The folks at LG are really going crazy with the daily hints leading up to the official announcement of the G6. In the past we've seen shadowed devices with blurbs, but this year we get brightly colored cards sent to each major tech blog willing to play this silly game with them.

The folks at PocketNow are the latest to get a card from LG, and while it may not seem super obvious at first this card is probably a direct shot at Google's Pixel phones.

Resistance under pressure, when talking about phones, means water resistance. It's something the LG G5 didn't have because the whole bottom of the phone could be removed, and it looks like LG is making sure everyone knows this is going to be a feature moving forward.

The current Android champion for water resistance is Samsung, with their IP68 rating as a standard across their premium lineup right now. That means a Galaxy S7 can go into 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes and still be functional when you rescue it. We don't know if LG plans to meet or exceed this rating with the G6, but if the company is willing to hint about it as a feature you can bet it's going to compare the G6 rating to other premium phones.

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That, of course, is where Google is going to be a little embarrassed. The IP53 rating on Google's Pixel and Pixel XL has been a talking point from day one, but if LG releases a significantly water resistant G6 it's going to mean these pixels will be the only phones treated as premium experiences that lack the feature. It likely also means Pixels are the most expensive phones on the market to lack water resistance, which is not going to help sales as we move into the next Flagship season.

This hint may not be enough to get everyone drooling over the G6 just yet, but for those that are it's nice knowing such excitement won't damage this phone when it's in your hands.



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