Instagram on Android vs. Instagram on iOS - Is there a difference?

Now that Instagram for Android has finally arrived on Android, you may be wonder what the differences are between the two versions or if there is any differences at all. While most of the stuff from the iOS version did transfer over to Android there are some subtle differences as well. Some of the layout is different, there is some filter options missing but overall it's the same app. Previously we heard the Android app was in some ways better, it's debatable -- if it is, I'm not currently seeing how so.

With a lot of Android users having now downloaded the app (430,000 of you all registered for it), some are finding they're not entirely too sure what all the fuss was about. Over the past little while Google and various other OEM partners have been adding "filtering" options directly to the Android camera application so having filters, isn't really all that exciting -- in fact it's kinda not a big deal at all to some, and that's all without even mentioning how many Instagram-like apps there is in the Google Play Store already. (Never mind all the effects we've seen in the new HTC One X.)

That's not to say the Android version shouldn't be celebrated, it should. It's great to see yet another developer make their mark on Android and do so in such a great way. It's the social aspect of Instagram that will propel it to the top of the Google Play Store downloads section. Instagram for Android is a well designed app and it transitioned beautifully to the Android platform with minor functionality left behind. Kudos to the Instagram team for keeping things intact!

  • No iDevice to compare too. Seems good. Just signed up using the last stories play link. Fun stuff
  • I just notice that if you click on an instagram URL the app will launch with the appropriate photo.
  • It was definitely the social aspect of Instagram that I was looking for. Vignette is more than enough filters and tweaks I can add to my photos to keep me happy. None of my friends are on any other photo sharing apps for Android.
  • Meh! I've been sharing pictures for years, just upload them to Picasa and send a link. Thing is, I retain clear ownership and can control access. And I get a privacy assurance with a company that has a chance of survival running on a bomb proof network. This was all kind of painful in the iPhone, but on Android its a snap. With Instagram you can opt to pull all your stuff offline by closing your account, and if you do, you can never sign up with that name again (which means they never did delete it, just blocked it).
  • "With Instagram you can opt to pull all your stuff offline by closing your account, and if you do, you can never sign up with that name again (which means they never did delete it, just blocked it)." They might keep your user entry in database for some reason, but thats not mean they don't delete data
  • I just found an amazing feature that I don't think iPhones can do! You can use your native camera app to take photos which gives you control over ISO, White balance, Exposure and much more. You can use it in instagram too instead of taking pics and importing them. To do this you have to click on your profile button on the bottom right corner, then click on settings on the top right corner. . Then click on camera settings, uncheck "use instagrams advanced camera" That's it. Now when you are in instagram and you pull up the camera function, it uses your ICS or gingerbread camera!
  • Great tip!
  • used is instead of are many times.
  • Sorry, I'm a very bad person. Though, if that's the worst you could come up with I guess I'm not doing as bad as I thought, lol. Cheers, appreciate the feedback.
  • I wouldn't have said anything, but I noticed it too...things like that are like someone dragging their fingernails down a chalkboard to me. It seems like several of the writers on here just can't be bothered to do it right. (Not that that's any different from most media sources out there...I see the same thing on sites like CNN all the time.) It's such a little thing, but it really is the difference between seeming professional and...not. It doesn't make you a "very bad person", it's just annoying.
  • "That's not to say the Android version shouldn't be celebrated, it should." Why? Why should it be celebrated? Because it was a hit on iOS? Look we don't need to beg every iOS hit to come to Android. If its like this one and just fixes a flaw in iOS that doesn't exist on Android why do we need it? Then they brought it over without adjusting to Android design guidelines or using the intent system. Why celebrate that? If we celebrate second hand crap then we will always get second hand crap. Its time to start letting these devs know...either they bring it to Android first or at the same time and give a true Android experience and not just some crappy iOS port or we won't be celebrating it.
  • So tell them that. However; fact is there is plenty of other developers out there who have options to build on any other OS besides Android, if they see that Instagram can be successful and have chose Android as well, then that opens the door for them to do exactly what you suggested -- choose Android first. I don't disagree with what you said in anyway. You're looking at it from a totally different perspective then I was. I can appreciate that.
  • If they see that Instagram is successful on Android with a half assed port then guess what.... we'll get half assed apps. If we want good apps we need to celebrate good apps instead of celebrating anything thats a hit on iOS no matter how crappy it is on Android. Personally as a dev I'm watching to see how many Android users start getting fed up with the late and crappy ports and want to support Android exclusive apps.
  • They actually followed few guidelines, you can see action bar being used.
  • One possible reason you would want it (i didn't say "need") is because all your iPhone friends are in this app. If you have no friends with iphones, then you don't have any reason to get this.
  • The main way you'd know your friends are using Instagram would probably be through their pics being posted on FB and Twitter. You can do this right now on Android. What again would be the point of Instagram? It makes like zero sense what you're saying (not attacking you..just the idea). iPhone users love Instagram because it makes it easier for them to share photos on iOS. Android users will love Instagram because iPhone users use it??....even though we've been able to share photos easily all along?? Why would we be excited about something that solves a problem we don't have?
  • I don't know how many times people need to spell this out for you guys but it's not exactly the instagram app that is so appealing, but the ability to now use the largest mobile picture social network. From the couple hundred people I know of that use instagram it seems very few will actually post to twitter or to facebook, and the few that do post to either of them only do it every once in a while. Instagram is fun if you have a lot of friends who are willing to use it. I don't know more than a handful of people using any specific photo sharing apps on android so why would I use those instead? You might as well say facebook is unnecessary because you already have a friendster page.
  • Crashes on my Galaxy Nexus: When I try to change my profile picture. When I try to upload a picture from gallery.
  • turn off the "force GPU" option in developer settings when starting with a picture from your gallery and then the app won't crash. then you can add a filter to the image as if you just took the photo.
  • I would like to point out that this app looks different in ICS... or at least on the Galaxy nexus. It doesn't load up the default camera app. It looks more like the iPhone version where it has its own camera function. Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about:
  • Ya, I did note in the video it is optimized for ICS but where I don't have a Galaxy Nexus to make use of  I never would have saw that and with the camera not working on some ICS ROM's I actually had to flash back to CM 7 to do the video.
  • Worked just fine on my Epic 4G with CM9
  • I don't have an epic 4G though, lol. As you can see in the video. :P
  • Copy editing?
  • bout time android, we have been knee deep forever.....
  • I finally figured out why people like this app. It's like Twitter, but in reverse. Instead of a tiny message and possibly a pic, you get a pic and possibly a tiny message. The app just let's you in on the service. I guess the point is to add a bunch of people to your feed so you can scroll through pics all day long (of what people are eating and what earrings they're wearing, etc.). Yes, I know this is probably obvious to a lot of people, but I totally couldn't understand the hype. Not sure it's for me though - I totally don't get Twitter.
  • Wow, that's an amazing way to look at it.
  • Great description. I didn't understand the appeal either, but the social aspect of instagram is pretty slick.
  • I think Instagram is awesome. Yes there are other apps out there that do things better or has more options. But Instagram from my prospective has a following. I now can be part of the same ecosystem as my IOS friends and share my photos with them and find outstanding pics from other people from all over the place. If you don't like the camera options of instagram you can always use your favorite camera app and then upload the pic to instagram and seamlessly put it on your facebook and twitter at the same time. If you're into mobile photography even just a little bit instagram is a must have.
  • Honestly I could care less about all the filter options in the app, there are far better things for that. The reason I wanted it and got it today was simply that many of my friends have iPhone's and share all their pictures there and stopped putting them on twitter. I happen to like sharing and viewing pictures with friends, and I've been missing that on Twitter since everyone started using Instagram. It's not that I don't have other friends with Androids, I have quite a few, just seems that most of the friends that actually take interesting pictures have iPhones, and now I can share with them again. I know that's a rather specific situation, but I'm sure many of you are in similar situations, where you like sharing with friends and now you can. It's not the photo filters that are a big draw, rather its that its an entirely photo-based social network, which I happen to find quite appealing.
  • ‎#ShotsFired iPhone users are mad that Instagram made its way to Android since it exposes features it LACKS that are BASIC The cool about about Instagram for you iPhone Stans is that you can post pictures to stuff OTHER than Twitter
  • On my Galaxy Nexus, the preview of the picture (the viewfinder) is about 3x better than the actual resulting picture. The viewfinder is contrasted, accurate and colorful. The resulting picture is washed out, out of focus and blurry. Seriously, Google, could you not put a 1/2 decent camera on a $300 flagship phone??? It's not Instagram's fault, I'll tell you that.