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Looking for a bunch of anxious Nexus S 4G owners? We've got 'em

If you've got a Sprint Nexus S 4G and have been waiting on pins and needles for your Android 4.X Ice Cream Sandwich update that supposedly was dropping Feb. 16, it's time to get some sleep. It didn't happen. And we're really not that surprised.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Updates happen when they happen, and they don't happen until they happen -- regardless of what some internal web page might say.

And for everyone asking why tablets like the Acer Icona Tab A200 are already getting while the Nexus S 4G -- a friggin' Nexus phone! -- doesn't yet have it? It's simple: The Nexus S 4G is not the Acer Icona Tab A200. It's a smartphone. It has cell radio stuff to content with (and CDMA at that). That's just the way it is, folks

The update is coming. Of that, we're (pretty) sure. Do you want it now? Or do you want it right?

Anyhoo. If you're one of the many anxious Nexus S 4G owners waiting on ICS, you're not alone. In fact, we're having jackets made.

  • irregardless....arrrggh!
    (sorry...need my morning coffee)
  • I don't understand!!! The Internet said it was coming on the 16th. It's "The Internet" can't be wrong!!!!
  • I love the irony that my EVO 3D might actually get ICS before the Nexus. I sold off the nexus for other reasons, one of which was that it really can't handle ICS and other things all that well, but damn.. what's the holdup?
  • I like you're posts Phil, and appreciate your input daily. But... c'mon man, "irregardless"????? I know you're better than that my friend
  • Phil probably thinks you're better than misspelling "your" as well.
  • Irregardless it ain't not my fault... it was swype!! Lol
  • Id totally buy a jacket. Either way I'm already running an ICS rom and its beautiful. Does the job til the OTA arrives.
  • See? I got your minds off the update already. #trickybastard
  • Phil works his magic once again!
  • I am just going to use the leaked version. And yes, thanks for addressing my forum posts :)
  • In going to need one of those jackets please.
  • The AT&T version of the Nexus S hasn't received an update either. These phones are 9 months old so I hardly doubt the radio is the holdup as we aren't talking about new hardware.
  • How many phones will get ICS, even a skinned version, before the NS4G? CDMA Nexus phones are more like Nexus devices in name only.
  • I bought the NS4G from Sprint under the sales pitch that it was a "Google-managed phone", and wouldn't be as subject to the intense scrutiny of carriers when it came to things like system updates. So can someone please explain to me why my "Google-managed phone" is pretty much being moved to the back of the ICS upgrade line? And don't try the CDMA excuse. If that's really a problem, then explain the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon (running ICS on a CDMA network). When I saw the Galaxy comes out with ICS, I was livid. I don't want a broken OS on my phone. But what I *do* want more than anything, is promises that can be kept.
  • Exactly, especially when that promise is a major selling point of the phone.
  • "Do you want it now? Or do you want it right?" The problem with this is that it should have been done right the first time they released it, 3 months ago.
  • They can keep waiting and be anxious for tell you the truth..I had the Samsung nexus s GSM with official ics and there is no way that you can compare the ics experience with that phone against the galaxy nexus....that's why I bought me the gn LTE...for the nexus s GSM version it didn't even have face if they really want the real Ics experience..just upgrade
  • The problem with that being that all of us NS4G owners are still in our 2 year contract. So we would have to pay an ETF, then switch to a phone carrier without unlimited data just to have the one device that officially has ICS. Despite the fact we were all sold our Nexus S and 4G's on the promise of expedient updates as soon as they are available. This situation sounds like exactly what they want.
  • Samsung has made they worst Nexus devices ever. Year old devices have better hardware than them. Galaxy Nexus has carrier branding and VZW apps pre installed, updates still get held up by the carrier because of the proprietary cdma bits. These devices don't even deserve the title of Nexus. Unless we are going to completely change the meaning of Nexus.
  • Don't really get all the bitchin........for me my ns4g is the best phone I have owned. Blows away my heroc, optimus s, evo 4g and evo 3d. The only expectation I had from Google was to release the source in a timely matter, which they have. I haven't run stock in I don't know how long and have no plans on ever doing so again. The Nexus S phones have great dev's and they in turn use that code to make our phones awesome. Its why I will stay with Nexus phones for as long as I can and why I have no intention of upgrading my ns4g till I absolutely have too.
  • When I went to buy my Nexus S, it was sold that we'd have the latest version of the OS. According to Sprint's own press release, "Sprint Nexus S 4G customers will be among the first to receive Android software upgrades and new Google mobile apps. In many cases, the device will get the updates and new apps as soon as they are available." The update to the Nexus S was available December 16th. It's now February 17th. 61 days is not soon by any stretch of the imagination. I totally understand why people are upset. When a new iOS build drops? Everyone gets upgraded with a week. Microsoft successfully upgraded most Windows Phone 7 to 7.5 devices within 30 days. That fact that we're in 2 months & 1 day of waiting for this upgrade? Just feels like Google, Samsung, & Sprint totally dropped the ball on this update. Now we all know other phones have yet to be upgraded? That's exactly our point. It's taking way too long for the manufacturers to get this upgrade done. You don't think Microsoft or Apple will use this in advertisements & commercials to exploit a major weakness in Android? Absolutely, they would! I raise the concern out of security. If Google & its partners can't push an upgrade in a timely manner? What about a security update for an OS vulnerability? How long will that take? It's pretty clear Google needs to do more work to make this process much less cumbersome for manufacturers. If Google has to hold the next version back until 2013 to get the upgrade process smoother? I think the Android universe would find that worth waiting for. It should be the number one priority for Google to make this upgrade process speedy & seamless.
  • I have had three different accounts banned at Sprints forums for asking why they are falsely advertising the Nexus S 4G as receiving "OS updates as soon as humanly possible". Their words, not mine. It is listed as a bullet point on the description of the phone on I am running out of Sprint phone numbers to link to my Sprint forum accounts. I guess it is Sprints policy to lie and hide facts.
  • I can understand why your accounts were banned! Why accuse them of "false advertising"? Especially with a term as nebulous as "as soon as humanly possible"? If you are a frequent visitor here, then you KNOW that Android 4.0.4 is being tested RIGHT NOW. And "as soon as humanly possible", they will release it to the general public ONCE THEY ARE ASSURED OF THE STABILITY OF THE BUILD! So, in short, STFU and wait like the rest of will be done when its done, and not a moment sooner! If you CANT wait, root your phone and install the test build.
  • I find it so amusing that people like you feel the need to protect and defend billion dollar companies who's only goal is to fleece our pockets. It must be absurd to you to even think of admitting that maybe Sprint, Samsung, and Google actually fucked up pretty bad here. God forbid we as consumers actually stick up for our selves when companies lie to our faces over and over again. I mean really, it is a good thing Sprint has idiots like you to defend them, or else who knows what they would do.
  • Bah, what is the big deal? My 2 Nexus S 4Gs are still working great, and no missing features vs an ICS build. What I don't want is to release a ROM that causes radio problems after it comes out. Things are nice and solid right now, and I don't mind waiting til the official ROM is bug free for its release. When it's right is the proper time for release. If they release it as "soon as humanely possible" and it crashes the phone everytime it rings I am sure the same folks clamoring for it would be screaming bloody murder. So long as the Nexus S 4G is the first Sprint phone to get ICS I am cool waiting.
  • "If they release it as "soon as humanely possible" and it crashes the phone everytime it rings I am sure the same folks clamoring for it would be screaming bloody murder." Then maybe Sprint should not sell and advertise the NS4G as receiving OS updates "as soon as humanly possible".