Chinese smartphone brand Meizu releases a lot of phones throughout the year that often go unnoticed by consumers in the West, but with the release of the new Meizu Zero, people all around the globe are taking note of the new device. Why? It's the world's first entirely holeless phone.

When Meizu calls the Zero "holeless", it really means it. The Meizu Zero doesn't have a SIM card slot, physical buttons, a speaker grill, or even a charging port. Instead, it's just a sleek, uninterrupted slab of metal and glass that looks downright fantastic.

A holeless phone has to do things differently in order to make up for its missing buttons/ports, and that's something Meizu has thought a lot about. Since there's no port for charging or data transfer, the Meizu Zero features Meizu's patented Super mCharge Wireless technology that delivers wireless charging speeds up to 18W. Additionally, the Wireless USB feature "exceeds the limit of transmission speed."

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In the absence of a speaker grill, the Meizu Zero uses mSound 2.0 to blast audio out from the 5.99-inch AMOLED display. In addition to the display doubling as the Meizu Zero's external speaker, it's also housing an in-display fingerprint sensor. The physical buttons have been replaced by a "Virtual Side Button" that uses the mEngine 2.0 haptic feedback to mimic the feel of an actual power/lock button and volume rocker, and with no physical SIM card slot anywhere, the Meizu Zero relies on eSIM technologies.

The Meizu Zero will only be sold in China, but as of right now, it's unclear when the phone will actually come to market or how much it's going to cost.

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