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Logitech Revue hits its promised $99 price point

Logitech announced in its earnings call last week that its Revue Google TV set-top box would get a deep discount to $99 -- that's $200 off what it initially sold for -- and that pricing is now in effect. Logitech's site actually still says $299. But add the Revue to your cart, and it can be had for $99.

We can argue about functionality and usefulness all day. But for access to Pandora, Netflix, a full browser, Youtube's sweet "Leanback" display, Amazon's movies and a handful of other features, $99's pretty tough to beat.

Update: And Logitech on its blog today mentions that the Android 3.1 update -- which was first touted at Google IO in May -- is still coming, headed our way "later this summer."

Purchase: Logitech Revue (opens in new tab); Blog.Logitech (opens in new tab) Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Just caught that, my local Best Buy has it for $99, might pick one up today. Anyone know if you can play videos via a USB port, I am not seeing anything, but just want to ask.
  • Yes you can. I took my hard drive to Best Buy and tried it out. I tried many different formats. I don't think .mkv worked about just about every other format I had worked.
  • Great, thanks.
  • amazon needs to meet this price ASAP. They just lowered it to $199.99 down from $229, but I need that last $100 knocked off!
    best buy link-
  • Looks like Amazon knocked it down only $10 from when you looked at it. I'm waiting for the drop to $99 as well :(
  • It's $99 on Amazon right now. Sometimes when you look up a product on Amazon's site, it shows the price for one of their third party vendors. However, if you look on the right-hand side of the page you'll see the price for other vendors, and often Amazon's own price is listed there. Again, Amazon is selling it for $99 now. I just picked it up. Incidentally, I noticed that is you buy it through Logitech's own online store, you can set 2nd day shipping free. Shipping defaults to free ground shipping. If you select 1 day shipping from the drop-down box, there's a fee, but if you select 2nd day shipping, it's free.
  • Does Android Central have a video on this thing?
  • best and funniest one ihave seen so far
  • How much better or more functional is GTV than say... an old school Roku or Roku 2?
  • Roku has no browser, no YouTube support and no applications.
  • I'm still kinda curious (and maybe dumb) when it comes to this. It sounds cool but I sorta don't get it. Do you still need to pay for cable or does this replace your monthly cable bill, allowing you to watch whatever you want? I'm guessing no. So other than that, what's the point? (i'm not being a jerk, serious question). I've read up on it and I still sorta don't get it. Because $100 is a great price and I'd get it today if it was definitely worth it.
  • If you want cable content you still need to pay for it. Your cable box or DVR will hook into the Revu and become one of it's sources for content. But the real point is that you can direct surf the web and install android apps. It's like making your HDTV into a giant tablet, although Honeycomb isn't out for it yet.
  • Anyone know if this will work overseas? I'm moving to the UAE in a couple weeks, but will buy this if it works.
  • Cool! Which part? The unit may work as a giant Internet terminal (you will need a multi-system TV in the UAE - the Revue's video out maybe NTSC) but most of the websites will probably detect your IP being outside the US and thus block the video service or Etisalat may do it. Also, the cable remote controlling feature may not work either with the TV provider. Good luck with the move...
  • Im finally gonna give it a second chance. That price is awesome!! The best buy mobile app has it for $99 without adding to cart.
  • Make sure you check the Best Buy website for availability. The Best Buy app said all my stores had it in stock. The website had it in stock in ONE of my stores. Pickup email just arrived. Off to Best Buy. Hopefully, I can tolerate it's flaws since the price is now only $99. LOL
  • hmmm...
    I love my Rokus and just bought a Roku 2 XS and love it as well. BUT, this baby for the same price!? Need to think about the 30 day return on the XS and may try the Revue. Doh - Just got back from Best Buy, setting up the Revue now!
  • I just ordered one from 99.99 no tax and free 2 day shipping! (my local best buy was out of stock)
  • Who needs this when I have my trusty old WebTV dialing up to the internet? Really though...this is very tempting at $100
  • Got it, I was going to order online and avoid sales tax, but thought what the heck, my BB only had two left after I took one.
  • what does it offer for local network streaming? I currently use a ATV2 w/ XBMC. but I am a Google fanboy all the way lol
  • This is a fire sale. They can't sell enough of them, and too many people are returning them. I doubt $99 is sustainable. There are reports on the net that Logitech is hurting badly from this and is already at a loss. The problem is that Google TV is not a DVR, and that is probably the #1 functionality that consumers think they are getting and aren't. Pandora, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, etc, can all be done on a TiVo, most new TV's, most new BluRay players, etc. $99 is a good deal, though...
  • Called my local best buy, the guy said they have been selling like crazy today,(no wonder) and they had 4 left, have my reserved for tomorrow. cant wait!
  • $99 is hard to pass up but I'm still holding out for the second generation of Google TV.
  • I would pay full price again (early adopter) for twice the processing power and the same feature set. The browser is a pretty sluggish. More features would only be a bonus.
  • I bought one the minute I saw this article. This will be a tough sell for my wife who will question why we just can't have a remote, but this puppy feel so cutting edge that I can't resist. Logitech took a big write-off to their quarter earnings to move these units and that concerns me of course. Nobody wants orphaned technology, but I think that when Logitech sees how big the demand is at $100, they're going to figure out that it wasn't the idea, it was the cost that was the problem. Roku's are under a hundred bucks. Google TV is a lot more useful than Roku, but not two hundred bucks more useful.
  • You sir, are absolutely correct about the price!
  • Are the networks still blocking their website content from this? Still tempted to get this, but without Hulu Plus support, still not sure it its worth picking up since I already have an Xbox 360.
  • Yes.
  • Just bought the Logitech Revue for the second time. Setup was a pain this time. It kept getting stuck when "updating account information" when adding my TV, cable box and skipping the AV setup. Had to reboot 4 times, but it finally setup. Loving the newer Netflix interface and HBO Go. It's far from perfect, but for $99, I can deal with it a lot better. Come on HONEYCOMB!!!
  • I don't know if this will work with the Revue, but it may be worth checking out for those who want to video chat.
  • I bought the last one today at my local best buy. Cant wait to try it out tonight after work!
  • I called my local best buy and they have 1 reserved for me tomorrow so i can pick it up, couldnt go today and get it =/
  • Amazon has it now, although it is backordered for 2 weeks.
  • Hmm. I always said if it was 99 which is what its worth I would get one. I just still don't know. What is it really going to do for me? If I could dvr and archive (at least DVr) TV. I would have paid 199-250 for it. But since it can't do that. Ehhhhh. I don't know. Lol.
  • I just ordered one for me and one for my son from best buy website because it was sold at the best buy store and 3 more family members ordered from best buy website I think that at this price it is selling like a delicious torta
  • I guess $99 was the sweet spot. It hooked me again. Typed from my Logitech Revue.
  • Just grabbed one of these today. Definitely worth the money if you ask me. 250 was far too high, but 99 is a nice sweet spot. Most best buys around my area had sold out, basically all today
  • I've had mine for months now, and I can say this is a pretty cool device. I think the big thing right now is rolling out the major system update and opening up the market. Hopefully when it is opened up then it will really shine. Only drawback that I can find with it so far is that through HDMI you can only get Multi-Channel Sound which sucks big time when you're rocking a 7.1 surround setup like mine. You can kinda work around this issue with an optical cable, but you still can't get DD sound, and my receiver is being a PITA with even getting this setup to work.
  • Hey Squirter -- thanks for the confirmation on this for before I pulled the switch on getting the Revue, I researched how I would configure it within my surround sound system. I was hoping to plug it into my DVR and AV receiver however I saw on Logitech's website my Comcast DVR isn't compatible with the revue!
  • I picked up the Revue at my local Best Buy here in Lexington, SC, leaving only one on the shelf, after calling the other two local Best Buy's to find out that they were both sold out earlier. Each Best buy started out with more than 25 on the shelves, per store.
    I hooked mine up last night and it actually worked with my Free 2 Air Satellite system. The Receiver, and programming, all there. Awesome!
  • I picked one up today and my initial impression is that it is $100 well spent. The quick search is cool, returning any upcoming shows or on demand programming matching my search. The spotlight is well done, with what looks like links to all kinds of content. I think updates will only make this device better.
  • Bought one yesterday at Best Buy. At $99 it is definitely worth it. My wife who didn't want it is already loving it.