LG confirms key specs of its Velvet smartphone ahead of May 7 launch

LG Velvet
LG Velvet (Image credit: LG)

What you need to know

  • LG has officially revealed the Velvet ahead of its May 7 launch.
  • It features a 6.8-inch Cinema FullVision display and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 765 chipset.
  • The smartphone will go on sale in South Korea starting May 15.

LG had announced last week that it will be taking the wraps off its new Velvet smartphone at an online event on May 7. Surprisingly, however, the company today officially revealed the mid-range smartphone and confirmed that it will go on sale in South Korea from May 15.

LG Velvet

Source: LG (Image credit: Source: LG)

The LG Velvet comes with a large 6.8-inch Cinema FullVision display with a tall 20.5:9 aspect ratio. It is powered by Qualcomm's 7nm Snapdragon 765 processor and offers 5G support as well. At the back of the phone is a triple-lens camera system with a "Raindrop" design. You get a 48MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide shooter, and a 5MP depth sensor. LG Velvet also comes with an impressive "Voice Out Focus" feature, which lets you get rid of background noise when shooting videos. It offers an ASMR recording mode too.

Keeping the lights on is a 4,300mAh battery, with a "low-power software algorithm" to help extend battery life. The mid-range phone also comes with stereo speakers and supports LG's Dual Screen and Stylus pen accessories. As confirmed by the company earlier this month, the Velvet will be available four colors: Aurora White, Aurora Gray, Aurora Green, and Illusion Sunset.

While the phone will be available through all three major carriers in South Korea from May 15, LG hasn't revealed the phone's price yet. LG will probably shed more light on the phone's pricing and global availability on May 7.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer
  • If LG price this right it could have a real winner on its hands. Dual screen if wanted and pen functionality, agreed more basic than s pen but it's there and using the 765 chip should be plenty for 99%of people and has 5g support for future proofing and looks nice, maybe bit generic but that's the price of phones going all screen. Nice colours too especially the sunset and green. Maybe the comeback is on after all for LG?
  • Why would anyone pick this LG Velvet over a OnePlus 7T which uses the higher end Snapdragon 855+ which is last year's chip I know but overall it is still better than the LG Velvet and OnePlus has a much better track record that. LG when it comes to software support but overall the iPhone SE (2020) is the best value and Apple's software support and A13 bionic chip are reason enough to pass on the LG Velvet unless you don't like iOS or Apple.
  • Does this phone have the quad-DAC?
  • Why so big?
  • Man, I was eyeing that leaked blue one.
  • Go ahead and search the Google on what this device may cost...if true, typical LG bull maneuver. If that follows suit, then one can only assume their laughably bad track record for OS & security updates would continue in typical LG fashion as well. Why buy this phone? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I cannot say the price here lest I be labled a spammer *gasp*