LG TVs now support Alexa alongside Google Assistant

What you need to know

  • LG has begun rolling out Alexa support to its 2019 TVs.
  • Compatible with select LG UHD, NanoCell and OLED Tvs.
  • TVs such as the LG C9 OLED (opens in new tab) will be the first to support both Google Assistant and Alexa.

LG has begun rolling out Alexa to its 2019 TV range, making them the first TVs to support both Google Assistant and Alexa. The update is compatible with selected 2019 LG UHD, NanoCell and OLED TVs and should roll out via the Alexa app installed on these TVs over the next few weeks.

Tim Alessi, head of home entertainment product marketing at LG Electronics USA, said:

"The addition of Alexa to our 2019 AI TVs makes LG the only TV brand that comes equipped both voice assistant platforms. LG is always focused on delivering the most diverse range of services. The arrival of Alexa on our 2019 TVs delivers a new level of simplicity and convenience to the lives of our customers."

This also adds the ability to ask Alexa questions, control smart home products and access over 90,000 Alexa skills, all without needing a separate Alexa device such as the Amazon Echo (opens in new tab). This will allow you to give your TV any command you would give an external Echo device and control all your Alexa-compatible smart gadgets directly from your TV.

LG TVs will also support Alexa Routines, allowing you to make them an integral part of your morning routine. If you begin your day watching TV, you'll be able to activate Alexa Routines from your TV, such as providing traffic info, reporting the weather and more, just by saying "Alexa, start my morning".

Having two assistants on one TV may get a little confusing, but LG's ThinQ AI assistant will be able to weave commands from both assistants and remember previous commands so you can talk in a natural way to trigger commands you use often.

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LG has also previously announced that the LG 2019 OLED range (and select NanoCell TVs) will receive an update later this year that adds AirPlay2 and HomeKit support. This means you'll be able to "watch videos on the Apple TV app" and receive the full range of features when you connect an Apple device to your TV. Further, HomeKit means you'll be able to control these TVs using Siri or Apple's Home app, meaning the LG 2019 OLED range will support all major assistants.

Having used the LG B7 and E8 TVs in previous years, the addition of Alexa, Siri and HomeKit certainly makes it enticing to upgrade to the 2019 OLED range. Personally, the LG C9 OLED (opens in new tab) is a great TV although the LG OLED TV R – the world's first rolling TV – is definitely on my wish list!

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