Martian smartwatches now available on Amazon

Listed at $299, Martian watches look to bring a smart watch with a touch of traditional style

If you're interested in smartwatches, but wanting something that looks a little more classic on your wrist, Martian smart watches may be what you're looking for — and now they're available for everyone via Amazon.

Mixing a small scrolling OLED screen with a traditional analog dial, they look like, well, a watch. A watch with an Android app, and out-of-the-box the Martian watches will handle calls, texts, Facebook, Twitter, email and more. Another listed feature is an on-board accelerometer that can be used to do things like send calls to voicemail with the flick of the wrist. A built in speaker and microphone allow for making and receiving calls, as well as sending SMS and using other voice commands.

Available in the more traditional Passport model (seen above) or a more sporty Victory model, the watches list at $299.99. I've ordered a Passport model to put through the paces, so be sure to hit me on Google+ with any quick questions and keep an eye out for a real-world review after a week or so with this one. Hit the break for the full press release.

Martian Watches

Fashion-savvy Martian Smartwatches Invade

Martian Watches Stylish Line of Award-Winning, Voice-Command, Bluetooth Smartwatches -- Communications and Notifications with a Glance on Your Wrist – Now Available on

Irvine, CA - November 6, 2013 - Martian Watches, a California-based developer of unique personal wireless communication products, including the world’s first Bluetooth voice-command smartwatch, today announces immediate availability at the world’s largest online retailer The Martian smartwatches are now available at Amazon in various colors and styles, offering notifications and voice-controlled support for both the Apple iOS® and Android® platforms. Available models are listed here:

Communicate From Your Wrist

Although the Martian Watch looks like a classic analog timepiece, once it is paired with a smartphone, it puts a scrolling notification display and a powerful microphone and speaker on your wrist making it an ergonomic watch that enables avid mobile phone users to get notifications and make and receive calls while wearing a definitive style statement.

Utilizing a Martian smartwatch gives mobile phone users freedom to communicate while keeping their phone in their pocket or purse. They can view notifications, use voice commands, make and receive calls, read or listen and respond to text messages from their wrists, set calendar notifications, control music, search the web, set reminders and calendar appointments by using the familiar voice command functions integrated into their smartphones - all from the convenience of their wrists. Bluetooth wireless and voice features aside, the timeless analog look of each of the Martian Watch designs sets it apart from the plethora of other wearable digital options.

“Having a watch that acts as an extension of your smartphone to keep you abreast of important calls, texts, emails and calendar notifications is the next step in wearable technology for personal communications,” said Jeffrey Hsieh, CEO of Martian Watches. “We are excited to team with Amazon and look forward to working with them long into the future to meet the growing demand for our popular products.”

The Martian Watch face contains an OLED with a scrolling readout that displays caller ID or an incoming text, along with vibration and LED alerts. With the downloadable Martian App for both Android and iOS, users can customize incoming notifications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Weather, and email. An on-board accelerometer allows one to send an untimely call to voicemail with just a shake of the wrist. Additional handy features include the Martian Leash -- so you’ll never leave your phone behind again -- and the Remote Shutter Control feature that let’s everyone get in the picture.

The impressive rectangular-faced Martian Passport watch is an elegant, upscale executive watch. It is fashioned for men and women who appreciate traditional styling with a black or white face. The white face models are available with a white or black leather band, and the black face model comes with a custom-molded black silicone band. The MSRP is $299 USD.

The Martian Victory model offers all-day style for the individual who wants a sporty round watch face with substantial size and stainless steel polish. The monotone color options include matching face and band combinations of black, white and tan. The MSRP is $299 USD.

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