LG might announce a foldable smartphone at CES 2019

Even though we're just about to start November, CES 2019 will be here before you know it. That means a ton of announcements for new phones, smart home gadgets, and plenty more. Among all of the big reveals, it's now reported that LG will use the show to unveil its latest foldable smartphone.

Reliable tipster Evan Blass recently shared the following on Twitter:


We don't have any further details on what the foldable phone will look like, cost, or where it'll be released, but at the very least, we have something already to look forward to.

Foldable phones are likely going to be one of the bigger trends next year, but don't forget that this won't be LG's first foray into this tech. The company's first folding phone, the G Flex, announced in 2013 with a curved body that could be bent without breaking. That was later followed up in 2015 with the G Flex 2, but that was the last time LG messed with its foldable/bendable design.

What are you hoping to see from LG's next foldable phone?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • All these foldable phones will have plastic displays. Plastic displays are great for showing scratches. They also never feel as nice to use as glass. I will only buy one if it has one or two large notches.
  • I wish there were more choices of phones with plastic displays. I think Motorola has it right but I am not a big fan of the phone itself. Not having to worry about smashing the screen is a huge relief and a glass screen protector solves the scratching and feeling issues.
  • First all the company's remove headphone jack, then the add the notch, now they'll make bending phones :)
  • Let's hope not 😁😂😁😡
  • LG is one of the few that seems committed to the headphone jack, and super high quality sound. My new LG v40 has a hpj and has great sound If you are an audiophile.
  • How do you feel about THE LG V40? Was it money well spent or a waste like the tubers said?
  • Something different. Yay
  • Why do manufacturers think they know what we should want without knowing what we want?
  • They do market research and test products with focus groups ... #captainobvious
  • Sometimes people say this or that will never catch on then later are proven to be irrevocably wrong. However, I feel pretty confident in saying this is an idiotic waste of time and money. Definitely not my cup o tea.
  • I am going to laugh when they reveal a flip phone, and say see it bends. On the flip side I have been a big lg fan so I'm curious to see what it is!
  • Yeah yeah...keeping my eyes up and my hopes down.