Leaked press shots claim to show HTC EVO One

Ahead of tomorrow's joint Sprint-HTC event in New York City, the first images of the star of the show may have leaked out online. The shot above has been unearthed by Pocket-Now, which claims it shows the Sprint HTC EVO One, alongside the already-known AT&T One X and T-Mobile One S. All in all, it looks like many of us may have expected -- a HTC One series phone with slightly chunkier, EVO-ish looks.

There's still  nothing concrete in terms of specs, though last week we were anonymously tipped to expect a 4.7-inch device with a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip and a 2560mAh battery. At the very least, the references to the "EVO One" name in today's leak give some weight to the rest of our tipster's info. (Note that the renders here are not to scale. The HTC One S on the right should be smaller than the One X on the left, and presumably will be smaller than the rumored EVO One in the middle.)

In any case, we'll be live from New York City on Wednesday night to cover whatever HTC and Sprint show off.

Source: Pocket-Now

Alex Dobie
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  • Man I love Sprint... And I think the fact that the battery might be a 2650 is the reason for the design change... but that thing doesn't look as sexy as the Original... I'm sorry... with the tapered class rolling off the side of the original.... SPrint Version just looks soo... regular ... I guess we'll see it in full detail tomorrow
  • I agree, and I am very disappointed. I hate being marketed to. I'm not an EVO fanboy, I want the best design and the best screen and that's the One X. HTC, still hasn't leared. Release ONE phone. Period. Carbon copies, just change the radios. Is that so hard????
  • But you know why that's ok? It REALLY looks like this phone has a dedicated shutter button AND it'll have a kickstand AND a bigger battery? -- I dont know about you, but...I'm cool with that. ^And really, you hate being marketed to? You're being marketed to almost every waking second of your life.
  • Exactly! Give me a great screen, a fast processor, plenty of internal memory, an SD card slot, and a big battery. I could care less if it isn't as sleek as a phone that doesn't match up.
  • Afterall, I'm sure they are trying to maintain some amount of uniformity amongst the Evo family. AND, they don't want to release a One X that's like the rest. Remember, Sprint really thrives itself on being different, and that's one reason why I appreciate them for it.
  • SIGH... Seriously... quad core please, Sprint? The battery at least is tempting... And if the screen is as nice as the X, with LTE, I still might take a serious look at this... But Man, I want this in the Tegra 3 configuration with an SD card slot and a removable battery... that would be my dream machine for 2012... Oh, and I wouldn't mind it being chunkier... Small price to pay for a decent sized battery!
  • If you would read you would realize you can't have LTE and quad cores (right now). The S4 does circles around Tegra 3 in most cases so honestly dual cores are fine for right now.
  • Cool. I honestly didn't realize that LTE and Tegra 3 didn't coexist. So that's one down... Hopefully the SD card will show up... As for the battery... I might stop bitching if it really is as big as the rumors have it... As for "if I would read", well... I haven't been living in LTE land due to Sprint's Wimax love...
  • I forget that Sprint doesn't allow you to keep up with anything other than WiMax news....you're right.
  • Oh boy... 1. Tegra 3 doesn't not come with an Integrated LTE chip Which is why ATT will not have the Tegra 3 either. 2. The Dual-Core S4 will give you just as good or better performance AND better battery life. Stop just hunting down specs blindly.
  • I would get this if it has a removable battery and sd card. But if internal memory is high, then I'd only need to be able to put an extended battery in. WCM
  • Memory is always internal. There is no such thing as "external memory". It will have 1 GB of memory. It is supposed to have an SD card, so that is good (no word on how much internal storage is included). It is supposed to have a much larger battery, so no need for an extended battery. But we will have to wait until tomorrow to know if these are true or not.
  • Come to daddy! Evo one x!
  • I'm intrigued! I hope its as sexy as the original Evo 4G.
  • Why do the carriers keep dicking up these phones? They did it with the GS2 and now with the One X. Its too bad Im on Sprint cuz if I was with AT&T, I would just get the international version.
  • Ohhh... you mean but a larger battery in both the Galaxy S2 and One X? Yeah that does suck...
  • Not everyone goes on expeditions. Some people would sacrafice some batterly life for a phone that doesn't look like it's out of 2009.
  • To each their own I guess. It is just a rendering, Vick. You might want to wait til Wednesday on your final judgment.
  • Like he said, to each his own. I'll take the bigger battery any day! I use my phone for just about everything I would use a laptop for so I need it. Some people don't.
  • Agreed. Baby steps from HTC, but the same ridiculous customizations for carriers and same naming conventions.
  • i hate when they make silly names for phones too, it just ruins the performance and drains the battery!!! /s
  • I didn't know names ruin battery life! Are you saying if my Epic 4g Touch was just Sprint's SGSII my battery life would jump from 15 hours to more than 24? Damn you Sprint and your names! :)
  • NOT impressed. This looks like my EVO 3D... why the dated design? To placate the EVO fanboys? Sigh...
  • The HTC Evo One looks almost exactly like the HTC One X, it is just black. What are you talking about? The lack of the curved glass at the top? Get over it! Modern superphones are nothing but display, anyway. It is not like there is going to be much design to it.
  • This just doesn't seem right to me. Why no Sprint branding on the supposed EVO?
  • We haven't seen the back of the device yet. The Epic 4G Touch, the current Sprint flagship device, only has Sprint branding on the back of the device on the battery cover. The Evo One may be similar.
  • Very true. I was looking at my OG EVO and the EVO 3D in comparison which are Sprint branded on the front. It does look EVO-ish otherwise which I do think looks a little dated. However, if the bigger battery rumors are true then I'll happily deal with it. I wonder if the body is truly bigger then will the sweet car dock displayed at MWC work for this device?
  • Not yet... pocketnow is the king of hTc leaks.
  • I'll echo the disappointment about the design, but I'll withhold judgement until all the details are released tomorrow. Hoping a) that the SAMOLED rumor is wrong and it's SLCD2, and b) that the device looks close to as good as the beautiful One X. Really interested in this device - this may bring me back to Android.
  • I agree on the screen but I bet they went with Amoled pentile to save money for the other changes like the bigger battery, kickstand and everything else that will be better than the HTC One X. I just truly hope the 720p pentile is not noticeable (like all the Android Central guys say on the podcasts and in reviews). Then I don't care. I am so sick of the pentile screen on my nexus s though. It looks so pixelated to me, especially on reds and oranges.
  • Very Nice. Finally a real successor to the EVO 4G. At least HTC is putting in a decent sized battery that's non-removable. Still wish it had a Micro SD slot though.
  • It is rumored to have a micro SD card slot.
  • HTC dropped the ball on the set 3-button design. Not because it's 3 buttons and not because they're hard set. It's because now the action overflow/menu button shows up on screen solo and it looks completely stupid.
  • HTC followed the official Google recommendations and standards for ICS buttons. Blame the apps, not HTC.
  • Wow, it looks terrible and I hope they didnt get rid of NFC... Dont get me wrong, I'm still gonna get it... I just dont like the way it looks. I'm gonna have to slap a case on there.
  • Yeah, it looks so horrible- it is exactly like the HTC One X, just black and without the little curves on the top of the glass. HUGE MAJOR differences! Get with it people- there is no "looks" to a superphone. They are just all display.
  • And *shockingly* the other big carrier is not seen here... I really wish Sprint/T-mo/AT&T were options for me sometimes. These look to be great phones. I will be waiting to see if the dev community really takes hold of them though before I decide. I'd rather have this with a stock ICS ROM, no Sense, even if Sense 4.x is prettier and lighter.
  • I've heard rumors that the HTC Incredible 4G (or something like that) will be the Verizon One X variant. Remember, Sprint isn't launching the Evo One until JUNE, so there's plenty of time for Verizon to make an announcement and launch a similar device.
  • no, No, NO; Sprint! You couldn't have just thrown away the hardware design language of the HTC One series so foolhardily? It's already beautiful and didn't require much alteration to convey "EVO". Sigh...I will just wait until tomorrow and hope this is a mock or one of several iterations. :(
  • But..But.. the kickstand? Whatever will we do without a kickstand???
  • I still rock the original Evo 4G and I use the kickstand at least once a week for something. And I still get comments regularly "oh, look, his phone has a kickstand. Cool!" It's part of the reason I haven't upgraded yet (not the comments, but the usability of it). Honestly, I still have no reason to upgrade. This is by far the longest I've ever owned and used a single phone.
  • You are not alone. I loved the kickstand too and hope this new Evo will have one, because I miss it terribly when I moved from the Evo 4G to the Evo 3D.
  • Thrown away WHAT "design language"? It is a superphone- it is all display. I think black looks fine.
  • I really hope this isn't an actual photo. The One X is a good looking phone. This so called Sprint version, not so much.
  • You know... I just thought of this. If the back door can be opened for an extended battery, the EVO 3D has a bigger battery than the first evo, so the battery I got for it was the 4000mah, and if this one can be upgraded, it's going to be HUGE. WCM
  • I'm not worryed about the looks, I slap a case on it as soon as I take it out of the box
  • I've been wondering how a case would work with the One X. Doesn't it have some contacts on the back so that it does something with docks and accessories? I wonder if Sprint is going to keep or forego this addition ...
  • Meh, Had the original Evo. Loved it. There are things I liked and hated about the Evo. The same applies with my Epic 4G Touch. Things I like about my Samsung phone and things I hate. I'll be waiting for them all to come out, including the next iPhone, to make my decision. I bought my Galaxy S2 brad new off contract on Craigslist. May go that route again.
  • everyone getting all wet about these phones. guaranteed when the s3 drops nothing will beat it i mean look at the s2 what other phone can even touch the exynos power
  • Most comments are in regards to the looks. There is probably a 95% chance the S3 will look like the S2 and the S1.
  • On the design, meh - i use a smartphone, i don't have it as a fashion statement. But, I do have a question about the speaker grill at the top. It looks to be a very fine metal mesh in contrast to the "pin holes" on the one claim beside it. Phil showed that the one x, has an LED in one of those holes, where is the LED on the evo?
  • On my Evo 3D the LED is hidden behind the speaker grill. I would guess that this is the same way.
  • The same applies to the original Evo 4G. All you see is a fine metalic grill, but when the LEDs are lit, they shine through just fine.
  • If that is the situation, i hope the LED on this is bigger than the LED on the Phil had, because that LED is tiny.
  • I think this is real due to the fact it actually doesn't look quite as good as the original. Usually fakes will look better than the real thing. It still looks ok but they should have kept the rounded plastic at the top of the screen. That's really the only thing that doesn't look right. Like the straight lines don't belong. I bet it isn't so obvious in the hand as it is in this render though. Anyway, I was excited more for the specs of the phone rather than the looks. I wish the cap buttons disappeared though like on the nexus s when they are off.
  • you all understand that this isn't necessarily what the phone will look like, right? it doesn't take much to fake a "press shot"
  • It is a nice changeup to go from HTC Evo 4G to Samsung Epic Touch and back to Evo ONE X -this is gonna be nice.
  • Nice and fugly! What a let down :-(
  • Is that a dedicated shutter button? If so, I am sold! I was going to get the Sony Xperia Ion because it has a dedicated shutter button. But if you look at the middle pic, there seems to be a button on the lower side. Please, please, please be a dedicated camera button.
  • I feel ya'! I love the EVO 3D camera button. Makes more of a difference than I thought it would.
  • Is it me or does the Sprint version in the middle seem to have the colors appear more washed out than the other 2?