iPad? What About A Google Tablet ?

We know all the rage right now is over the Apple iPad but there may be another tablet device that'll tickle your fancy in the near future. A Google Tablet. Or can we just call it the Goblet already? This visual mockup/concept/not really real video (posted on the Chromium site) entertains the idea of using Chrome OS in a tablet form factor and it looks very cool, interesting and fun to use. If tablets are where we're headed, we wouldn't mind having one of these.

And don't be sad it's not running Android, we think Android is better fit for smartphones anyway, but if you wanted a little taste of what the future of computing may look like, check out the video after the jump!

[via techcrunch]

Casey Chan
  • 100% agree about Android for Smart Phones and ChromeOS for tablet. The pictures look great, but I don't like the the concept video. The hands are out of proportion and the popup keyboard was just wrong. I know it's 'concept' but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be right. Anyway, I'm sure it will be ultimately über :)
  • I agree with that too. I never got why people got worried about Chrome/Android overlapping. Android should be relegated for smartphones (while taking hints from Apple and sharing bits from each to improve it). Chrome seems to be the de facto netbook/tablet OS for Google. That'd be awesome.
  • I agree only if the apps that people love and use daily can be ported to Chrome. If not there better be equal counter parts. This will be the only reason the iPad will survive. Just my opinion.
  • I kind of think this is the real ipad killer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3e5bgj7Ofs
  • Wow, I love the ideas of a tablet and CAN'T WAIT to get one. The ipad looks really cool but I'm skeptical about Apple making it as I'm sure they will leave out some key things (external memory slot, 'normal' outputs, compatibility, ect.). Also an iPad sounds like something you give a girl when she's on her period. =D Personally I like what I see in this video the most. The picture has a really tiny menu at the top of it which would be to small to really hit with our fingers, and the tablet in the link posted by Lugh uses a stylus which I hate because that's just more hardware for me to lug around, and I'd prefer to type because my handwriting sucks. =)
  • I think these things are all hype and a complete waste of money! Who needs something like this and for what? As for the price you can buy a far more useful and more powerful laptop with a ton more memory and features . I just don't get it? ??
  • Maybe because they are more compact and light and people like to waste money.
  • My vote's still out on the tablets. I'd rather not see EVERYONE walking around town messing about with them. trying to look all cool and future like. But I want to too look cool and future like:P so it's massive fail because no ones gonna look cool and future like. It's a nice idea. But I can't imagine anyone replacing their laptop for a tablet. i can't imagine anyone wanting to write a 2500 word essay with a touch screen keyboard. or holding the tablet at a mad 45 Degree angle to watch something without doing damage to your neck. I know it's gonna happen though because the masses are Apple up the ass and that everything apple do is the way forward.
  • I think I will stick with my laptop for computing and stick with my droid for everything else.
  • whats the point of a tablet???
    There are already mini laptop(netbooks)
    Is this just something else that companies are convincing us(the consumer) that its something NEEDED???
  • Highly expect it has a linux kernel in there somewhere, Chrome is a browser not an OS far as I know, although they could embed the kernel and market it as Chrome OS just like they do Android. I see the possibility of tablets as the next public telephone; they'd be fine in libraries, hotels, etc, where the disk storage for loading up apps, maint of the microsoft bloatware is just overhead, a PITA. Somebody will pick up on this and they'll allow the use of phone cards or debit cards to get your phonecall/webfix for 5 min/$. This keeps me from lugging anyting except my smartphone for short trips! But unless the pricepoint comes way down, the device makes no sense compared to a netbook. People get all excited about the latest and greatest devices and use them for the wrong thing. Unless you're *trying* to make your eyes go bad or *achieve" carpal tunnel, you are wasting your time and productivity using a smartphone or tablet if you already have a desktop or laptop. The tablet falls here. get a netbook with a real keyboard and some screen protection. It will always be faster than a touchscreen for 99.8% of the population. Only thing that may be lacking on some netpads is book reader app. Not hard to fix, PLUS you could put on both Apple's closed we got you by the gonads i-store, AND Kindle, AND whatever else comes out! I don't want my hardware provider deciding which e-bookstore I use, apple can go to the devil in that regard!
  • Now all Google has to do is make sure they have an interface to communicate with a desktop as easy to use as iTunes. The SDK and command line interface/lack of one click backup is holding Android back, and would do the same if used on any ChromeOS tablet.
  • And for God Sakes add a freaking USB!!!
  • what is that ...a 20 inch tablet? haha
  • It will be useful for me if it can read and add comments and may be some handwriting to PDF and other e-books formats...
  • From what I understand these type of devices are gaining popularity in the University playground among others. Now you don't buy a paper book for your studies, you buy a digital book and use it on this handy dandy pad. Seems to be an acceptable marketing strategy to sell this thing publicly and not just in a much smaller specialty market. It certainly is not a new invention but as with most technology, who ever sells the most, wins. If this device goes over well it will most definitely change the way we use computers in the future. As for today, I have no use for this device. I am really looking forward to the competition between the manufacturers of phones and devices like this one. Let all the kids and the über cool pay for the tech wars. If Apple wins, that's fine, if Google wins, that's fine. Don't care. I have one standard for technology, it has to work and not break. I'll be an Apple fan, a Google fan, and anyone else who can do that. D.