Chances are, you're spending a lot more time at home than you would regularly right now. The situation's not ideal, but you could turn your self-isolation time into something positive by learning a new skill or becoming an expert on a topic you've always been interested in but never had the time to research fully.

Online learning service The Great Courses Plus gives you the resources to from anywhere with tons of different courses to choose from. Right now, you can even score a 30-day free trial there giving you plenty of time to dig into a few topics while you're stuck at home before you decide to commit. If you choose to keep subscribing, it's then just $19.99 monthly or $10 a month if you subscribe quarterly.

Always be learning

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The Great Courses Plus

The Great Courses Plus is an online streaming service that offers unique perspectives from engaging experts at the top of their fields. Try out an entire month of courses for free.

If you're tired of endless video games and binge-watching movies and TV shows, why not try some binge-learning? A subscription to The Great Courses Plus gets you unlimited access to thousands of hours of audio and video lectures taught by the world's greatest professors with new content added every month. There's a wide variety of courses about history, travel, music, economics, religion, and more that you can mix and match content from to build your own syllabus. You'll also be able to access exclusive content from partners like National Geographic, Smithsonian, The Culinary Institute of America, and others.

Whether you want to learn about math or mindfulness, art or anthropology, photography or psychology, The Great Courses Plus has something for you. It's really aimed at anyone that is naturally curious or interested in learning for learning's sake, rather than trying to pick up extra qualifications, but in these times of social distancing, it may well be a better use of your time than endless Netflix or Hulu.

It's super easy to use The Great Courses Plus and there are apps for all of your devices so you can continue learning anywhere. Platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV are all supported, with easy access on the web too.

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