Monitor your house with the Wyze smart home starter bundle on sale for $79

Wyze Camera
Wyze Camera (Image credit: Android Central)

Time to outfit your home with a full monitoring system! And you can do it without breaking the bank. The Wyze Smart Home Starter Bundle has dropped $20 to $79 total. The starter bundle has been selling for around $100 since last year, and we even made note of it when it first dropped to $99. So it's pretty great to see it dropping even more, although we doubt this deal will last very long. It's just quite simply way too affordable at this price.

Comes with a camera, two contact sensors, a motion sensor, three white smart bulbs, two smart plugs, and a Class 10 SD card. Control it all from anywhere using the Wyze app. You can add up to 99 total devices, too. Comes with a one-year warranty.

If you're still holding out on getting into a smart home ecosystem either because you're not sure what to get or just don't want to pay for how much the expensive stuff costs, this starter bundle is perfect. It has everything you need to kick off your smart home the right way. And the system is compatible with a wide range of other platforms, so you can keep expanding after starting here.

The bundle includes the 1080p HD indoor Wyze Cam. It's mountable and stackable and fits just about anywhere. The camera on its own costs around $30, so it's definitely the star of this show. It comes with night vision, two-way audio, and the ability to be controlled by your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The Class 10 SD card included in this deal will give you space to record everything that's going on.

The rest of the bundle includes two contact sensors and a motion sensor, which you can use to get instant alerts whenever the sensors are tripped. You'll also get three white smart bulbs that can connect to your smart home ecosystem and be controlled by your voice. Dim them or turn them on or off with a simple command. You can even set schedules and routines so they're on when you want them. Got other appliances you wish had some smarts? Use the two Wyze smart plugs in this starter kit to add some smarts there.

Just download the Wyze app to control all of these devices in one place.

John Levite
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