Mobile Nations Podcast: Episode Zero

Mobile Nations is our brand new podcast, bringing together the heads of state from Android Central,,, and WPCentral for full on round-table action. This week Phil, Kevin, and Rene discuss new Gingerbread phones, iOS 5 and iCloud, Playbook updates, and Apple stealing back. This is Mobile Nations!

Meta Talk

  • Do we go clean or explicit?
  • Do we use theme music or smash cut straight to the talk?
  • Should we stick to a bi-weekly schedule?
  • What should our album art be?

Tech Talk



Phil Nickinson
  • can't find it on Google listen.
  • Its not there in the search function but if you copy and paste the feed link direct into the add a subscription option it will be there.
  • is a naked/empty website?
  • This is awesome news to me. I really like hearing the perspective of the different editors on the other platforms. Things like this are one of the greatest strengths of the SPE network over a single site dedicated to a single platform. I hope this leads to a reserection of the round robin, maybe with tablets this time as well.
  • This is going to be one of the best podcast on the internet. So much phone knowledge all in one spot at one time.
  • Keep it explicit...we are all adults here.
    Theme music should be no longer than 5 seconds
    bi-weekly is okay but with exceptions for major news worthy weeks.
    Album art should be a pizza with icon toppings representing all the logos from all the mobile operating systems. With a slogan with something to the effect of "taste everything", or "Everything Pizza-Because Sometimes its hard to choose one", or "Why compromise", or "When you just want to taste it all."
  • This comment deserves 100 stars.
    And "When you just wanna taste it all" should be the winner slogan.
  • meh, not really that interested.. I have an Android phone... I want a podcast about Android. Hearing how iOS copied everyone else isn't really that appealing.
  • I haven't listened to it, but I'm already not feeling it. I think I know why they did it. Probably because the website gets the most love, and all the other ones don't get any love. I'm gonna listen to it, but I ain't gonna like it.
    No combo podcasts!! Dieter, was this your idea?
  • Crackberry has 2 million members, that's alot of love. Don't worry it will be pretty entertaining because Kevin, Rene and Phil work well together and can discuss their own platforms without coming across as fanboys to much. And Dieter is gone, Crackberry Kevin is the new Deiter.
  • I thought I noticed Dieters name missing from the editor list. I'll give it a listen.
  • Crackberry Kevin is the head of SPE websites now. His first official order was to get everyone on BBM. Lloyd is now just a VM running on a playbook... ;)
  • crackberry actually has over 3 million members! :)
  • I listened to the show last night and its a good start for episode 0. Every 2 weeks it sounds reasonable because we know your all busy running sites. Congrats on 3 million members that's huge. I still like to head over to CB forums sometimes even though I've been with Lloyd for almost a year.
  • Pretty cool. And on being explicit; I say it really doesn't matter. The people who will listen will all likely be adults or teenagers, and the teenagers aren't going to be the least bit fazed. Theme music: A nice intro sound clip would be nice. Don't get longer than about 10-15 seconds. And for schedule and album art, galfert above has pretty good ideas.
  • Nokia has no activity. I honestly think their blog is dead. No wonder they arent in this. Nokia Experts have one post a month and its either an ad for a case or something about a new app.
  • I like this format. I personally think how close these editors are with editors for other platforms helps keep the sites a little lower on the proverbial d**k measuring contests. It is nice to flaunt when your platform is better, but these sites really keep it tasteful and in check. There will always be bias toward the platform(s) you like, but I think the crew here doesn't make it the main show. I think a group like this working with each of the major developers would really help everyone. One can dream, right?
  • I want to add that I like this format, but not to replace the AC podcast. I would like to see it in addition to.
  • Love the idea. But please keep it clean. There's no reason to be explicit here. Whatever you guys do it'll be very cool. LONG LIVE ANDROID!!!!
  • Thanks, but no thanks. I want my podcast flavored to the OS that I am interested in. Also the fact that all OS are represented in a podcast every couple weeks is really going to water down any real coverage or journalism. I liked the AndroidCentral Podcast and frequently listened to the WebOS podcast, but mashing them together with Ios, which I have zero interest in, Windows Phone and BB? Just not worth the time commitment. Sorry folks, bring back the individual podcasts. ANd where the hell is Jerry???????? I gotta have my Jerry in there telling me the real deal.
  • Olympic theme music for the parade of mobile nations.
  • So no more android central podcast? :-(
  • BORING!!!!>.......i like the OG A/C guys....if it continues like this as a joint Podcast between all not sure i will be participating on thrusdays night....sorry guys....its a great concept and i understand it....and believe me, I'm not trying to be rude here at all.....i agree with the other...*DONT FIX SOMETHING THAT AINT BROKEN".....A/C Podcast all the way !!!!!......thats the way i look at it...lata guys
  • I love the Android Central podcast and follow some others, so I would welcome an informed cross platform discussion. Production: Things tend to drift aimlessly if you don't have a plan and a few key objectives (this tended to happen at Engaget about a year ago with the old team, but they fixed it) which is why I welcome the Android Central approach. Phil keeps it focused, without being "controling" (nice work), so it's always an enjoyable show. Interacting with continuity when your based in various floating venues, makes things difficult; but podcasts can really benefit from that situation. Good luck with the new project.
  • I like the hosts so far... but you guys should definitely have guests on sometimes like like AC crew and GEORGIA!!!... and
    get dirty... i wanna hear you guys show some emotion.. GO EXPLICIT !! WE ARE NOT KIDS!