LG Nexus 5 2015 design gets shown off again by a case maker

Following the first live image of the LG Nexus 5 2015, new images of cases for the said-to-be upcoming phone have surfaced as well. Recently, renders based off the blueprints for accessory manufacturers showed off a general feel for the phone, and the newly leaked image and this case seem to point towards the same design.

As always, nothing is official until it comes from either Google or LG, though things are starting to look like this phone will be a reality. With October, the normal release month for Nexus devices approaching, it shouldn't be long before we find out what will be available for purchase this year.

Source: AliExpress (opens in new tab); via Ausdroid

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  • This case really look nice on the phone.
    btw, where is Developer preview 3 google?
    can wait to see all the nexus device
  • They said it will be delayed.
  • The Terminator Case. Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint 5.1.1}
    Galaxy S III {FreedomPop 4.3}
    LG G2 {Sprint 4.4.2}
  • With the amount of leaks out, I am beginning to think the announcement may be before October. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was thinking the same thing. Maybe an early October launch for pre-orders so it'll be delivered by Halloweentime. Side note: It's looking a little thick in these pictures…
  • Great, that would be the best news ever. Samsung can cater to the thin is in crowd.
  • Im glad its a little thick. We need a Nexus 5 with good battery life
  • Oh I agree, but this looks thicker than the original Nexus 5, and it's a bigger phone. I'm all for stuffing a big battery in, but hopefully the renders make it look thicker than it is. The max should be around 9mm IMO.
  • At I/O, they said Android M would be available in Q3, so by the end of September.
  • I don't remember that, thanks for posting it.
  • To be fair, we were seeing about this much leaked of the original Nexus 5 in this time period, as well. Then everyone complained for MONTHS online about why we still hadn't seen the actual device announced yet.
  • Impossible, marshmallow preview 3 isn't out yet so there is no way they can reveal the nexi early. They will be lucky to have marshmallow ready by Halloween.
  • And if they named it milkshake, marshmallow 3 will never come out, and then it will be delayed FOREVER Unless you obviously know something no one else does?
  • I have confidential sources that occasionally give me information.
  • End of Sept. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can't wait for these two devices to be released. Will more than likely go for the larger 5.7 model though. Why is it being dubbed the Nexus 5 2015? just curious.
  • Because the display size is close to 5". Google names the Nexus devices after their display size, to the nearest integer.
  • Damn missed the Nexus 1 with a 1 inch screen...... Posted via the Android Central App
  • The Galaxy nexus was frigging huge! Posted via the Android Central App
  • That made my girlfriend and me both laugh out loud.
  • lol - I think the smallest phone I've had was the Nokia 8310 at 3 inches.
  • A Nexus 1 watch for Android Wear "M" would be cool! ...Joe K.
  • The Nexus 4's screen size rounded to the nearest integer would've been 5, too.
  • Probably because the Nexus 4 and 5 used to denote iterations, and now I guess the number will denote size. The nexus 6 is a six inch-ish device, and the nexus 7 is a tablet, so it looks like year is going to be the way to denote new versions of a current Nexus size going forward.
  • Nexus 7 was already taken by their tablet line and and I guess it's close to 5" but I feel like calling the Nexus 6" because it's close to at 5.7" is a lie. I feel like they should give them names like "Nexus _____" or stop with numbers.
  • Nexus 6 has 5.96 inch screen. 4 hundredths of an inch is close enough to round up IMO.
  • I hate waiting! This phone might be perfect if the camera and battery life are near the top.
  • it'll be interesting to see ... that protruding lens has me concerned that it's packing a small battery though. I'm hoping for 3200
  • 3,180 mAh. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Do you know where you got that number? Posted via the Android Central App
  • What has history taught us in this regard?? ;) MIC DROP
  • One word Nope Posted via the Android Central App
  • 6 nexus phones have been released. 6 nexus phones have had mediocre cameras. I wouldn't get my hopes up especially if they make the phone less than $500.
  • In my best Dwight voice: "False!" I have had the nexus 6 since release and it's camera is stellar. If you want a more independent analysis check out DxOMark. It isn't the top of the list, but it is pretty decently ranked. I predict the camera to be about the same this year. Great camera, but just below the Samsung and LG flagships. Also, for price I very much expect a return to cheaper pricing. The Nexus 6's price was because it was originally designed for the canceled android silver program. I think that is why the phone is bulky (from the leaked dimensions). That is how they are keeping the cost down, but the internals high.
  • It is faaaaaar from stellar when you rank it with other smartphones. LG Samsung and Sony destroy it, moto and htc Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't think the Nexus 6 Camara is that bad. It's a lot better than the Nexus 5 Camara now that was mediocre. If the new Nexus 5 is less than 5.2 inches then vim not buying. I already have a 5 inch screen on my Moto G and I'd like something a lot bigger and the current Nexus 6 fits my needs as my eyesight isn't the greatest plus I've grown to really like Motorola's software and design of thir phones, they did a great job with the Nexus 6. I don't mind having a phone that a year old and with Android phones the specs stand the test of time longer than an iPhone. So the Nexus 6 will still be a great phone with a very good processor in the SD805 even though it's from last year. It certainly performs better than the SD810. Posted via the Android Central App on my Moto G 4G 2nd Gen
  • looking like it's official ... can't wait to get the final specs from Google
  • Well this lines up pretty well with the leak from last night. Glad to see no back firing speaker!
  • That'd be going backwards. Google don't do backwards. Forward unto dawn!
  • What is the price! Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • 600$ Posted via the Android Central App
  • I say $700 if all specs top end Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well then forget it.
    I will pay $450, anything above that it isn't worth it Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • My guess is 400 for smaller one and maybe 500 for the next up... if there's three sizes and a 128G maybe 569 or something.
  • Here's hoping we will get this in September and not October. With the speed of the leaks, I think it is quite possible.
  • Was planning to buy the Note 5 but Nexus looks very close to release now. Also for the price of Note 5 I could probably buy a new Moto X pure and Nexus :)
  • Oh you are so full of it. All you do is bash Samsung. You have and had no intentions on buying a note Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't like touchwiz but love the latest Samsung hardware. And as if you know what I think...jeez take a break instead of worrying about what other buy or not.
  • It is quite easy to put together from all the samsung bashing you do on post after post
  • Pot meet kettle Posted via Android Central App
  • Exactly. Don't even know why "NoNexus" is even in here. Should be in the "TouchWiz on a flagship is so awesome! Fast to get updates, reasonably priced, and I love the cluttered settings menu." forum.
  • And....if you pay any attention at all you will know that I have said time and time again that 1. Sense is the best there is and 2. any skin is better than barebones. The last phone I actively ragged on was the One+ (which is deserved) and the Nexus 4, also deserved.
  • Its all your opinion though. The way you say stuff it makes it sound like you are stating a fact and its pretty f***ing annoying. Posted via the OnePlus One (Cyanogen OS 12 w/ Nova Prime)
  • For me it is mostly experience that I speak from. Yes some is fact, some is opinion. It is what it is, don't like it? Move onto the next comment.
  • Lets hope they don't mess up the pricing like they did with the nexus 6 lol
  • The trouble is Google used to sell the Nexus line for little or no profit. Now everyone expects a Nexus to offer top of the range specs for midrange prices. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This phone better be reasonably priced like the first Nexus 5 with good specs Google. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I hope the new Nexus 5s screen is at least 5.2 inches like last year's Moto X 2014. And have at least a 2900mAh battery and at least runs the SD808 with 4GB of RAM. Posted via the Android Central App on my Moto G 4G 2nd Gen
  • If it is the 808 it's going to be ddr3 ram and not ddr4. :(
    Heard it might be the SD 620 with next gen adreno Posted via the Android Central App
  • Depends on if Google wants to subsidize it again.
  • Exactly. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I cant wait to see this and the potential other one announced! SO SO glad I waited and didnt get a Nexus 6. The OnePlus 2 being a dud, at least to me is a great sign that waiting will pay off so far.
  • nexus 6 was priced cheap for a flag ship. $650 for a 64gb phone with 805 processor 3gb ram, turbocharging, and front facing speakers, plus that 6 inch 2k display. You can't tell me those specs aren't worth the base price of an I phone.
  • Only $549.00 as of a few weeks ago. I'm pretty happy with mine at that price. Posted via the Android Central App and my Nexus 6
  • All previous nexus was priced at mid range point when they are launched, so the nexus 6 was relatively expensive Posted via the Android Central App
  • +adamgalas1: Exactly. They couldn't subsidize the phone forever. Those are great specs for the price. Best overall software experience I've ever had since coming from a Note 3 & 4. Nexus from now on. Camera is actually really decent. The cons of owning a Samsung outweigh the cons of a Nexus for me. The only things I really liked on my Note was the screen and the camera. "Occasionally" I did use the pen. But there were so many things that I just dealt with or hated on it software wise vs the Nexus. Nexus overall was just very satisfying in everyday use and I found myself constantly saying: "I really, really like this Nexus." Interested in the fingerprint scanner on the bigger Nexus. I like the 6 inch screen, but every so often I wouldn't mind it being 5.5 or 5.7.
  • Looking forward to the new nexus 5. Hope it comes with a huge battery, and slot for extra storage. Nexus 6 is a good phone, but too big for my taste. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Looks better with a case on Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just noticed from this case and another one that was shown that the headphone jack is on the BOTTOM? Why Google? WHY!?!?! I HATE that!