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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation from Gameloft now available in the Android Market

YouTube link for mobile viewing

The next chapter in one of Gameloft's largest game franchises has finally been released to the Android Market. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation brings back the intense gameplay Modern Combat fans expect but adds a few new features to the mix as well:

  • Solo Campaign - A 13 mission operation taking players from Los Angeles to Pakistan that features AAA scenario-scripting and multiple types of gameplay ranging from escort and destroy to helicopter, 4x4 chases, and more!
  • Upgraded Effects - Enjoy next-gen GFX allowing for unprecedented rendering of environments and improved SFX and voice acting, in addition to a new spring and slide feature.
  • Multiplayer - Enter battles with up to 12 players at a time in 6 exclusive maps and 7 different modes. Players can also use customized weapons to move up the leaderboard with more than just ranks.

If you dig war games, you can grab Modern Combat 3: Fall Nation in the Android Market right now. Looking at the reviews though, it seems there may be some issues with the Galaxy Nexus running the game so your milage may vary. It's available for $6.99 and you'll find the download link past the break.

  • Wow that game looks awesome. Wish I could play it on my transformer Prime, but I don't have one. Thanks Asus.
  • Wouldn't matter. Gameloft has a long history of not allowing their games to work on the transformer. SO they probably won't allow the prime either. :(
  • That would blow, but maybe we can edit the build prop like on the HP Touchpad.
  • cute.. no galaxy nexus support.
  • Given how games are changing on Android and becoming more complex I wish they would start making demos for these types of games instead of having to buy them and then make sure you get your refund within the 15min window.
  • Not to moon that if you are trying to download the extra data over a dodgy wifi connection, it can take over 15 minutes just to download it. -Suntan
  • Gameloft makes some very nice looking games but I haven't really enjoyed a first person shooter since the original Doom.
  • Not showing available for the Toshiba Thrive
  • You can get there games to work on just about anything you need root and just change the build prop in system did it on my dell streak 7 no gameloft support at all so changed it to think its a lg gx2 works great same hardware screen resolution. On TP i have it set to evo 3d.Im playing it on two non supported devices
  • What are the build prop settings for the Evo 3D on the TP?
    I wanted to try when I get home but want to make sure I have the right ones before hand.
  • dont even try it for GN,it has the same dual touch issue as other games like GTA3 ect. you cant walk and shoot/aim at the same time. until these games get updated.
  • No support for Rezound. Why?
  • I saw that. Maybe it has to do with the 720p display on devices like ours and the Galaxy Nexus.