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Leaked Verizon MAP notice suggests some heavyweight devices on deck

Verizon is preparing to introduce four new Android devices to the market, according to a leaked screenshot obtained by the good people over at Droid-Life. The MAP, or minimum advertised price memo, lists Motorola and LG with one device each and HTC with two on deck, though it fails mention release dates, prices, or specs.

The Motorola MOTXT875 is better known as the Droid Bionic, but that's where the hard info ends. Gossip suggests that the HTC 6425LVW is the rumored HTC Vigor, said to pack a 720p display, 1.5 dual core processor, and Adreno 220 GPU. The LG-VS920 is most likely the sequel to the Revolution, while the HTC ADR 6330 may or may not be the alternatively-colored Incredible 2. Again, this is more speculation than hard evidence, but with Verizon beginning to mention this upcoming wave of devices, it's likely we'll see much more information in the coming weeks.

Source: Droid-Life

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  • Give it up for your band?
  • Is the Vigor roumored to have 4G LTE or just 3G?
  • Any phone released after august still on 3g is embarrassing.
  • Current LTE chipsets are large and power hungry. Until the next gen SoC's come out with integrated LTE there is an obvious market for 3G phones. Those who like phones that are not ridiculously large and last through the day.
  • You do realize that the large majority of the country is still only 3G, and will remain that way for quite awhile. Sure, Verizon is building it out, but why spend more for a phone with features that may not even be available to you by the end of your contract and kills your battery much faster using first gen tech. By this time next year, I think I could largely agree with your comment, but not yet.
  • So you are stuck with a 3g phone for 2 years. Why not just turn off lte until you get it in your area? Your comment is so off it is unreal. So you would rather be stuck with less when you could get more and just not use it until you get it in your area. You can never get 4g with a 3g phone but you can get 3g/4g with a 4g phone.
  • My comment just says that having options is a great thing. Why should someone be forced (if they are buying a new phone) to buy something they don't need or want. There is still a market for 3G sets; and I don't know about you, but I don't like paying more than I need to for something I want. You obviously don't live in a rural area, or you have money to waste; or else you'd understand why I say it's a waste of money to spend more for a 4G set in some places, and why those people are happy to have 3G options.
  • I think it's cool that you think that having a phone that is 3G-only gives you more options.
  • I have an EVO 4G. I never turn on 4G unless I am about to use it. And I am in a major 4G market. That said, I'm close to switching to VZW and might as well get a 4G device, or stay put with Sprint.
  • Another attempt to PLAY CATCH UP...Guess these devices will run anywhere from 300 to 350.00 cause we all know VERIZON does not believe in anything being affordable to the customers....
  • i really doubt it... they want their customers to switch from regular phones to smartphones and i don't think they're gonna put them off by making their phones too expensive. i would say they would max out at 250... and i could see why you would say its catch up, but i think their only real competition is t-mobile... well i guess at&t now
  • There's a reason why Verizon isn't charging anything for LTE...
  • first off learn to turn off caps lock, while verizon may be a bit behind when it comes to smartphone selection, sprint is behind in network- they only barely signed a deal to bring LTE also , $10 raise in plans is affordable? even when you dont have "4G" (yes that $10 fee is a 4G tax despite them saying its because you can consume more data)
  • The $10 extra I pay for my unlimited service with Sprint is still $20 less than the unlimited service I had with Verizon
  • So you pay 30+ 10 and its 20 cheaper than 30 for unlimited on verizon? I can see why you stick with sprint your math is a little off.
  • lolwut?
  • Dude, don't be an ass and an idiot... Leave that for the Apple fan boys. We Android folk should be a lot smarter than that. How about you go and research the plans for Sprint. Sprint WAS charging 69.99 for 450 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, with weekends starting at 7pm, unlimited minutes for calls made to and from any cell phone regardless of the carrier, unlimited roaming, unlimited text and mms, and unlimited data. They then tacked on an extra $10 for 4G phones (Which was later added to ALL SMARTPHONES) making th price $79.99. This is still a lot cheaper than any comparable plan on Verizon and AT&T.
  • How is that 10 dollar premium data add on working for you? Not to mention the piss poor coverage. Yeah I would rather pay 50-100 more one time then have to pay 10 extra a month which adds up to 240 over the length of the contract. But then again you aren't smart enough to realize that. And don't give me well it is much cheaper because I went and looked at sprint and with my discounts I get through my work on vzw sprint doesn't give me so yeah I'll pay the same for better coverage and a faster network because it doesn't matter how good your evo 3d is if you don't have coverage it is just a toy. But that's all you use it for anyway since you glaze it like a donut you old tard.
  • lol ive never had coverage/data speed issues with sprint. i dont understand why your getting so worked up defending your carrier like its your clan. relax dude.
  • Well thats YOU! Not every Verizon customer are privy to those discounts. You still can't deny that Sprint's plans are still cheaper than Verizon's (AND YOU GET MORE) even with the 10 dollar add on. I have Sprint, so I enjoy true unlimited data and the plan is not that expensive. PLUS, I get a 20% discount at my job. So, that's true unlimited data, (so I don't have to constantly check my data usage for fear of going over the limit), 4G usage, virtually unlimited minutes (Since they give you unlimited calls to and from any cell phone, the anytime minutes are basically for calls made before 7pm to or from a landline on a week day), unlimted text and mms, free GPS, and roaming is included. All this for cheaper than any other national carrier AND a 20% discount means I GOT YOU BEAT. Again, not all customers get those discounts. I mentioned mine because you mentioned yours. Its only fair to judge the prices of the plans without the individual discounts you or I may or may not get.
  • now if they would just do their due diligence and push the update for X2 they've been advertising on the support site for over a week out the door.....
  • Just saw on that it IS available. Just go to system updates and Viola! Gingy!
  • ...still waiting on the update for the Droid 2 / D2G. Oh yeah, we're the red-headed stepchildren... but that should make us the perfect candidate for GINGERbread =P
  • I'll trade my ThunderBolt for a Vigor
  • And where is my SGS2?
  • I don't see anything about a Nexus. Guess rumors are just that.... Rumors!
  • This isn't for the entire year don't get your panties in a bunch. This is probably only for until like sept/oct. Nexus was said to be coming around nov but most likely dec.
  • My guesses about this line-up:
    1. Bionic (as expected... for how many months now?)
    2. Silver/white Incredible 2 (though I'd be pleased to see this turn out to be a rumored HTC qwerty phone instead)
    3. HTC LTE tablet (too close to Bionic release to release a competing HTC superphone; "L" in model number signifies LTE)
    4. LG WP7 cousin to the Revolution (a la the Android VS740 LG Ally and the WM6.5 VS750 LG Fathom) To me, I doubt this will be anything to get excited over. BTW, Andrew, you've got a typo: it's LG VS920, not VS930.
  • Pretty sure the lg was said to have LTE which no wp7 have or are expected to have anytime soon. Just saying
  • I don't know if the LG phone will have LTE or not; personally, this is the first I've heard of this model number, and haven't heard any info as to whether it would actually include LTE - if it doesn't include an LTE radio, I see no reason why it couldn't be WP7. (And just because LG has LTE radios, doesn't mean they'll put them in every set.) I do know it does not make business sense to replace a model (ie Revo 2) a very short time after releasing the original model. There is generally a good deal of investment in R&D, setting up fabrications and producing stock, and an OEM needs to try to get a return on that investment. Introducing a new model cannibalizes sales of the original model and reduces the amount of time given to aquire a return on that investimate. The only way a "Revo 2" would make sense at this point in time is if it was a very incremental update that required little change to the facilities already in place for the production of the original Revolution. It is possible - Motorola did this with the Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global - but I still consider it unlikely.
  • What does this list really mean? Moto CEO stated Verizon wasn't releasing the Bionic until September? @DroidBionic tweeted today that: "The Bionic is coming very soon. I know we've been saying that but it's here." So what does this all mean???
  • It's just like they said - It's coming very soon... sometime... maybe September... if you're lucky. Sorry, but this thing has been stated to be released since Q2; Q4 is coming right around the corner. I'll believe it's releasing when I see it on store shelves. And that's besides the fact that the later this thing releases, the less exciting it is compared to other phones anyway. To me, it all means you'd be just as well off to consider your other options available - maybe I'm just cynical.
  • Are you guys telling me that a cell phone provider is looking to have new cell phones at their stores in the future…? -Suntan
  • Nevermind, I get it now. Sprint charges an extra $10, not Verizon. Good thing or that Charge was going back! It may, anyhow...
  • I think the charge looks hideous, the thunberbolt is just a foot in the door, lg revolution looks the nicest but unreliable based on what everyone has said, the incredible two is a spit in the face, and any other 4g non dual core phone is disgraceful at this point, my sister and I have our upgrades just waiting for a dual core 4g phone like maybe a bionic if it isnt outdated right away or samsung galaxy s II because if our being "grandfathered" only lasts for the next upgrade i should at least have the absolute best phone as my last with greedy ass Verizon, pull that shit with me and at least 7 people will leave you from my family alone.