Meet the Motorola Calgary, Verizon's Other Android Phone

Say hello to the Motorola Calgary, Verizon's other Android phone in the works. We've seen it before, albeit in a much more glamorous light, but this Motorola Android device is reported to pack MOTOBLUR, something not available on the Droid. It looks like Verizon is positioning itself to offer two different Android experiences--the high end, iPhone 3GS-competitor in the Droid and the lower end, featurephone replacement in the Calgary.

The picture above shows that the Calgary has 3 touch-sensitive buttons along with an optical joystick. It's a QWERTY-slider device so keyboard fanatics won't lose their buttons. BGR reports that the Calgary will also have a 3-megapixel camera, 3.5mm headphone jack, Wi-Fi, GPS, and microSD.

To us, the picture of the Calgary looks like a prototype. We're betting that Motorola will add a bit more flair to the commercial release. With that said, it looks like Verizon and Android are going to be sitting in a tree this holiday season. We can't wait.

What do you guys think? Anyone interested in the Calgary? Or will it be all Droid?

Hit the jump for more pictures of the Motorola Calgary!


Casey Chan
  • Not a huge fan, I'm not sure why they changed the device in the way it looks.
  • I was hoping I could choose between a high performance, ugly phone (Droid) and a high performance, good looking phone. Guess a Hero with a faster processor and Andriod 2.0 is wishful thinking, huh? What happened to that other phone Schmidt was holding?
  • phone quality A+
    phones looks F
  • Verizon Wireless customer here, but not really impressed with this phone or the Droid. Was hoping there was a keyboard-less option. I just went and checked out the HTC Hero at Sprint and really liked the phone a lot... But I don't want to switch from Verizon to Sprint. I just don't want a cell with moving parts like the keyboard. Right now I have a Blackberry Pearl and can't wait to switch to something else. For a while was considering the iPhone but don't like AT&T's service.
  • if they price this right, they could have a good alternative to some featurephones (like no more than $100)
  • The Calgary is cool but it looks like a Sidekick knock off. It has a similar look and it and its meant for the same demographic. Im really sad that only devices like this will get Blur on them. The Hero is coming out as well, they said that at the press conference. I would expect it to come out around the same time as the Pre and the Calgary will be out in time for the holidays so that all the teens can get it.
  • can someone answer this i cant find an answere anywhere! do you have to get a data package with the motorola calgary?
  • what the hell happened to the silver design. dam it! i dont want this ugly black keyboard cr*p!
  • when will this phone come out and also when will the new verizon Flash phone come out??? dose anyone knoww??