Leaked HTC EVO One photos confirm kickstand and chassis design

Remember how we told you the HTC EVO One would have a kickstand, a black and red chassis design and HTC One XL-like internals? Well look what's just shown up -- pictures of the HTC EVO One, sporting a kickstand and a black and red chassic. And if the reports from Droid-Life​ are accurate, the same internals we told you about, too. It's also worth noting that the device in these pictures looks an awful lot like that leaked press photo that was doing the rounds yesterday.

The images, which leaked out hours before HTC and Sprint are due to launch the thing at an event in New York City. We'll be there, of course, bringing you full coverage of the latest addition to both the HTC One and EVO families.

In addition to a chunky design reminiscent of previous EVOs, we're expecting the HTC EVO One to include a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip, 1GB of RAM, Beats Audio and LTE connectivity. Join us later today for live coverage, as Sprint and HTC prepare to take the wraps off the EVO One.

Source: Droid-Life

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  • im pretty sure they're just gonna name it evo 4g lte
  • I still say EVO 2 is the name. I am happy for my sprint friends..
  • EVO 4G -> EVO 3D -> EVO 2? That would be odd.
  • Yeah, what would be next "EVO 1" (EVO ONE)? ;-)
  • Evo ONE only because of the recently release of the HTC ONE models. HTC Evo 4G LTE makes the most sense if you aren't going to give it it's on "special" name.
  • It's "The New EVO" Duh!
  • Have to wonder about the quality control on those kick stands, looks even more poorly made than the Bionic kick stand. I guess we'll see how that goes when you guys feed us some more Android goodies
  • I have had an Evo 4G for a few weeks short of 2 years. Use the kickstand all the time and have never had a moments problem with it.
  • Shirley you jest! A Bionic has a kickstand??? Who da thunk? ;P
  • Since when did the Bionic have a kickstand?
  • It looks like they just used the red stick that you get in those cheese and crackers lunch snack.
  • Ha! Yes it does, I remember eating those cheese and crackers as a kid. :)
  • DAMN! I just posted that in the forums and now it's going to look like I stole it from you. But it really does look like that. Maybe it's all the lint that's making it look bad. CLEAN THAT PHONE!
  • I use my kickstand on my EVO and it has zero issues. And I have a release day EVO.
  • I think you're right about this particular kick stand. But what throws me off about this "leaked" image is that kickstand itself. To ME, it looks like a painted piece of WOOD. Whatever is in that photo, I don't think it's a real device at all.
  • And I thought I was disappointed yesterday...
  • No kidding. If this truly is the final design, I'm thoroughly disappointed (or maybe that was my fault for eyeballing the One X for so long lol). I'm still going to enjoy the full coverage later and give it a chance but I'm not diggin what I'm seeing... I've already started diverting a lot of my attention toward the Galaxy Nexus (and hopefully Sprint can keep their GD'd crapware off of that one). Hopefully I'll have something to look forward to when I get out of class today.
  • please please please let this be a nightmare and the OG OneX design will be kept. Yes the internals are unparalleled, but this is a 4.7Evo 3D. at&t OneX owners are going to be laughing at our Evo ONE 4.7 3D2.
  • It used to be so pretty...
  • It's supposed to have a much larger battery which may be why it doesn't have the sleek look. I'll take the larger battery any day!
  • Maybe this is just one of two choices Hesse can go with. Like a last minute decision to go with this crap or go with the original design of the One X. I can't even believe HTC would put out something that looks this bad in the first place...This is a plea to Dan Hesse: Please do not go with this design! Any sensible person will say it looks quite ugly! PLEASE!
  • Does it look as though maybe the camera lens doesn't protrude as much as it does on the HTC One X? I know this picture is not an ideal angle to tell such things, and it's probably wishful thinking, but I really am hoping that Sprint's version doesn't have the huge protruding lens that will be scratched all to hell (like my EVO 4G) within days. Thoughts? /Kevin
  • I had the exact same thought on the camera lens. If it doesn't protrude as much, that worries me. Does that mean that the whole phone is thicker then or does it mean that the camera is different and not as good as the rest of the HTC ONE X line? Of course, it could just be the angle of the pic too.
  • Yeah, that's the other concern, too; obviously they can't just make it protrude less and not have some trade-off. Agree with you 100%: phone is thicker, camera is worse, or it's just the angle of the pic. Hopefully we will find out in 8 hours! /Kevin
  • Probably thicker because it's supposed to have a much larger battery.
  • Good call! And I think that's actually a great trade-off, personally. I know it's not ideal for everyone, but for ME, if my choices are: Smaller battery, camera lens easily scratched, looks sexy as hell; or larger battery, camera lens almost flush with the back, looks like it fell through the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down... I'll take the latter. :) /Kevin
  • Agreed, along with LTE. Isn't the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon thicker than the GSM variant?
  • Oh, and I guess I'm in the camp of function over form. I do love the looks of the HTC One X, and agree that these leaked shots of Sprint's version aren't nearly as "sexy", but it's also not a deal-breaker for me. If this is the best phone, then it's the best phone, and sub-par looks won't kill it for me. Who's with me? Anyone? Anyone? *crickets* /Kevin
  • I'm not saying I won't get it, because I probably will, but you got to admit that it looks ugly. Two tone color on the back and the square lines of the screen are just ugly. But we will just have to wait and see. Hoping the GSIII looks beyond amazing when it is announced.
  • Yeah, she's not the prettiest girl on the block, that's for sure. No argument there. They took a good-looking device and made it ugly. I understand wanting to have brand recognition (Sprint --> EVO) but if you put the HTC One X and the Sprint version of it side by side, 99% of Sprint customers would take the original One X over the Sprint variation, EVO "looks" or not. So yeah, they dropped the ball. But I guess they figure it doesn't matter, 'cause we'll buy it anyway... don't know! Always hard to figure out what goes on in their minds (if anything). /Kevin
  • "beyond amazing"? Really? It will have an almost identical form factor, so why would you expect that? There's only so much you can do with a slim rectangular screen, and by now most significant variations have already been done. People are so vain these days. I'm a man, and I'm firmly in the function over form camp. If I wanted a fragile slippery metrosexual device that places looks above function, I'd have an iPhone.
  • I'm with you on that... I'm a guy. If the phone kicks ass and has a kickstand that's at least usable and sturdy, the rest is pretty unimportant to me. Kids these days are too worried about how pretty a phone is. Must be all the Oprah they grew up watching or something...
  • I'm with you all the way. I could care less if I have the prettiest phone, I want the best phone.
  • The dark gray & red accents are Very Sesto Elemento-ish* Who ever took the picture could've cleaned a bit , it would've took him like a fraction of a minute * I mean the Lamborghini concept from 2 years ago NOT the littler translation Edit : just saw more pictures, it looks okay
  • Mehhh, looks like I will just keep my Epic 4G Touch and throw 4.0.4 CM9 on it.
  • Really sick of the announcement being 2 months ahead of release. Just announce it and release it a week later. Is it that hard?
  • Agreed 100%. This is one place where Apple completely has it over on the Android devices. Sad but true.
  • I agree an additional 10%. Why is it the rest of the world (aside from Apple) has to have this much lead time between announcement and release? Of course it is better than HP/Palm where they have had announcments 6 months before release.
  • Apple releases once the year, its easier for them than HTC who releases multiple phones in a given year. I guess you guys don't work in a business enviornment.
  • Because Apple has such a strong following and history of delivering what people think they want they can afford to wait around with outdated hardware until the last minute before announcing it. They also don't have any competing iOS devices to worry about. Other companies like HTC don't have that luxury. They need to announce as soon as possible to try to get people to hold off on locking into a two year contract with a RAZR or Nexus.
  • Yeah, agree. Announced today and not released until June? Way to let all the hype and excitement fade away.
  • Why would anyone buy an LTE phone before they have LTE coverage? I have Wimax now. Not switching until I can get LTE.
  • A lot of people don't have wimax coverage
  • Here's the problem -- if they had a non-LTE version of this, or a phone on par with it that was non-LTE I would agree with you. However, what is the downside of buying an LTE phone without having LTE coverage? It is not like you are paying a premium for LTE.
  • This comment (though I agree with you Mikey47) is a clear and shining example of how Sprint got a underhanded victory over it's customers a couple years ago. This quote: "it's not like you're paying a premium for LTE" is exactly what they wanted us to think when they slapped on that 10.00 fee with the release of the original Evo. A fee that was originally described as a "4G Tax" by the news and blogs...then sprint spun it into meaning something else when customers said "wait hey, I don't even get 4G where i live so why am i paying this fee?" Then Sprint spun it again and again til now we all just willing pay the 10 bucks still don't really know why and ultimately have just accepted the fact, that without the courtesy of lube or a kiss...we were royally screwed.
  • I rather Sprint get a Samsung Note with LTE. A kickstand getting people excited is Crazy
  • The look is cool. Sprint is banking on this one as they didthe first evo. This may just be a early mock up of the phone. I too want the lte note for Sprint but am happy for you HTC fans on Sprint
  • +1 for a Samsung Note with LTE.
  • I hope the rumor of the amoled.screen is wrong
  • Its wrong, it comes with a SLCD2, and for the looks of it people who have reviewed it seem to think its the best display they have seen on a phone period.
  • I am just glad that there are new Sprint phones at all! Let's just say 2011 wasn't exactly a banner year for Sprint Android phones.
  • Hey, the Epic Touch is simply an awesome phone. It's the best phone I've ever owned, and I've owned my share.
  • That phone would have been perfect with even a qHD screen resolution. 480x800 on a 4.5" screen is wrong.
  • agreed. not enough pixels for the display size is a dealbreaker.
  • Do we hear you now.. Gekko?
    Still sucking Sammie?
  • excuse me? i'm still using my launch day OG EVO.
  • Going to firmly disagree with you. I'm betting you haven't actually used an Epic Touch. Every single person I've encountered, iPhone4s users included, has said how gorgeous the screen is on the Epic Touch.
  • the pixel math doesn't lie. people do.
  • you know what, you're right. If I'm going to be honest, I would say that when I turned on the Epic Touch and compared it to other phones, my eyes bled due to the pixel density being as horrid as it is. I vaguely remember it all but it's all coming back to me now. My eyes though, now that they have bled out in sheer horror, don't see the difference and thus I've been duped into thinking the Samoled Plus display was adequate. Subconsciousness suppressed with regret as I roam around grimacing someone might see my phone for what it really is, sub-par pixel density, and give me a condescending look or remark about how brilliant the display is when I know it's the farthest thing from the truth.
  • the problem is that less pixels means less data can be displayed on the screen. more pixels means more data which for me is especially critical for web browsing. compare the SG2 with the 720p G-Nex side by side same web page. no contest. welcome to 2012.
  • I am sure the technology is nice but I don't want a simply blown up display of what I am using on my 3.7" phone. I want more real estate, I want to see more of a webpage without scrolling around.
  • I'm not going to argue that a higher resolution wouldn't be nice, what I'm saying is that to dismiss the SGS2 because it "lacks" a higher pixel density is just silly. The SGS2, arguably, is one of the best phones that was released in 2011.
  • Recount your marbles Gekko.
  • Not gonna lie, that kickstand looks pretty janky. What happened to the svelte kickstands they used on the EVO 4G and the Thunderbolt?
  • Until officially confirmed by Sprint; I have nothing more to say.. :o
  • not a fan of the mishmash design. i like the clean sleek look of the G-Nex better.
  • Nevertheless, you'll get the HTC EVO ONE LTE instead for, among all the insanely superior features, the camera. Do we hear you now Gekko?
  • I love it ..yes its slightly bulk than orginally but now the camera lens isn't poking out. Improved designed better battery life majority are going to be slapping a case on it anyways so . Besides the fact . That phone is screaming "I'm sexy and I know it!"
  • What would the white piece of paper be covering?
  • Beats by Dre logo?
  • I agree until we see it today can't really say anything this could have been the base design. But if it is I like it and really the back design so what. How many people are going to slap a case on it once you get it anyway.LOL I know I will be watching amzer.com for them to release a jelly case for this model. I am still running with the EVO4g and the poor guy just can't keep up with me anymore but that jelly case has saved my phone many times from deathly drops and still looks like it came out the box.
  • one word. meh. I'D be slapping a case on this thing no matter what it looked like simply because i cant have that camera lense scratched up. so make it poke-a-dot pink and orange, the back on mine will say Seidio.
  • not sure why they keep going with a lens that protrudes, my Evo 4g lens is scratched to high hell. Granted, most of the time it's sans case but the protruding lens also just looks awful.
  • I have no scratches in my OG EVO 4G camera lens, never had a case for it, dropped it so many times, flew off my tailgate once, and even have tossed it across the room a time or 10. I dont know what the hell you guys are doing to those poor EVOs! lol
  • Yeah yeah. So are they improving the quality of the software? My daughter's EVO freezes all the time. I have the 4g Touch and I love it. Now it will get replaced if the Note comes to Sprint.
  • Double post
  • What? No 3D? Outrageous!
  • From the looks of it, no using the kickstand in portrait mode, something I do all the time with my Thunderbolt! It doesn't look as good either IMO (looks cheap). I'll take stainless steel over paint anyday. :)
  • And no using it while it is plugged in if the charge port is in the same location as the standard HTC One X.
  • Delete - double post.
  • "Leaked HTC EVO One photos confirm kickstand and chassis design"....and dust.
  • Ugly x10 and I figured get a case and cover that up, but then I stop to think there's a kick stand in the middle of the device that means all the cases coming out will have a hole in the middle of the case to utilize the kickstand. Maybe case manufactures will make there own kick stand like casemate did for the EVO 3d and epic touch .
  • Since speculation seems to be all the craze these days, let me just throw my half a cent out there. Though it's not likely it's possible that Sprint is aware of those people that will buy something because they think a higher number of a particular component makes for a better device. AMD has a chip out that has 8 (yes EIGHT) cores, and people are going nuts for it. Yet Intel's offerings still pretty much deliver an overall better and more efficient performance. People with a finger missing are left feeling quite jaded because they don't understand that a high 4 is just as good as a high 5 when congratulating your team mates after a big win, but I digress. Back to my point, COULD the phone be thicker not only because of the battery but because for the less informed sprint wants to be able to say OH YEAH WE HAVE TEGRA 3 WITH OUR LTE? From what i've been able to garner, it's not that Tegra 3 is not compatible with LTE, it's just that in order to have it work you'd have to have two unique components. More components require more space, more space equals thicker phone? Since I'm already on this train, I also predict that this new phone announced today will have a 4D screen, true holographic imagery baby, as well as a hidden second screen (ala Echo) an pico projector, a built in telescopic tripod that stands up to six feet tall, a stylus tucked next to the camera button and micro sd slot and to top it all off it doubles as a waffle maker!
  • I hope you're right. I f@*#ing love waffles.
  • I'd tap it.
    ... With my fingers of course
  • I hope everyone went to the Droid Life link to see the rest of the pics. I really like the fact that it seems to have a dedicated camera button. The other pics do more justice to this device.Seems more like an update to the EVO 3D as opposed to the EVO 4G.
  • They should release an EVO 2 so it would be
    EVO 4G > EVO 3D > EVO 2 > EVO One
  • How about the HTC EVO X. I think that would be a fitting name.
  • Are people REALLY complaining about the design of the phone, when the specs/features are said to be better than the original One X? Physical shutter button, kickstand, MUCH bigger battery(which looks to be removable!), Micro-SD slot? ^I'll take that, over a pretty phone. In my opinion, the Evo 3D was an uglier phone. Sheesh; people find ANYTHING to complain about these days. Don't like it? Don't get it.
  • Yes, appearance always has a role to play whether buying a phone, a car or what have you, even your choice in partner is based on appearance. It's a natural part of everyone's tastes, some more than others. For me, when it comes to phones, appearance ranks pretty high, right up there with specs. I don't want an ugly phone!
  • Technology is one of the only things I won't go biased against due to it's looks. I don't need a phone to help my overall look or "cool-factor." Same goes for cameras, computers, phones, etc. Functionality > aesthetics
  • Wow. Massively disappointed with Sprint and HTC here. Way to take a beautiful design and totally ruin it...
  • I couldn't agree with you more. This phone is pretty darn ugly, I guess I'll be skipping this EVO and will keep the 3D for another year.
  • Same here. Was looking for a reason to upgrade early, but I too will also hold on to my 3D till next year.
  • http://www.phonearena.com/news/HTC-EVO-One-for-Sprint-captured-on-camera...
  • Ummm...ok?
  • Ohhhhh no Sprint, I'm evo fun if this phone is not a quad core may be I'm waiting for SGS3 or note
  • You must not be aware that this phone is much faster than the current quad-core lineup by Tegra 3....
  • Yeah, dual cores have been out for how long now yet there is hardly any software that can fully utilize them. Enough with the core madness, it's more marketing than anything. Just like 12MP cameras with itty bitty lenses that can't possibly resolve 12MP.
  • not impressed with what HTC is doing with the EVO. I love my EVO 4g, but I really hope Sprint gets the SGIII. I am ready to move on to something that looks better and will have more power.
  • To me I applaud HTC great move for my EVO FAMILY and friends on sprint. Meanwhile we need to keep it real in tech land we are not in the UK or abroad so here in the states we should focus on snapdragon S3 vs snapdragon S4 and the day to day usage difference. Dualcore vs dualcore been there done that i am personally happy with my Galaxy Nexus this is the device everyone in world is trying to catch up too so we are in great space in NEXUS LAND. Truthfully SAMSUNG has beaten HTC plain and simple the OVERALL BEST DEVICES on the market are the SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS and SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE one PURE STOCK device and one SKINNED DEVICE. With the quadcore EXYNOS 5250 with LTE and 4.8 inch screen on the upcoming SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 no manufacturer will TOP THAT DEVICE in 2012 not even the HTC ONE X abroad. Here in the states the GALAXY S 3 will be KING and on Verizon later this summer plus with the new SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 or GALAXY JOURNAL arriving as well SAMSUNG WILL RULE 2012 just as they did in 2011.
  • You WIN!...for most random rant or something.
  • But he LOST...my attention, before I even began reading what he wrote.
  • Really looking forward to the official announcement. But I'm a little concerned. I mean it'll be the best phone on sprint, it has possibly better specs than the htc one x, and it has a kickstand. :) But sprint changed its appearance. I mean how can I possibly use such a great device if other people think it's ugly? How can I justify spending money on this android phone that looks like, well, an android phone? Screw specs right? It's all about the color, the lines, and rounded corners. I don't wanna "use" the phone, I just want to look at it. Wink wink :)
  • DANG! I was in total agreement until I saw the sarcasm at the end.
  • Sorry, I'm normally not a sarcastic guy, but I just don't understand all the complaints regarding its looks. But I shouldn't have said what I did, because I collect watches based on their looks, even though they all tell the same time. To each their own right :)
  • HTC One EVO makes more sense. That way it preserves HTC's branding concept with the 'One' line.
  • Sorry, looks like it is the HTC Evo 4G LTE. What a horrible selection for a name.