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Learn to capture the best photos with your phone using this discounted eCourse down to $10

Android Central Smartphone Photography eCourse
Android Central Smartphone Photography eCourse (Image credit: Android Central)

Becoming a better mobile photographer doesn't require an expensive device with a fancy camera; composing the best shot really comes down to using your phone's camera properly, and with a little bit of guidance, you could be snapping some of the greatest photos you've ever taken within just a few short hours. That's what Android Central's Smartphone Photography eCourse (opens in new tab) was designed for after all, and today you can register to complete the course on your own time at a discounted price of just $9.99 via Teachable! That saves you $50 off the course's full cost and is also the lowest it's ever been offered!

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This eCourse takes you through how to take the best photos using your smartphone by utilizing a variety of videos and downloadable resources to show you everything you need to know. Today's price marks the lowest it's ever been offered at!

This course takes students on a deep dive into how to take better photos with your smartphone, and luckily it's full of helpful knowledge and tidbits no matter which smartphone you own. It's useful for pretty much anyone who wants to take better photos with any phone, though it's been specifically designed for Android users. The course utilizes a variety of supplemental material, from exclusive videos filmed just for the course to downloadable reading material, to mix up the program and keep things interesting. You'll learn about composition, software features, editing, and more tools you'll need to achieve stunning photos.

Within the hour and a half of instructional videos, you'll learn skills such as how to take better photos at night, how to take awesome selfies, the best way to photograph your latest meal, and much more. The course is separated into 11 different sections so you can go at your own pace and finish them all up today or take some time over the next few weeks dissecting the information instead. The course also gives you the option to review past material at any time, so you don't have to worry about losing access once you've looked at all the material.

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