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LG Optimus G2 appears in leaked slides

A Wild LG Optimus G2 appears; uses dual-buttons. It's super-effective!

If you weren't pretty sure we are about to see the LG Optimus G2 in New York on August 7, you haven't been paying close attention. That's OK, rumors fly around and they can be hard to keep track of, but usually pictures make it easier. Thanks to habitual leaker @evleaks, we now have a few.

Nothing that confirms or denies the expected specs of a Snapdragon S800 processor and 1080p HD display, but LG and Qualcomm pretty much let that out of the bag a week or so ago.

What is interesting is that the mystery buttons on the back of the device are shown in these pictures, along with a slide that leads us to believe they will be tied to the volume setting. We'll likely know all there is to know in a little over a month, but for now we can look at the images and speculate. Hit the break to see the rest.

Source: @evleaks. h/t Jerry's Kid!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Volume rockers are at the back of the phone? Is this supposed to be better?
  • I wonder if they are for zoom?
  • That would make it super awkward while clicking in landscape mode!
  • The volume rockers are on the back because this device looks to have a CURVED DISPLAY. There is no room to put them on the sides. From the DARK AC App!
  • The nexus s and galaxys nexus have curved displays and buttons perfectly fit on the side. That doesnt make sense
  • Interesting. Trying to figure out though how that placement of the volume buttons/rocker is really that "convenient". I am imagining how it would be and don't think I would prefer it one way or over the other (compared to on the side). If anything..aesthetically it doesn't seem as pleasing to have it on the back and I couldn't change the volume without picking up the phone if its on its back. But hey, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, looking forward to the presser.
  • I think it might be of use for myself. I always put my phone in my pocket with the screen facing in. It would allow me to change volume through my pocket easily without taking the phone out. Something that can sometimes be difficult to do. Though, during normal use it might be awkward.
  • Rofl. Seriously?
  • Hmmmmmmmmmm.... you know what? I'm diggin it.
  • Why isn't it the G3?
  • I have become a fan of LG phones. The Nexus 4 won me over.
  • I think if this came to Verizon and looked great. I would get it over the HTC One.
  • nah, that wont happen, this will be a AT&T/T-Mobile phone.
  • That looks awesome to me. LG is really pushing the envelope. Even if it isn't "better" it is different and innovative. I'm sure this will be a hit. The screen looks huge and it also appears to be ridiculously thin.
  • Am I just a maroon or is it not possible to view the additional photos via the app? Posted via Android Central App
  • You have to hit the link for more pics Posted via Android Central App
  • Don't u mean a month jerry? Its not July yet and this press is for august Posted via Android Central App
  • Derp. 
  • I agree with a previous poster looks like zoom...and probable volume.
  • Haha, love the Pokemon reference Jerry... Didn't take you for a closet Pokemaniac.
  • Didn't Motorola say they where building a phone with controls on the back side? Maybe a new trend Posted via Android Central App
  • It doesn't make sense for the buttons to be near the flash/lense... If you use them to zoom the camera, your finger gets in the way of the photo. Posted via Android Central App
  • Volume cam zoom page up/down any others... gaming buttons
  • My guess is that it flips a lens adapter over the original wide lens to make it zoom somewhat to a more reasonable perspective. If so, it's a major breakthrough, as most Android camera lenses are too wide. Somebody needs to do this, and it's only a matter of time until some company does.
  • The other option is that it could simply be a flip cover for the exposed lens to keep it from scratches. As I look at the photo, that's more likely.
  • Take my money! Oh wait im on Verizon.
  • That button between the volume buttons almost looks like a fingerprint reader.
  • A button below the camera lens sounds like a fingerprint magnet.
  • That space between the + and - almost looks like it could be a fingerprint scanner.
  • Alright, I definitely approve of them making the Nexus 5 now!
  • I think the placement of the flash between the volume rocker is not a good design at all... Posted via my Galaxy S4 using the Android Central App
  • Looks like the flash is actually to the right of the camera lens. Oesjmr's speculation about it being a fingerprint reader doesn't even seem that far fetched to me.
  • I am open to the volume rockers on the back panel, but do they really have to be labelled with giant "+" and "-"? Posted via Android Central App
  • Next, the entire side of your phone will be labeled with "POWER" and the bottom bezel labeled with "BACK BUTTON. HOME BUTTON. MULTITASKING BUTTON."
  • If it's a fingerprint scanner, this would be the first one since the original Atrix on AT&T, right? I loved unlocking that thing. That was back when 4" screens were considered huge, and 4.3" were massive.
  • Maybe the middle "fingerprint scanner" button is meant for led notifications? In the last shot you can see it is emmiting light.
  • Nice to see a company trying something new. Of course, someone's going to make an app so you can use one of the back buttons to take a photo inconspiciously...
  • Haha great Pokemon reference Jerry! I haven't played those games in so long. Love it! As for the phone, it looks great. LG is really tempting me. Posted via Android Central App
  • The button in between the volume rocker is obviously the power button which is also used as a notification led, just like in the G pro because they got rid of the physical home button in exchange for on-screen buttons. :)
  • At first glance, I'm not liking it. I think it would be awkward to adjust the volume when you are using it to make a phone call, pushing on a button that presses the phone against your ear (also can't adjust the volume when the phone is lying flat). They better still have a power button on the side though, if that glowing button on the back is the only one then they have shot themselves in the foot. Don't sacrifice usability for thinness (which I don't care about). It's good to try out new things though so we'll see how it works!