Moto X availability

The wait is almost over. For Moto X fans, it's been rough seeing HTC and LG and Samsung and the rest show us new phone after new phone, while we waited to see what sort of goodies Motorola would bring with the Moto X refresh.

I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

You'll be able to buy your new Moto X in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia sometime later this month. It will set you back $99.99 with a new two-year ball and chain through "select" carriers in the U.S. For those looking to buy off-contract, it will be available unlocked and off-contract in the U.S. for $499.99 at

While we all wanted to see it right now, I think we can wait a couple weeks. Maybe. You know I'm buying one — who is with me?

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I wonder how much they'd give me for my Moto X...
  • They offered $60 for my AT&T 32GB. So yeah, not worth it.
  • They offered me $60 for my used GS3
  • i just went to their site to see how much for mine....only $60
  • I'll give either of you two $70. ------------
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  • Great to see it will be available in Europe straight away Posted via Android Central App
  • I think I can live with 499.99 unlocked.
  • Kinda high if you ask me, I'd probably wait another month or two to see what comes off Silver and/or the Nexus 6. For $500 I'd want a 64GB version, and top notch camera performance, hopefully they worked on that.
  • Yep a bit too high Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nice..buying the unlocked leather back one :)
  • I think they really missed out by not doing a same day launch like HTC did with the one M8.Waiting to release when the i phone 6 will probably be hitting the stores seems like really bad decision.Apple and the iPhone will be getting all of the press.
  • I really don't think Moto X and the iPhone are pulling from the same crowd. Posted via Android Central App
  • That is very true but press coverage (hence column inches) will be non existent during the iPhone release, for many of the other OEM's, Both phones will appeal to differing markets and buyers but from mid to late September onwards no one else will get a look in (Media coverage wise!) except on the Android based sites
  • It's pulling some of us. I personally have been waiting on the new Moto X because the original was the only Android device I have been happy with. It has pretty much been between the new Moto X and iPhone 6 for my next phone.
  • I want to know what they mean by "select" carriers...if I can't get it on Sprint I'm going to be so upset.
  • I agree Posted via Android Central App
  • Select carriers probably means AT&T & T-Mobile. Just a guess, but it seems that's what it usually turns out to be when "select carriers" are mentioned. ------------
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  • There is a CDMA model so I doubt it's just T-Mobile and AT&T. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah.. i have a feeling it wont be on tmoble (again). too bad cause i get a new device every 6 months and would love to finally try a moto x. thats the whole reason i didnt buy last years too.. not available through tmoble
  • Official T-Mobile version with Wifi calling?
  • Looks no, unlocked model is your option like previous version. I would have still bought the unlocked one over T-Mobile even if it was available. But I get it, if you have bad coverage WiFi calling definitely helps. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'll only need wifi calling until T-Mobile gets the new spectrum. I get service everywhere I go, except for inside the hospital I work in. All I need is building penetration like on Verizon and I'll be happy. I'll buy unlocked all day. Posted via Android Central App
  • Keep it, camera still sucks, only 32gb int storage when the other was available with 64, no sd-card, there are so many better phones out there right now. All as they did was go bigger. It's a joke. Take the Note 4 over this any day. S-Pen tool on the Note 4 blows away any feature on any new phone to date, throw in all their improvements and it is easily the best phone to date, no other is even close. Just my opinion but I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  • Battery is a failure, camera still sucks, probably the worst of any new device, stock with a pathetic 16gb of int storage, 32 if you special order. The original Moto X was available with 64gb. Nothing I'll be buying. The Note 4 is without a doubt the best SmartPhone to date. The S-Pen alone blows any feature on any new phone away. Nothing is even close. Just My Opinion.
  • Can't say the camera sucks until people actually start using it. As for comparing to the Note 4, you're comparing a $500 one to a $700+ one? That's like comparing the Moto G to the Moto X, or a Galaxy S 5 Mini to the Note 4. Clearly Moto isn't targeting potential Note 4 buyers here! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Note 4 is probably way more laggy than the X. I would take almost any other device over the note 4. Hardly improvement in the note 4. It looks like an ugly brick with an ugly ui aswell.. Posted by my G3 or my 1+
  • Seems like you are.
    Not for you, I can accept, but may be for many others. What this phone gives us is another option.
    Some don't want large screen phones or a UI that not stock, some have no need for a stylus or (in their opinion) useless features, some may not want (potentially) a delay in receiving Android L.
    At the end of the day the Moto X (2nd Gen), Note 4, HTC One M8, LG G3, Nexus 6(?) all give us 'A Choice'
  • I just said it duo tot these Samsung fanboys. I got no hate or fanboyisme for any brand. Just do not like the not 4 and tw.. People who say the note 4 is the best device you could buy are total no brainers, fanboyisme first class! Posted by my G3 or my 1+
  • Samsung are the best device in this world. Posted via Android Central App
  • Stop crying tool. Posted via Android Central App
  • funny considering you havent even touched or seen in person, the note 4 or this...
  • I've always been tempted to get a note, but honestly I don't think I would be happy without google now, and some of the other features the moto x offers. The galaxy s3 was my first android phone and svoice just killed it for me. I'm sure its gotten better over the past two years, but that on top of samsung's other useless features make the choice pretty easy for me.
  • Na, its cool basically everything it should have been last year. But I think I'm holding out for a n6, gonna be cheaper and better probly that's a no here. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Now the question is choosing G3, M8, or this so I can finally dump the Note 3. or wait for Nexus 6 (it might just be the new Moto X?).
  • I'm ready to get it. Had the M8, have the G3. I'll get this and the next nexus. Posted via Android Central App
  • I will be getting one for sure! :-) Sent From My Nexus 7
  • I hope that they expand motomaker Europe, or at least sell a 32gb one on Amazon. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hope the battery can hold up.
  • Jerry, You'll get yours for free.
    You and I know it's big.
    Question is: is it too big?
    Picked the 2013X over a Nexus5 because of size, darn.
    That is the problem.
    *sigh* might get one.
  • No. Like last year, I'll pay full price for my Moto X (I actually bought two) because i want to keep it and not have it be someone else's property. And yes, I think it may be too big. If so, I'll keep using the old one :)
  • I think its going to feel a bit like the LG G2 (haven't held the G3 yet). The G2 'feel-wise' and ease of use 1 handed was pretty darn good. The original X was pretty good too. If it weren't for the camera, I would still be on the original X.
  • I'm on the Verizon Edge plan, so I may turn in my "leased" Moto X for a new Moto X. :)
  • Is the Verizon version really going to say "Make it yours"? HTC Desire/Galaxy S3/Galaxy S4/LG G3(dbrand skinned)
  • i am going to keep using the old one.
  • Yes, this. Going to try the Hint.
  • I turned down a G3 because of it's size. My Verizon Moto X just feels like it's the right size for my hand so I'm concerned about getting the larger 2014 X. I really like what Motorola is doing in the hands free arena and the Hint is intriguing. I don't get the "no SD card" haters. With Drive, Dropbox and others tripping over each other to give folks storage, I've never needed to worry about how much memory I had on a phone. Someone enlighten me please? The only thing that is preventing me from grabbing a 2014 X is waiting to see what a Nexus 6 might bring to the table. Otherwise I'm getting me one.
  • I work in an area with no wifi and 2G speeds. As a result, I find things like Drive and Dropbox fairly useless to me even with unlimited data (an ever increasing rarity in the USA now I might add). I'm sure that there are others that run into similar situations for the majority of their days, so it's nice to have either expandability, or a great deal of built in storage. Would have been nice to see 32GB as the default with 64 as an option, or have the expandable card. Despite the locking down of the SD card from KitKat, it still has its uses.
  • I'm not being a dickhole here, but with no wifi and 2G speeds even if you had 128GB storage the phone is nearly useless for anything other than a call or a simple text. Even pulling up a simple web site on 2G is painful.
  • Motorola need to not f@#$ this up and launch this device worldwide in a short period of time. Would be better if they could do it with motomaker an option overseas as well, but I'd be happy to at least see this phone available in Australia outright by the end of next month.
  • I'm getting one for sure, but not right away. My current moto x will get all the same software as the new Moto X. I'll probably wait until March 2015 that will mark a year since my og moto x purchase. Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X
  • I told myself that I was gonna hang on to my moto x for two years. I probably can. I really do love the phone, but I wiil probably fold. I'm really impressed with the new moto, and 499 I can live with.
  • I am with you on buying the new Moto X as soon as it's available in Ireland or UK as that's where I live and most of my family does! Posted via Android Central App