Minecraft Earth celebrates spooky season with the R28 update

MInecraft Earth Build Plate
MInecraft Earth Build Plate (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Earth is the Pokemon Go-like AR spin-off of Minecraft for mobile devices.
  • It boasts of some innovative gameplay, and regularly gets new updates with content, challenges and more.
  • The R28 update is rolling out now, and adds Season 12: Boo! Spooky!, as well as other Halloween-themed events.

Minecraft Earth is finally getting into the Halloween spirit of things, just like the rest of Minecraft celebrating the arrival of spooky season, with the release of the R28 update. The latest update for Minecraft's mobile AR spin-off begins a new season, adds some creepy new mobs, and makes a few other changes to the game in time for everyone's favorite (or should-be-favorite) season. Like recent updates, there isn't a ton to talk about here, but it should be enough to keep long-time players coming back for more.

The changelog for Minecraft Earth's R28 update includes:

New stuff!

  • Get ready for SPOOKTACULAR challenges and rewards with Season 12: Boo! Spooky! Coming soon!
  • Trick or Treat! Oops, you got "Trick!" Looks like we're going to have to increase the chances of finding hostile mobs in tappables during the week of Halloween! Good luck!
  • Take it all in with the new optional Wide-Angle Mode! Enable it to double your camera field of view, allowing you see your surroundings better and more stable. Finally see that creeper next to you before it blows up. Note that wider AR angle will result in partially blacked out camera feed frame

New mobs & variants

  • Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble! It's time for the Witch and Viler Witch to brew some mischief! Beware! They'll be stirring up trouble in tappables near you

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes
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