Don't worry, we've all put off holiday shopping before, but it's not too late just yet. While you probably don't have time to get any custom gifts ordered at this point, there's still plenty of time to grab some smart home tech to get your friends or family started on kitting out a more convenient, automated home.

Smarter than your lights: Philips Hue 2-Pack Starter Kit

Philips Hue is one of the most popular smart lighting brands, and its starter kit is an excellent way to … well, get started. It includes two White and Color bulbs, along with the Hue Bridge you'll need to make them work. You can also pick up a 3- or 4-bulb starter kit, or grab a 2-pack with an Echo Dot for voice commands.

$90 at Amazon

Watch from afar: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

'Tis the season of people watching porches like a hawk and stealing packages as soon as they're dropped off at your door. A connected camera like the Ring Pro lets you keep an eye on things, whether you're at work or just on the couch ten feet from the door. Of course, it also doubles as a doorbell, and draws power from your home's standard doorbell wiring.

$249 at Amazon

Make appliances smarter: Amazon Smart Plug

Smart plugs are great; they sit in between the wall outlet and a typical appliance like, say, a lamp, and act as a wirelessly controlled breaker that lets you turn gadgets on and off from your phone or on a schedule. Being an Amazon product, the Smart Plug works with Alexa voice commands, and you can do anything from prepping coffee to turning on a fan with ease.

$25 at Amazon

Assistant on display: Google Home Hub

Smart displays are still a fairly new product category, but the Home Hub is one of our favorite products of the year. It's surprisingly small (about the size of an old Nexus 7), and can do anything from displaying recipes and timers to showing the weather, acting as an alarm clock, playing YouTube videos, and controlling other smart home devices.

$129 at Google Store

Automation on lock: August Smart Lock

A smart lock can make a great gift for your friends with convenience in mind. The August Smart Lock can automatically lock the door behind you when you leave, and pairs with your phone to unlock when you get home — no key required. For multi-user homes, it keeps track of who unlocks the door and when, and you can even give out temporary unlocking access to friends, family, babysitters, and so on.

$120 at Amazon

Hot and cold: Nest Learning Thermostat

A lower heating bill is the gift that keeps on giving. Nest's Learning Thermostat monitors your temperature preferences and automatically builds out a heating (and cooling) schedule that's personalized for your habits. It can turn off the heat when you leave the house, and kick it right back on when you get back — or stay in Eco Mode for the most efficient usage.

$220 at Amazon

Not everybody will have a need for every product in this list, but most people can enjoy at least one of them, and they all amount to a more connected home. The Philips Hue starter kit is one of the easiest ways for smart home newcomers to get started, but calibrate to your loved ones' needs! I'm sure they'll love whatever you get them — and if they don't, more tech for you.

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