More signs the white Samsung Nexus S is soon arriving with AT&T-3G compatibility

By now, the white Samsung Nexus S with AT&T 3G compatibility (that'd be the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands) hitting the U.S. is starting to sound like some other unnamed white device that seemingly took forever to get here. Phil is starting to grow impatient and maybe Samsung has sensed this as they now appear to be putting the final touches on a . We've seen this device time and time again -- be it through online stores, sitting in Bluetooth SIG documents and even on the Samsung website itself previously but it remains not yet available from AT&T or any other direct or in-direct retailer. Anyone still holding out for the white Nexus S besides Phil? Or has its time long past now?

Source: Pocketnow

  • Sigh....Where is the SGSII?
  • Black all the way.
  • I don't quite understand this post. Isn't the White Nexus S for AT&T bands available through Negri Electronics? I know that the black is at least because I have the GT-i9020A right now...
  • You're gonna put a case on the phone, why care bout the color?
  • I don't use a case. Lots of people don't.
  • Is there someone in this world that really cares about a White Nexsus S phone??? Where's blue, red, green?? I am sending my darn phone to Colorware!!!
  • white looks ugly...
  • Yes, this is already available in white and black at various places. Of course, the hope is that it becomes OFFICIALLY available on AT&T with a new contract price of $199. Still, the AT&T Nexus S already exists.
  • Yaaaaawn. no reason to get this now and lock yourself into a 2 year contract. in a couple of monthes there will be a slew of much better devices, dual core. quad core by the end of the year (if true)
  • White looks sooooo gayyyy!! I want it black!!
  • I was gonna say, the dude from Droid Life already has one and has for like a month or so.
  • Actually, I might just buy this phone on contract, just to get it at the reduced price. Then when the Nexus 3 comes out I will buy it outright without any subsidy as I need a phone to bridge the gap. Dan
  • I would buy it if (color is unimportant)if it s a "true" AT&T version that is covered by warranty from AT&T or Samsung, unlike it is now if you buy if from Negri Electronics your on your own.
  • T-Mo has Nexus S, Sprint has Nexus S, AT&T is finally officially getting their Nexus S.. I'd still like to see a Nexus device on Verizon, yes I know there are eleventy-core monsters coming out in the next year or so.. I honestly don't care since I've never felt that my phone's power *droid incredible* was insufficient for what I use it for. any hardcore 3D intensive apps I use, I'm much more likely to use them on my tablet than my phone.
  • I like black consumer electronics, so this product isn't for me. But what exactly makes it so hard for manufacturers to create an all-white housing for a phone? Even Apple couldn't pull it off for months. If I did want a white phone, I wouldn't want the front of it to be black.
  • Exactly. I bought the white evo and regretted it. Only thing that made it cool looking was buying a black battery cover so that the only white is the center strip(Oreo) You can do this however with the black or white evo though by scraping the paint off the center strip to make it red. Looks even better! See as the only part of the "phone" that is white is a tiny strip, why not just get a colored battery cover or paint it. You could make it any color and still look the same with a black face.
  • I would like a AT&T compatible Nexus S with a warranty. Black or white is fine.