Instapaper seeing huge increase in downloads since the Nexus 7 launch

We heard earlier in the week about the success the guys at Shifty Jelly have had since the launch of the Nexus 7, but, it seems they're not alone. Mobelux, the developers of the Instapaper app for Android, has shared some of their own numbers. And, much like Shifty Jelly, there has been a definite increase in download numbers since the launch of the Nexus 7.

The figure, is a massive 600% increase in downloads of the app since the date of the Nexus 7 launch. There is of course every chance that the $25 free credit for the Play Store has helped their cause. But it's great to hear stories of developers increased success since the Nexus 7 came to town. An application like Instapaper is something that would naturally suit a 7-inch tablet -- it's a perfect size for reading on after all. The Nexus 7 is the first 7-inch Android tablet -- not counting Amazon's Kindle Fire -- to really capture consumer interest in large numbers, and so far everything is coming up roses. 

Source: TNW

  • Is it any better than Pocket (fka Read It Later)?
  • i would try out pocket for a week and see if you like the features before trying out instapaper for 15 minutes (since it's a paid app). pocket has the same chrome extensions and i love it on my xoom. i was able to import all instapaper files to pocket in a few easy clicks too
  • Why would anyone choose this paid (ios) app before Pocket?
  • haha who would have thought :) here are over 80% who have no CreditCard and normally do not buy stuff in the Play store, the GiftCard was the only way so far :P
  • I actually purchased Read It Later Pro before they changed to Pocket and the app became free. I've only stuck with Pocket because it's worked well for me..hence why I'm asking if Instapaper is substantially better in some way. By the comments, it's obviously not.
  • I don't understand the interest in this app. I have a galaxy tab 2 and the default browser lets you save pages for offline viewing and it includes all the html stuff too. What is so good about this app? I went to the play store and checked it out and it doesn't seem that special. Although I'm happy for the developers. I buy lots of apps but this one doesn't seem worth it.
  • This story just HAS to be complete FUD. We all know that all of us Android fans will never ever download a paid app, and piracy is our go-to method for acquiring apps. :)
  • (if your comment was sarcasm, ignore this) Just because YOU pirate (because you're an ass?) doesnt mean the rest of us do.
  • Would have been nice to include what "instapaper" was in the article.
  • Why would they? The description is readily available in the play store. Oh also, it's in the picture.
  • So how many countries can actually attach a credit card to the Google market so people can actually purchase paid apps? And is the Nexus 7 available (via retail or other channels) in countries that cannot do so?
  • Paid apps are available in 129 countries. The list is here:
  • Is it because people with iphones got themselves a nexus 7 and dont know any better?
  • A lot of people who are new to mobile OS or Android are picking up Nexus 7 and trying out popular apps, shocker, Pocket has probably seen an uptick in downloads themselves (less incentive to make that public on their part since they're still figuring out how to monetize the service). The Verge ran a comparison recently between the different apps/services, these two and one other, on Android... Pocket was the most functional tho not the most sleek... They've updated it many times since then tho and personally I think they're far more committed to Android than the one man InstaPaper team who simply out sourced the Android port and continues to develop under a very my-way-or-the-highway Apple-like mantra. It's pretty subjective tho, they're both solid. Pocket is easier to try since it's completely free.
  • I don't get the fuss over this app. Why not just use bookmarks in chrome? That syncs across devices and allows you to put whatever unread page into a folder of your choice with a click of a star. It even has recent pages in order for for quick viewing, and if you want to discard just unstar it.