Moto 360 metal bands now availble, narrow bands coming later

The Moto 360 is one of our favorite smartwatches, but we've been frustrated by the selection of compatible bands — but no more. The watch is now available from Motorola with 23mm-wide metal bands in either dark or silver metal, as well as narrowed 18mm bands in gold or silver. Yep, a gold Moto 360, but only with the narrower, some would say more feminine, band.

The dark or silver 23mm metal bands will cost you $299.99 with the watch attached, as will the silver 18mm band. But the Moto 360 in "champagne gold" with the 18mm band? That one is $329.99. The standard leather band Moto 360 is still $249.99. Alas, the bands don't yet seem to be available without an attached watch at this point, though we're sure that's only a matter of time.

Those 18mm Moto 360 watches aren't yet available to buy, though Motorola says they'll be available "in time for the holidays", which is rather soon. Additionally, Motorola's partnered with DODOcase to offer stitched leather bands in four colors, and TYLT will be bringing silicone bands to the party. There are also new watch faces coming to the Moto 360 care of an update in the next few days. Be sure to read our Moto 360 review for more on the Android Wear-powered smartwatch.

Source: Motorola

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