) on Verizon, b) wanted a Moto X to replace my S4, and c) desired the 32GB of RAM. I buy my phones outright regardless so the extra $50.00 was worth it for me to get an additional 32GB or RAM since Verizon doesn't sell the normal 32GB version.
  • No way until I find out what the Nexus 5 looks like. I'm not sure why I would pay $650 for that when the Nexus 5 will likely be under $400. The Nexus should also be very similar in many ways to the Moto X and although the performance of the X seems ok now, I am betting that this thing stutters like crazy when new versions of Android and graphic intense games start getting upgraded with new features requiring more power.
  • We already know what the next nexus should look like. I guarantee the current leaks are Damn near final. Release Is imminent. Posted via Android Central App
  • only idiots will buy a phone that lacks both MicroSD slot and removable battery.
  • That argument is so old. When you have phones like my htc one with 64gigs of internal space and great battery, you don't need those things. My htc one has been on for almost 7 hours with almost an hour of it being screen time and its only down ten percent. But I agree. Price this at 499 or 549 and I'd buy it. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1, so tired of seeing the sd card/removable battery comments.
  • Removable batteries aren't as solid as fixed internal batteries. Not everything can access SD memory. Having higher internal memory to start with is better and more efficient. But this argument keeps Samsung in business. Posted via Android Central App
  • Only idiots would make this claim. This is a completely subjective matter. Why do I need a MicroSD slot when I use Spotify and Pandora for my music needs, Netflix and Hulu for my video needs, and rarely use my camera? As you can see, I would never fill up even 16gb of storage space. The battery? It lasts all day and then some. I don't know why you'd need a second battery unless you watched movies ALL day, in which case you're a bum and you need to get your head out of your cell phone and actually experience life. Arguments refuted.
  • That's a lot of Benjamins. Wish you could customize it with Motomaker. Think I'll keep my powder dry for a little while yet.
  • Intriguing, but I'd want the opportunity to get it through Moto Maker and customize it. For $650, that's not an unreasonable request.
  • Do the major ROMS actually support the DE phones?
  • Same question. +1
  • I don't care what you all say. This is the only way for me to get a 32GB on T Mobile to my 16GB Moto X is going back. I sold my HTC One for $450 so I don't care about the price difference.
  • Same boat. This was the only way for me to get a 32gb on Verizon. I'm selling my S4 and One to easily offset the cost. I don't know why people are surprised at the price. If the 16gb is $599.99, it makes complete sense that the 32gb would be more. Is there a way to get an extended warranty through Moto, since you won't be covered by Verizon?
  • I heard you could get insurance through Moto but I haven't tried myself.
  • Seems like Motorola sold for the big buck to fcuking Att. Now tgat you have the same issue as we on Verizon, I can't believe that they are exclusive on the storage too!!!
    I just don't get it. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm gonna laugh when the Nexus 5 is $500 and all you are crying.
  • Just bought the Verizon DE Moto X and curious why you assume I would be crying. If I like the Nexus 5 then I will buy it. Fairly certain there will be no tears shed in that purchase. For now I like the Moto X and the size.
  • Nice try Posted via Android Central App
  • If it's even 3/4 as awesome as the well sourced rumors suggest it will be a steal at $500. The Moto X is a decent phone for $500, we're already laughing at you for spending $650. Nexus 4 is a better device for $250...
  • Will Mr. VISA be ready for the new nexus whenever it finally makes its appearance, Jerry? Posted via Android Central App
  • Come on guy, gotta get a phone that matches your supra. MotoX ain't boostin'! Posted via Android Central App
  • The blue HTC One would go nice with my STI Posted via Android Central App
  • Heads up, do not buy this phone until they fix the voice cutting out issues. See forums.
  • Not every device has that issue. Those that I know of don't - Verizon and Sprint. Posted via Android Central App
  • Finally a price has been posted. Now the purchase of my $250 Nexus 4 feels even better. $650 for a phone that doesn't appear to be better in any way except the battery is just silly in my book. Now my thoughts have turned to what will Google price the Nexus 5 at? $350.00 is the right number. Posted via Android Central App
  • With those rumored specs , very unlikely. N4 had mid-range hardware, though. Probably 450-500 Posted via Android Central App
  • N4, at the time of release, had top-notch specs, except for the camera which we all know is nothing to write home about. We all cross our fingers that after this year's Nexus release this will be a problem of the past. Posted via Android Central App
  • My bad - to rephrase it -
    It had high end performance but not so much just out of shelves hardware components as N5 is rumored to be.
    S4 pro and 320 were not as hot at the time as s800 and adreno 330. Same w the 720 screen. Camera...
    Plus, the lowest storage on the market. Posted via Android Central App
  • Where do you freaking people come up with this crap? There wasn't a single device out that had better specs than ANY nexus...sans perhaps camera and your typical battery/storage arguements. All the specs that matter to devs have been bleeding edge at their time of release and in many cases long afterwards.
  • but those were the "little things" that (to my belief) - besides Google's subsidized involment, really mattered in final price making. I assume that the best Display and camera available (which N4 didn't have) do make a difference in cost.
    Also Galaxy Nexus didn't have that extremely low price right of the shelf - it was 550$ (I paid 300$ on contract upon release). So N4 may be just an exception (for whatever reason) or new course in Google's strategy. Won't be long until we find out. Posted via Android Central App
  • Even if the N4 has midrange special specs, this phone is fast. As for the camera I agree with Jerry get a real camera if you need better pictures. Posted via Android Central App
  • Agree. Just hardware-market-wise, it seems impossible to pull that off this year.
    I wish I'm wrong. Posted via Android Central App
  • We need to remember that Google subsidized the Nexus 4. They may subsidize the Nexus 5. $600 phones are a tough sell in the US. Posted via Android Central App
  • I just wish, Verizon has a subsidized model with 32gb storage, not only developer edition. I don't really like the color combo neither. This device is not that hard to unlock too, so I don't see the reason to spend so much.
    Still, if they don't release the 32gb and skip on Nexus again, I guess they will have my money on this one. Posted via Android Central App
  • That price is insane. Posted via Android Central App
  • Be aware as soon as you request that bootloader unlock, your warranty disappears, so buy a 3rd party warranty from square trade or something.
    It's ridiculous that they expect you to shell out so much cash for a device but won't warranty it when you unlock the bootloader, which is the reason most people buy a developer edition in the first place. Posted via Android Central App