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Live in Berlin: Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012

Samsung (Image credit: Android Central)

We're live in Berlin, Germany, where Samsung will shortly be holding its second Mobile Unpacked event of the year. If you recall, the first one took us to London, where we first got to see the Galaxy S3. This time around, the company's promised fans a new Galaxy Note smartphone, and so all signs point to a Note successor being unveiled at the pre-IFA event.

The original Note was revealed almost a year ago at Samsung's last Berlin get-together, and after proving a surprise hit around the world, we're about due a follow-up to the big-screen, stylus-toting smartphone. And as we learned last week, we could be in for a few surprises, too.

Here's the best part: You get to be here with us for the entire event!  You'll find all our live coverage after the break, plus keep checking the front page for the major announcements as they land!

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex is global Executive Editor for Android Central, and is usually found in the UK. He has been blogging since before it was called that, and currently most of his time is spent leading video for AC, which involves pointing a camera at phones and speaking words at a microphone. He would just love to hear your thoughts at, or on the social things at @alexdobie.

  • Let's see this so-called Galaxy Note 2.... A PROUD Galaxy Note *1* Owner here.... Running Jellybean....:-)
  • Xoom, GN7 running JB and waiting for Samsung to push JB for my GS3
  • Leaks are posted at Android police. Looks legit.
  • Would love to see it on other carriers besides AT&T, but I won't get my hopes up. Want a companion for my 10.1 :)
  • Live stream video is here: