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The LG G6 will get a successor, but it won't be called the G7

LG's G6 and V30 last year were really solid phones, but despite this, they failed to make any sort of dent in the market. Likely as an attempt to change this in 2018, a spokesperson for LG has confirmed that the company will be getting rid of its G-series branding that's been around since 2012 with the Optimus G in favor of something fresh and new.

This change will be made with a phone that's released in "the first half" of 2018, and this leads us to believe that the first phone to be affected by this is what we were previously expecting to be called the LG G7. LG hasn't dived into specifics about what the G-series name will be changed to, but it has been confirmed that the company is toying with the idea of a "two-digit number."

That might sound confusing considering that the last phone in the G-series was the G6, but assuming LG does go down this path, it'd do so with the intent of the two-digit number making its phone look on par with the likes of the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X and not outdated with a lower number such as the G7.

It remains to be seen whether or not a rebranding is what LG needs to compete more directly with the likes of Samsung and Apple, but LG has said that this isn't anything new and that both companies "have done so for their own flagships" in the past.

If the G-series really is no more, what would you like to see the G7 and future phones in this lineup called?

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • LG A40 in the spring, LG V40 in the fall? Just a guess.
  • I vote for LG G10, then 11,12,etc. double digits for top $ flagships.
    and G7, 8,9 can be for minis and one level down - $4-600.
  • What is the premise of the "G", what does it denote? I was advised that the "V" means a focus on video. Either way, I would be happy with a G6 or V30 looking device, with wireless charging and a 3.5mm jack. The wireless is a MUST HAVE, for me. That and a Snapdragon 845. Oh, and please, no glass back, and no edge display nonsense. Went an had a look at the V30 in store, I think that it is stunning. oh, and 6GB of RAM.
  • You can't have wireless charging and a metal back. So you have to choose between glass, ceramic or plastic.
  • Give me Plastic over glass!
  • LG lost the plot when they dropped their important differentiating feature - a removable battery. Think how they would be benefiting now if the V30 and G6 were like the V20 and G5 in that respect.
  • No one cares about removable batteries. The market has spoken and the few people that do care aren't enough for LG to cater to. Let the dream die. It's over.
  • Of course people care about removable batteries. What kind of lala land are you living in?
  • Clearly they don't otherwise manufacturers would have felt the negative effects of making batteries non-removable. A handful of self-proclaimed "power-users" is not a useful sample.
  • Apparently it does make a difference. A few phones back, Samsung tried this and their sales dropped dramatically. The replacement had a replaceable battery. It may be more acceptable now because most everyone is touting waterproof phones. Guess people would rather be able to drop it in the toilet and it survive than be able to replace their battery.
  • Not by much, tbh. We said Samsung would suffer greatly from that, and yet they're selling and still posting record profits. It's true that we prefer an easily replaceable battery over one that requires a tedious process of disassembly, but in the grand scheme of things, the number of people who care about the selfie camera vs a removable battery is about 10,000:1 It's probably inaccurate but it does seem to be true as even Note 4 users keep it tethered to a battery bank.
  • Hate to tell you this, but outside of the small percentage of people who frequent comment sections like this, no one cares enough about removable batteries to make a real dent
  • It doesn't matter what it will be called if LG continues to go about the business of announcing their products with no concrete pricing and availability well over a month after the announcement and hardly any televised advertising at all. They do a pretty good job on Instagram but is that really enough for marketing? I hope to see improved selfie camera and auto processing in the next flagship. Design wise they nailed it with the V30 and battery life topped out amongst the top. They just need to clean up a few things to move closer to the top. Hopefully sales will follow.
  • Doesn't matter. The phone will be released two months after announcement and will probably come with last year's specs with no software updates.
  • It should be called the LG 2L8.
    Because that's what it'll continue to be if LG keeps the tradition of announcing the phone 3 or 4 months before release. I don't care what they'll call the G7. Because if they don't decrease its size, it'll be immediately ruled out of my list anyway.
  • I like this.
  • That's pretty funny
  • Honestly I don't believe that changing the name of the phone series will solve their problems. Better and more intensive advertising as well as working out quality control issues will help them more than changing the brand name.
  • Seriously. LG just doesn't have the flash and in-your-face marketing that Samsung does. Plus they have just about the ugliest logo ever. It looks like some sort of abstract face (I assume that was intentional), but it looks like a 5-year old made it. I know a logo won't make or break a brand, but it's one part of the marketing that will give them recognition.
  • LG branding has come a long way from Lucky-Goldstar.
  • Besides branding maybe they can also make sure their phones don't lag like sh*t after a couple of months. Maybe that will also help with the sales...
  • Also, how about making sure your unbranded non carrier models are updates regularly. I can understand crappy carrier models not getting updated but they ignored the non carrier unlocked model completely for any updates. At least Samsung stepped up keeping it's non carrier unlocked model up-to-date this year in the US.
  • Nah, Samsung phones are terrible in that respect and they sell like crazy. LG needs to stop announcing their phones months before they see unceremoniously released in different markets at different times. LG needs to start spending serious cash on marketing. Their phones see fine, it's everything else that they're terrible at.
  • LMAO right LG naming was your biggest problem.
  • Branding wasn't the issue. The issue is that their marketing strategy is out of whack. I'm sorry, but you don't unveil the thing and then go silent for nearly a month before info on pricing and availability come out. That just tells me you aren't interested in selling phones.
  • Agree I can recall excited about V20, V30 but clueless LG unviels them at IFA and then doesn't announce any availability and take more than a month or two to get into costumer hands. And there is something about their skin too still something missing. Samsung has come long way and honestly their UI is so much better now and LG is still way behind on everything.
  • The problem is that LG seems to be oblivious to why their phones just simply aren't selling. The G6 and V30 were fine phones. They weren't flawless and they weren't the best overall in an objective sense, but they were competent phones and people who use one should be happy. Problem is that their communication and marketing is downright poor. The G6 had different variants with vastly different featuresets depending on the market, and both it and the V30 suffered from a very poor launch timing, of which the G6 went on sale shortly before the S8 was unveiled and the V30 went on sale almost a full month after the Note8 went on sale and the iPhone X was unveiled, and legend has it that it just launched in a few markets, at a time where the Note8 has already seen price drops. LG has their fans and they will definitely keep buying their products, but LG needs a wider audience. Give me a good reason why I should buy a V40 or V50 over a Galaxy Note9/Note10/iPhone (12?) and make sure it is launched shortly after it is unveiled, or at least give a firm release date. Like my OP said, branding was never the problem. It was their marketing strategy. This just shows that they are oblivious. Rebranding makes sense if a brand is tanked so much that it can never be recovered, such as if an LG product experiences a Note7-style fiasco. But apart from the G4, I don't think LG products have any widespread negative stigma aside from the bootloop jokes.
  • nailed it. I really can not give you a single reason why you would want LG over ANY other phone. Their GUI is ... odd... at best. Release dates, Marketing etc, all bad.
    LG needs to find something. I have no idea what that is, but they need something. Maybe call it the LG 3.0 and tell everyone the 3 series gets 3 full years of OS updates. guaranteed. or Partner with Leica or Zeiss and call it LG P1 (photo), LG L1 (leica), LG Z1(zeiss) ... I know, dumb ideas, but hell, it's not like LG has any ideas. They think changing a G to another letter will fix their sales.
    But if they did that, they'd have to release a phone with a camera that is better than Samsung Note, Pixel phones and iPhone X, and software to make that experience awesome.
    Maybe they need another line the LG 'Surface' with a Android/Microsoft phone lol. Again, I have no idea what LG needs, but as of right now, I see zero reason to shop outside iPhone, Google Pixel or Samsung phones. . . . (my iPhone 8 and Note 8 are both absolutely killer devices, love both)
  • What they need is a clear cut strategy. Have a killer feature that can be used as a promotional tactic and have a proper marketing plan. Give a firm date when it is launched and make sure it doesn't launch at the worst possible time. The problem with LG isn't that they make bad products. It's that they make solid products but back them up with odd marketing tactics in a bad way.
  • ....and making geographic derivative models doesn't help either
  • LG made two good phones this year and arguably the V30 is right up there with the best. But LG lacks in marketing at least in the US. I never hear anyone talking about wanting it getting an LG phone. Samsung, Apple, and Google can make their phones household names by Christmas.
  • They haven't launched anything this year aside from a TV and a new color for the V30 :P
  • Gah you got me. Second person to correct me on that THIS year.
  • Keep the "G" and call it the G18 ie. 2018 to be succeeded by the 2019 (G19) and so on...
  • marketing is not the issue.
    Some very bizarre design choices and strategy is.
    Why was the LG G6 so fragmented.
    Why did the V30 take so long to come out and then was priced too highly for a phone already seen as yesterdays news. Sort your camera out LG. these tiny sized pixels you use drag the camera experience down. Sort out your post processing as well. it's awful in performance when compared to your competition.
    Sort out your software updates. It is beyond awful.
    Stop trying to compete on a level playing field with Samsung. Learn from them. Samsung didnt try matching Apple straight away. For years they were the cheaper alternative and built their brand up. Do what they did and build your brand before charging comparable prices
  • Especially their front facing cameras.
  • LG Bootloop One and LG Bootloop One XL
  • Got my G6 for 50% off and so far, I feel that I paid a fair price. Performance-wise, its still pretty good and does what I need it to do. Camera quality is very very good but not great. My only gripe is that LG hasn't provided any details on Oreo for the G6 or its LG Pay service. After launching the V30, it seems like the G6 is the forgotten phone of 2017.
  • I'd agree with you on this if I felt that my V30 was getting any special treatment.. Been two months and no updates of any kind except for the security patches.. Which should be standard regardless. I'm looking for lg to push out not only Oreo, but also some other software updates to my phone. Do t get me wrong, love my V30, but it could be so much better with some minor tweaks to software.
    Here's hoping they release something soon for both of their 2017 flagship phones.
  • Best LG phone was the G2 which still wasn't done 100% right with the different models for Verizon and then everybody else. But what a hero of a phone. Still use it from time to time when the kids need a phone (lost theirs, broke theirs etc) and for casting in the kids rooms (don't let them have Netflix and YouTube on their phones).
  • If LG is to thrive as a serious cellphone manufacturer they have to improve their quality control. I've had a number of their phones, the last being the LG V20. I had to return two of them for various problems before I struck gold with the 3rd one, which turned out to be a good, problem-free daily driver. The thing with LG is their phones look great on paper but it's in the real world execution that they fall short of the mark. Case in point: the V30 was touted as having the one of the best cameras because of the wider aperture but it struggles with clarity in anything less than ideal shooting conditions. This along with the absence of all the features that the V20 had is what made me choose a Note 8 when it came time to upgrade.
  • If LG is to thrive as a serious cellphone manufacturer they have to improve their quality control. I've had a number of their phones, the last being the LG V20. I had to return two of them for various problems before I struck gold with the 3rd one, which turned out to be a good, problem-free daily driver. The thing with LG is their phones look great on paper but it's in the real world execution that they fall short of the mark. Case in point: the V30 was touted as having one of the best cameras because of the wider aperture but it struggles with clarity in anything less than ideal shooting conditions. This along with the absence of all the features that the V20 had is what made me choose a Note 8 when it came time to upgrade.
  • All LG needs to do to fix the camera is use a larger sensor and correct the software processing.
  • It seems LG is a victim of market volatility. This in the wake of mass security issues at Google. How many subpoena/indictments/injunctions for the tech sec in Q1-2018?
  • I don't really care what it is called. I have the G6, and I like it much better than the Samsung Galaxy S8. If the LG really takes off, and they raise the price to Samsung's levels, then I won't be buying an LG anymore. I like that the G6 is a solid perfomer at a great price. Otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. I think LG needs to leverage their "value" and continue to go after this market as more for less. Make people realize how foolish it is to pay $800 or more for a phone.
  • LG One X with the Android One promise of current Andriod versions going forward and Roman Numerals to keep up with the versions, mostly glass front/very minimal bezel, iris scanner cool but not necessary (finger print sensors are fine), hoping for the 845 Snapdragon, 4000 mAh battery, 8GB RAM, 4K, ip68 rating, USB C charging (a waste to invest in wireless charging). Metal back feels more premium than others. Flat OLED screen (I like the business feel/look over the curved screens), 2 sizes 5.4" and 6", and a 22mp camera with premium editing photo software.