LG's Nexus rumors grow stronger

The chatter over who's making the Nexus device for Google is reaching a fever pitch, and MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien weighs in today with some of the strongest (and extremely possible) specs to date.

Basically, O'Brien says, we're looking at the internals of the recently announced LG Optimus G -- a phone with which we're pretty familiar after spending several days with it in Korea last month. It has, O'Brien says, the Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM and 1280x768 display (diagonal size unknown, but figure in the 4.5- to 5-inch range). 

Folks are gnashing their teeth over the lack of SD card, but as we've explained before, it's just not going to happen, and it has nothing to do with Google hating little pieces of plastic. The rumored 8GB and16GB storage options are worthy of consternation, however. Much as Google doesn't want to acknowledge it, offline storage is still a must for many of us.

Wireless charging? Hey, maybe it'll take off this time.

It's worth remembering, however, that ain't none of this official until it's official -- and we've seen Nexus products change dramatically before launch in the past.

Source: MoDaCo; more: Rumored devices forum

  • Start of something big
  • its an LG so unless they can prove there quality has improved I will be waiting on my galaxy note 2 but even if they do prove it the note 2 is still my choice.. oh a note 2 built around the nexus idea..
  • Anybody reading this page would have come up with those same specs, what makes his specs so "strong"? The only thing I would have differed on would be internal storage at 32GB. I'm excited for the next Nexus too, but let's not pretend like everyone who reads off the Optimus G spec sheet has the inside track -- we all know the likely specs already.
  • I would like to see the next Nexus with 32GB on board. At the very least, and not since my ol' Nexus One, they could bring back having a microSD slot. One can only dream...
  • I wouldn't even consider an 8GB phone even with a microSD card slot. That's a joke. 16 should be the minimum and 32 should be a normal. 64GB models should be obvious in today's age.
  • Agreed. I also read somewhere during this whole Nexus certification thing that there was an imposed minimum of either 32 or 64 gig internal storage for a device to be considered. I will try and dig up that article.
  • Even die-hard modders or developers wouldn't consider a 8gig.
    16gig is marginal, even for your mom. (Ask any HTC ONE X(At&t) user). Sometimes I swear these leakers insert things that nobody in their right mind would believe simply to throw people off the trail of the leak. I vastly prefer Phil's approach, admitting last podcast he used an HTC ONE X+ A MONTH AGO, but couldn't say a word about it. No news is better than false news.
  • Disagree, 8GB + SD slot would be fine for me. For some reason onboard storage always costs way more than it should (e.g. Nexus 7, £40 for 8GB!) so the device will be cheaper. 8GB will be plenty just for OS + apps, then I can buy as large an SD card as I like for photos, music, game data files and nandroid backups. Really struggling at the moment with the 16GB Galaxy Nexus.
  • Fucking Google and their annoying cloud. COME ON, even give us a 32GB option!
  • +1 I love my Gnex but 16 GB of storage sucks.
  • or come up with great wireless carrier option with LTE everywhere unlimited data, even with 32gb... till then just give us storage options! I cant install all my games o Nexus 7-16gb cause there is no enough storage, some games are close to 2gb now:
    The Dark Knight Rises 1.8gb, Asphalt 7: Heat 1.4gb, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation 1.4gb, N.O.V.A. 3 1.7gb.... thats already 6.3gb for 4 of games not counting all the big ones.
  • Right… because everybody can switch to Sprint and pay over $100 dollars a month… wait, twice that for two devices… just to have more storage.
  • 8GB was considered paltry even 3 years ago. Get a clue Google, we will accept doing cloud but we need Storage for all the stuff we download. As much as I would like a new Nexus, i'm fine with my Gnex for the time being.
  • If these specs hold true, I'll pass. I already feel like I downgraded by moving to a Samsung on this Nexus. Love the phone but I'd rather see the better build qualities that come from HTC or Moto. Will keep my fingers crossed for a Nexi release rather than a Nexus.
  • I'm curious if they'll still do that, having a Nexi release. There's a bunch of talk about it earlier in the year, but I haven't heard much now. I'd love to see several choices of Nexi across manufacturers. I'd probably lean on Samsung again or HTC since they both did previous iterations of Nexus.
  • In my opinion, LG and Nexus shouldn't even be spoke in the same sentence together.
    I have a feeling if they do release the next Nexus, the image of Nexus devices will certainly take a hit.
  • Just yesterday on the podcast Phil is like "I'm not talking about any more Nexus rumors".. next day Phil posts article on Nexus rumor... LOL, just breaking them Phil, you know I love ya!
  • Lol, was listening to the podcast at work...
    Please have Martias Duarte attend one, that vould be vewy vewy interesting
  • I like how google is pushing the idea of cloud (uploading and downloading saved files) while phone companies are pushing limited data plans. That just doesnt go hand in hand.
  • 8 or 16gb no sd lol ciao baby!
  • 16GB Is a No Fing way...... 32 or 16GB with SD SLot or I don't care what it is I won't buy. On top of that, LG better be coming with some good external hardware... they don't have a good track record in that department...at all.
  • For the record I can't believe the 8GB rumor, that would be ridiculous for Google to put out a phone in 2012 with that little storage.
  • I think the samething, but then again I have an 8gb Nexus 7 that was just released a few months ago so.. Who knows.
  • If i want a phone with 8gb of storage and a nonremovable battery i will buy the Iphone come on man aint nobody got time for that!
  • Even Apple abandoned the 8g models. I think the smallest iFone is 16g
  • Nope. You can get an 8 gig iPhone 4 or 4S. In fact that's the only option. Now, for the 5 it's a minimum of 16 gigs.
  • I dont know about you guys but I would NOT buy an LG nexus and I ONLY want to buy another nexus after...I would rather see a Moto, HTC, sony, Asus, or even another Samsung. LG isnt even on my list for a none nexus device I would want. :/
  • I agree completely. You couldn't pay me to buy an LG phone, even if it a Nexus. LG products have been terrible for me in the past and I don't think I've ever heard a single good thing about their smartphones before. I'll stick with my Galaxy Nexus. Let me know when Google decides to use someone that isn't LG.
  • Seriously though, if the LG Nexus is really the same as the Optimus G, but only comes in 8GB or 16GB versions, I would rather buy the Optimus G and flash it with the Optimus Nexus rom (which I'm sure someone will port to ensure it works on the Optimus G) -- that phone at least comes with 32GB storage.
  • SD cards are BAD. i'd rather have more internal storage. why? 1. SD card storage is much slower than internal.
    2. SD card storage is INSECURE. if your phone gets lost/stolen the SD card is a security hole.
  • Agreed. But they need to give the option of more than 16gb built in. That's just ridiculous.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen all bets are off anyway.
  • I understand your logic, but: The speed of SD vs. Internal storage doesn't matter to the overwhelming majority of people. (I can wait the extra fraction of a second for the picture that I just took to write to my SD card.) If any of the phones on my plan are lost or stolen, I can remotely format the SD card because I have Cerberus installed on all of them. Plus, I know better than to keep anything stored on the SD card that would be a huge security threat.
  • I'd buy an Iphone before I bought ANY LG product.
  • Why? Just curious. Never owned a LG product myself.
  • I have and usually they did great with the old feature phones. Its just the smart phone just hasn't been their strong suite. I'm hoping that changes I loved the look of some of the phones just their lack of support hurts oh and the skin they uses suck big time.
  • Both of your issues would be moot on a LG Nexus though: 1.) Software support will come from Google, not LG. 2.) LG's skin won't be on it because it is a Nexus.
  • and yet it'd still probably have LGS super ugly design style and tacky glossy plastic I know the galaxy nexus is plastic but at least it's not a candy bar and super tacky.
  • As if it hasn't been said enough already, those storage options suck. IMO, 16GB is the low end and that's for folks that don't mind streaming all their media. For those of us that like to have things with us even when we don't have a great connection (or don't want to pay absurdly for a massive data plan), it's just not going to cut it. I passed on the Nexus S for this reason and settled for the VZW Galaxy Nexus because it had acceptable storage. I'd love to get the next Nexus, but it has to have at least 32GB and preferably an option for more than that. You'd think as much as the 16GB Nexus 7 sold (and with what looks like a 32GB model on the way), Google would realize that there is more demand for greater storage and not even consider something as laughable as 8GB to call a Nexus.
  • I'm torn... To me, the Nexus name means I'm going to get updates quickly and directly from Google. No carrier or OEM standing in the way. The Nexus phone has been what "the next" version of Android is built on so it works the way it should. The rumors of multiple Nexus devices (phones)coming soon, I fear, will dilute my idea of a Nexus phone. I just want one Nexus phone..... On the other hand I don't want to buy an LG phone. I haven't had any expirience with LG but I don't find anything they make interesting. That's not to say that they can't make a good phone but I don't think of LG when I hear Android. HTC, Samsung or ASUS any other company just hasn't proven themselves. I wish these LG Nexus rumors are wrong...
  • They're not. As an LG Spectrum owner, I can promise you that the last company you want to get their name on a Nexus is LG. The Spectrum was sold with the promise that ICS would roll out by the middle of Q2. Here we are, now in to Q4 and still no sign of it and no willingness by either LG or VZW to even talk about the upgrade. If LG gets their logo on a Nexus phone, they will single-handedly destroy the value of the name.
  • Except all nexuses get their updates from google. Not from LG. LG is only making the hardware so the argument of no or slow updates is moot.
  • http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Nexus-Surface-Optimus-G-Jelly-Bean-Wind... Talks about the Optimus G in the 3rd paragraph. Also possibility of 5 nexii.
  • Is Google in some type of bubble where they think everyone is using the cloud with their limited data plans? Even HTC finally got the hint and is going to release a 64GB One X+ which is the phone I'm getting if this rumor turns out to be true.
  • The cloud is great I guess if you are always connected to the net, but for those of us that spend a lot of time on flights, or for another real world problem, are stuck on Sprint, the cloud don't cut it!
  • With anything less than 64gb of storage (given there's no SD support) this is not worth it. I'll be going with the note 2. LG and Google can go blank themselves unless they step up and place at least 64gb of board storage.
  • No way I'll buy a phone with 8 or 16 GB of storage with no SD card slot option. I used to think I would never buy a phone without an SD slot, but now with the Gnex, I've come around. The difference is that my Gnex has 32gb of storage which is plenty for me....no way I would get by with half that though. Especially once I am forced to shared data.
  • I was really thinking about getting a Nexus phone this time around due to how much I love my Nexus 7. Now hearing LG is making the phone I am very turned off. I guess I will stay with my HTC phone.
  • If the rumored specs are correct, it sounds like a rather weak phone. Google, your competitor, Apple, offers phones up to 64GB. Not sure why moving away from Optimus G design. Reviews laud its design and build.
  • Say it ain't so Phil. I want an HTC Nexus. Um, on VZW. (That one might be a stretch but here's hoping).
  • 8 - 16 gb of storage???? Pathetic, this will be a pass, that is just ridiculous to put out a phone with fantastic specks and only give the consumer two shitty choices of 8-16 gb. Fuck the sd card, that is fine but give the phone some fucking storage. I will never pay big money for a phone with that kind of pathetic storage capability. I will stay with Samsung, they give the consumer all the bells and whistles and are very developer friendly. If LG wants to sell phones in the US, they will go head to head with Samsung, they better give the consumer everything that Samsung does and a little more. Giving the consumer 64 gb of int storage would make the phone an instant success and cost LG peanuts. Who ever is designing these phones needs to get in touch with their customers. Phil & Jerry don't speak for us all. I want int. storage. Try getting your music or files when you have used up your data allowance and that will happen on LTE.
  • LOL, I guess I just got used to having little storage, I still have the 8GB SD along with the 4GB my phone came with. I still have about 300mb left. If it comes with 16GB I could definitely live with it, but it would be great to have more. So this move shouldn't be too hard on me.
  • And Phil laughed at me when I asked if he saw the lg nexus in Korea. What a difference a week makes.
  • Google's 'reasons' for not including an sd card are complete nonsense. We no longer have phones with 512MB RAM, all phones come with a lot of memory. There's no danger of running out of app space. If anything, sd cards help by letting users move apps to external storage.
  • Google's issue with SDcards is that in order to have them (and use USB Mass Storage), the internal storage of the device has to be partitioned into separate areas for the system, media, apps, etc. -- meaning that the OEM is deciding at the time the phone is manufactured how much storage you'll get for each area. What this leads to is system partitions that are too small to receive OTAs in the future, cache partitions too small to expand and install apps, media volumes that are too big or too small depending on the user, and a whole host of other problems. Google doesn't hate extra storage, they just don't like the fact that partition schemes and USB Mass Storage are a bad user experience for the vast majority of users.
  • I still say that google will eventually bring back the SD Card slot when they get it "figured out". I think that will entail the following. 1. requiring the SD card to be "ext" file system like the rest of the phone.
    2. Have computers interface with it through a buffer provided by the phone rather than direct file control.
    3. Have permissions controlled through your google account so you can switch to a different phone without needing to format the card.
    4. (possibly) requiring encryption so that the card can't be directly accessed. I don't thing Google dislikes SD cards, I just think they are searching for a better solution. Considering the rumors surrounding the Galaxy Nexus 2 and a possible SD card, I bet it could be part of the next version of android.
  • After purchasing this galaxy nexus, I highly doubt I ever get another "nexus" device ever again, or a samsung. It's got me for the first time ever thinking of going Apple, or waiting to see the new Windows phone.
  • Sprint and HTC do fine offering an sd card slot. I have an evo lte with 16gb storage and put a 32gb card in. What's so hard about that? Other than the very first Nexus phone I don't think Google cares or even wants the Nexus phone to be the top phone on the market. It is simply a phone they use as their reference device for the operating system they are working on. They are always lacking something, whether it be a weaker camera, no sd card slot, no fm radio, older GPU or whatever. That being said I think I will still get one when I am sick of my evo lte. I hate messing around with trying to find bootloader hacks and not having a bug free AOSP rom. Even though the Nexus phones may not be top dog hardware-wise they are going to run Android the best because they are the phones google is using to tweak the OS.
  • Love my Nexus S and my Nexus 7. I plan to stay in the Nexus brand, but I seriously will get the S3 if LG is the only one making the next Nexus phone. It seriously looks like a brick - sexy the phone is NOT. I may get a GNex though... but the S3 is sooooo much faster...
  • The rumor is that they've redesigned it slightly to look like the GNex.
  • Sad because I know it probably won't come to Verizon but I completely understand why. The Galaxy Nexus launch was a mess and while I think they've done a better than expected job with updates it is still the slowest updating Nexus device (and it IS a Nexus device). Guess I'll have to stick with my plan of getting the Droid Incredible X, oh the horror.
  • Really hope this rumor is false. Don't like LG and 8 to 16 GB is way too low.
  • It all makes sense except for a version bump to 4.2. Jelly Bean is too new. I'm sure they'll add some features for launch, but it'll be versioned 4.1.x -- otherwise all those Ice Cream Sandwich handsets will be two versions behind for the holidays, and the marketing department won't like that one bit. Please, please, please tell me the 8MP camera is better than the 13MP sensor in the Optimus G. Those sample images were junk, and a flashback to the megapixel wars. Here's hoping Google told LG what kind of sensor and glass to use, and that explains the somewhat chintzy on-board storage sizes.
  • Low internal storage space is really getting tiresome. As the capabilities of these smart phones keep rising, so do the space requirements for apps (specifically games). Just ask any of us Nexus 7 tablets users who are limited to 8gb or 16gb models. One or more cutting edge games that download a few gig to your device can wreck your available storage space.
  • someone tell me again why Google hates microSD card slots in their Nexus devices? my Galaxy Nexus only has 32GB and it fills up very quickly. most places that I use my phone do not have reliable signal.(not even 3G)
    forcing me to use the cloud for everything is just not practical.
  • Multiple reasons. The primary one is security. Right now they have to be FAT32 formated and consequently have no security features. They also don't like manufactures using as a crutch to reduce storage space. Finally, not having a file explorer it's difficult to properly manage mounting and access in a way that is simple to the user. See my post above though, I don't think it will be like this forever. I would bet money Google is working on a solution.
  • I read no sd card and no removable battery from other reports. If that's the case then I truly hope theres other Nexus devices coming soon as well. Blah.
  • IF it is a Nexus, no sd card
  • I'm aware of that. The sd card is not an issue to me. It's the non-removable battery that is the problem.
  • I haven't considered 16GB GS3, let alone anything smaller.... Waiting on Note 2. Hopefully they'll have 64GB version. My 64GB micro SD card is itching to get inside it.
  • That's was WALL-E said.
  • LG = FAIL
  • God damn it people, quit frickin' bitching about LG I have a 2010 low end LG; an Optimus V and it still runs wonderfully. I can run Jellybean on it stably with a WORKING camera when it never went past Froyo. That and it's indestructible. Complain all you want, I love my LG.
  • Finally, someone who isn't so down on LG. Don't they have a chance to improve things with this phone, especially if it's Nexus branded? We should wait till it drops and in the hands of users before we pass judgement.
  • My mom once had an LG, one of the first Camera Phones on the market and it was shit, but my LG is amazing, if low end. I'd love an Optimus G anyway, even POSSIBLY over an SIII
  • If this doesn't have 32 and 64gb options, it will be a joke.
  • I agree 8GB really give me a break. This is a phone not a tablet consumption device that's always on wifi. My Nexus is 32GB and I have between 4 and 5GB free. I have plenty of music, games, apps, videos and photos on it and I don't really have to worry about space. I don't have to sit there and uninstall a app because I want a new app, or always deleting a video of my kids because I don't have any space. There is no excuse to not release good size memory options. I don't get the stream everything argument, unless you have excellent coverage everywhere and unlimited data.
  • I only buy a lg phone because it's a nexus.
  • While it wasn't a smartphone, I had the LG Rumor slider and loved it. LG doesn't come to mind in terms of "quality" and "Android" but hey, maybe they'll do something with a Nexus offering...perhaps. Although I never got one, the Galaxy Nexus was the first Nexus phone I ever really considered (on Sprint). Now that I'm looking to upgrade from the old EVO 4G, I like the idea of a Nexus (especially now that I'm looking to get into rooting)...but 8GB, 16GB? My EVO has < 1GB and I've HATED that over the years. Keep the SD card for all I care, 32GB should be the *bare* minimum in 2012 going into 2013. C'mon.