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LG Thrill 4G shows up in Target circular, sports an $80 price tag

While we still aren't sure exactly when the LG Thrill 4G will be showing up for sale, or the reason for the delays, we know it will cost 80 dollars if you pick it up from Target on a new line or have a qualifying update available, or a healthy $550 if you buy it outright.  If you haven't been paying attention, the Thrill 4G runs Froyo on an OMAP4 dual-core CPU, has dual channel RAM and a dual channel board configuration, nifty stereoscopic glasses free 3D, and if AT&T hasn't pulled any shenanigans, is a sure bet for inclusion in CyanogenMod's stable of devices. 

We've handled the thing numerous times, and we all know it's coming.  What it being in the coming week's Target advertisement means is anyone's guess. 

via: +Brady Duran

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • That can't be right! 80 bones?
  • Holy crap?! $80?! That's amazing!
  • LG up to their old tricks with "coming soon".... and by if has the bugs that my G2X has, then $80.00 is overpriced.
  • Why the heck does this thing have Froyo? No new phone should come with Froyo...SMDH!!!
  • froyo doesnt matter for me, because i am getting CM7 the second that gets released for this,...haha
  • Got CM7 on my Evo & GB on my Nexus S...I'm just wondering why phones are shipping with Froyo.
  • with ics on the way buying any phone right now is a bad choice. I want to get off sprint so bad. But I'll have to wait tell I see what on the way. Shipping with froyo is not that bad. For 80 bones this is a great first time android phone.
    It looks like at&t is trying to win over some new customers with this and the atrix at 49$. You can't pick up anything that is as well equipped on Verizon or sprint for under 100$
  • Not sure where you're at but the Nexus S in $1 this week @ Best Buy & $29 on Sprint's site & the Evo & Epic 4G are at various places for under $100...not sure about Verizon, I got rid of them a few years back.
  • That Nexus deal is great, but it sounds like a temporary sale price. These prices you're seeing on AT&T aren't sale prices, and they are current gen dual core hardware, not old tech like the Evo and Epic. Admit it, AT&T has the best prices on phones right now. Verizon has the worst. Verizon is selling single core phones for $250-$300 WITH TWO YEAR ACTIVATION WTF? They are raping people because they have a monopoly on LTE at the moment.
  • I could not have said it better. Even a evo 4g at 100$ is abit much. When you can get the atrix @ 49$.
  • AT&T does have the best deals but in my area its THE worst service, so I'd rather pay $100-$200 for a device that I can actually use over spending $49 for a great device that's now only a camera because data, 3G & FauxG don't work...IMO And YES....Verizon is definitely raping people with their pricing!!! That's why I left!!
  • What is up with these manufacturers OS overlays? I thought TouchWiz looked bad but LG's has to be the worst.
  • I believe the reason for delay of LG Thrill 3D is limited viewing angle problem on screen, even n 2D. In Mobiletech review they were positive that viewing angles were not good n 2D. However the unit I tried out @ AT&T (twice) had an excellent viewing angle as good as my Moto Atrix. However I am fairly sure that unit was an Optimus 3D. Matt black finish on back, black anodized brush, top & bottom of screen. Also trim bezzel around edge of unit black anodized. Wheras the Thrill has brushed aluminum @ top & bottom of screen, chrome bezzle around edge of unit, with dark blue diamond pattern finish on back. The phone @ AT&T store did come out of a box that said LG Thrill on. The unit @ MobileTech has all the LG Thrill features. Oh btw I ran Smartbench & Quadrant on Thrill/Optimus & Moto Atrix. Thrill/Optimus, Thrill/Optimus was about 10% faster than moto Atrix, which is no slouch. On test with with Linpack, Atrix was aroun 35 MFLOPS, while Thrill/Optimus was 70 MFLOPS, no contest !! So apparently the multi-channel CPU & RAM flow a greater amount of Data. Thanks, FreddieBoy