The Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro 65-mile indoor amplified HDTV antenna is down to $59.99 at Best Buy. The same HDTV antenna normally sells for closer to $90. Today's price drop is part of Best Buy's deals of the day. That means it's a temporary price, but you can also find it at Best Buy's eBay storefront for the same discounted price.

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Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro 65-mile indoor amplified HDTV antenna

A huge range for people who don't live super close to broadcast towers. Has a 16-foot cable, which gives you plenty of placement flexibility. Receive over-the-air broadcasts from popular networks and watch in HD. Paper-thin and reversible.

$59.99 $90.00 $30 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

This is an HDTV antenna for people who really want to cut the cord but just live too far away from any urban centers to get good reception. The subrubanites and others among you who want to pick up on broadcast signals from a long distance. It has a 65-mile range, which is huge. That means you don't have to be super close to the towers to grab the free over-the-air broadcasts.

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The base of the antenna has an integrated TV signal indicator using LEDs to help you find the perfect placement for the best signal strength. Few other HDTV antennas come with something like that, so it's very unique. Considering how wide the reach of this antenna is, it makes sense that it helps you find the best place to fit it. With the 16-foot detachable high-performance coaxial cable, you'll be able to move the antenna all around to find the best spot, too. That's a lot of flexibility.

And essentially these type of antennae are very easy to use. Basically just plug and play. Once you've found the perfect spot, plug it into your TV, scan for all the channels it just made available, and then enjoy your free TV. You'll be able to watch plenty of your favorite networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, and more. If you've been cut off from things like news and live sports for too long, this is how you get it back.

The design is paper thin, multi-directional, reversible with black on one side and white on the other, and even paintable. Make it match your decor.

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