The Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker has dropped to $22.99, and if you clip the 10% off on-page coupon you can get the price down even further to just $20.69. That's a solid drop compared to its regular price of $27, which is what it has been selling for since last year. We don't see this speaker drop in price directly very often. It usually needs a coupon code or on-page coupon like today's deal. The price today is as low as we've seen it go, though, regardless of the way the discount was applied. The coupon discount actually works on every color of the speaker, including blue and red, but the other colors are both running more expensive at $26 and $33, so it won't save you as much.

Sounds like a blast

Anker Soundcore 24-hour Bluetooth speaker

Has powerful stereo sound with zero distortion thanks to high-sensitivity drivers and a bass port. The battery lasts up to 24 hours. The Bluetooth connectivity works up to 66 feet away. It's also drop proof and built to last.

$20.69 $27.00 $6 off

With coupon: Clip the on-page coupon

The Soundcore speaker is one of Anker's best. It has high-sensitivity drivers and a patented bass port. What that means for you is powerful sound, exceptional clarity, and zero distortion even at high volume. You'll be able to feel the bass if that's what you want.

One of the great features of this speaker is the battery life. It's going to last you up to 24 hours before you ever need to recharge. Since it connects via Bluetooth and doesn't weigh much, that all makes this speaker super portable. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology is part of the reason for the extended battery life, too, since it's designed to lower power consumption. The Bluetooth works up to 66 feet away and can instantly pair once you've connected.

You'll be able to carry this speaker around with you. It's drop resistant, which means you can bump it around a bit without worrying about it. Just drop it in your backpack and go. Listen to your favorite tunes at home, on your commute, or just chilling somewhere outside.

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