Instagram on Android vs. Instagram on iOS - Is there a difference?

Now that Instagram for Android has finally arrived on Android, you may be wonder what the differences are between the two versions or if there is any differences at all. While most of the stuff from the iOS version did transfer over to Android there are some subtle differences as well. Some of the layout is different, there is some filter options missing but overall it's the same app. Previously we heard the Android app was in some ways better, it's debatable -- if it is, I'm not currently seeing how so.

With a lot of Android users having now downloaded the app (430,000 of you all registered for it), some are finding they're not entirely too sure what all the fuss was about. Over the past little while Google and various other OEM partners have been adding "filtering" options directly to the Android camera application so having filters, isn't really all that exciting -- in fact it's kinda not a big deal at all to some, and that's all without even mentioning how many Instagram-like apps there is in the Google Play Store already. (Never mind all the effects we've seen in the new HTC One X.)

That's not to say the Android version shouldn't be celebrated, it should. It's great to see yet another developer make their mark on Android and do so in such a great way. It's the social aspect of Instagram that will propel it to the top of the Google Play Store downloads section. Instagram for Android is a well designed app and it transitioned beautifully to the Android platform with minor functionality left behind. Kudos to the Instagram team for keeping things intact!