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Insider says 4.3 coming for US-based HTC One soon, more info for Europe

Someone known to have good leads inside HTC has spoken on Twitter about the coming 4.3 update for the HTC One, and he believes we'll see it in a few weeks. This matches up with information we've already heard, but there's some more information here that we think makes it newsworthy.

According to @LlabTooFer, we will see the US versions of the HTC One get the Android 4.3 update with Sense 5 soon. After this happens, International versions should prepare for the Android 4.3 with Sense 5.5 update. After the release of the HTC T6 (the HTC One Max), all HTC Ones, the Butterfly S and the One Mini will see Sense 5.5 with the 4.3 update. Specifically mentioned as not getting the 4.3 update were the HTC One S (all variants) and the HTC EVO LTE on Sprint.

There's not much information about Sense 5.5, just this rumor that we should see it eventually. We're looking forward to finding out more, and you'll be the first ones to know.

Source: @LlabTooFer. Via: Android Central forums; XDA forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I'm assuming the DNA is just going to be updated to 4.2 and Sense 5 or will it get 4.3 as well? Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC has gone on record that the DNA will be getting 4.3, so rejoice! Still a great device, with 4.3 and Sense 5 it should fly.
  • If Verizon allows it...and gets to add all their new and improved bloatware to it...HTC will release it FOR the DNA, but it will ultimately be up to Verizon.
  • DNA is only for Verizon, so it will come out as promised.
  • VErizon's website confirms the sense 5 update coming soon for the DNA, makes no mention of android. Though HTC has said will get 4.3.
  • YESS!!!
  • I don't like Sense I'll be happy with 4.3 and hope 4.4 soon after not like 6 months to a year later. But then I'm really waiting for Nexus 5. I do like the HTC One phone a lot just hate sense.
  • Install a different launcher? There are many to choose from these days.
    Problem solved.
  • ignore him, just another "Nexus or nothing" fanboi. He makes the same kinds of comments in a lot of threads
  • Kinda like how most of us ignore haters like you? Posted via Android Central App
  • 4.3 is your one update. Don't expect much more from HTC.
  • Normally I would say the same thing however this started with 4.1, then got 4.2 and now 4.3. Maybe (fingers crossed) htc learned and will keep updates going for at least a year. The fact that the one s isn't getting anything beyond 4.1 is total garbage but maybe htc has changed its ways. So the US variant isn't getting sense 5.5? Only sense 5? Kinda lame but maybe it will come in a smaller update
  • There is a absolutely no reason why the HTC One S can't get 4.3 or even 4.4. Posted via Android Central App
  • The US versions will get Sense 5.5 after the HTC One Max is released, according to LlabTooFer.
  • lolwut
  • Um, flash a Google Edition ROM. Problem solved. Posted via Android Central App
  • Except most of the good things about your phone, most notably the camera, does down the drain
  • false you can install the sense camera on the GE roms easy enough
  • As long as you're on a 4.2.2 GE ROM. The underlying framework that allowed that was removed in the 4.3 update.
  • Stock Android is boring. Sense is better. Also if you love the HTC One get the Google Play Edition or buy the HTC One and install the Google Play Edition Rom HTC released.
  • I hope it fixes my audio and A/F on my camera!! I love my HTC one !
  • "all HTC Ones" covers a lot of ground. My wife's One VX just got 4.1; not holding my breath on any further updates on that obscure variant.
  • I believe that means all variants (international, US, dev, etc.) of the HTC One.
  • Pretty sure this is the case. Curse you for the naming convention, HTC.
  • Indeed... Researching anything on the VX is a lesson in patience because of it. Posted from my Nexus 7 via Android Central App
  • Finally, HTC has come to it's Sense(s) and realized that outdated software = lost customers in the long run. I hope this trend continues.
  • Did you not see how they are abandoning the One S? Posted via Android Central App
  • And the EVO LTE, which is a higher model than the One X.
  • The EVO LTE is not being abandoned. It is getting 4.3. Also the phone is almost 18 months old and is getting to the point that by Google's rules it doesn't need the update.
  • "...and the HTC EVO LTE on Sprint." "You finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! God damn you! God damn you all to hell!" I'm gonna sit in the corner now.... :(
  • Jerry... I think what you meant to say was that, taken from LlabTooFer's twitter post, the HTC EVO 4G LTE won't be getting the 4.3/Sense 5 update THIS time around...not necessarily that it won't get it at all. Stranger things have happened (*cough* THUNDERBOLT) but I have to keep optimistic that the E4GLTE will get at least the 4.3 update as well as some version of Sense 5, just like the OG HTC One etc is scheduled for (eventually). Please confirm you agree (in theory)...?!
  • I agree that someone asked if the EVO LTE will get 4.3, and the answer was, and I quote: "Nope." I have nothing else. 
  • Its a shame because I hear the evo 4g lte is a really good phone and I'm sure with android 4.3 and sense 5 it would be great Posted via Android Central App
  • Doomed from the start that phone was, doomed from the start
  • Well, look at this: He says jewel will get an update after all!
  • And thats y I ditched the evo lte .... Posted via Android Central App
  • I need to put my EVOLTE to pasture. :(
  • Go HTC! Good to see them trying to make a great come back this year. Not to mention it could spur some of these slackers to get moving
  • Does this mean we will see 4.3 in a few weeks or the carriers will see it in a few weeks? Posted via Android Central App
  • Will answer that in a few weeks. Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App
  • Will answer that in a few weeks. Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App
  • US variants have always been notorious for being behind on the update train, regardless of the brand or the popularity of the phone. As awesome as this whole thing sounds, I'm rather skeptical... I hope to find out for myself soon though in the form of my AT&T variant prompting for a very welcome update...
  • Sad they abandoned the Evo LTE. Once a mighty phone and now a thing to be forgotten. I'm glad I left HTC. They're not reliable for updating phones frequently.
  • Wait so we get 4.3 and Sense 5 (which we already have) first, THEN Sense 5.5? That doesn't make sense.
  • That's exactly how I read the article. It doesn't make sense to release the 4.3 update without Sense 5.5, unless HTC plans to release a separate update just for Sense 5.5. Any insight on this?
  • They said US gets 4.3 with sense 5 only, after the ONE MAX release a update for sense 5.5 is coming to ALL ONES! which includes the US version. I'm curious to see how long sprint is Gonna take to give us this. They've been first to update for awhile now and I hope it continues. With that said we're basically getting wahat the rest of the world got as 4.2 since they skipped it.
  • If you had a Google Play edition HTC One you'd already be on 4.3. Mine is. Posted via Android Central App
  • no thanks. i like my blinkfeed, email client, messaging app, contacts app, browser, car app, and camera software/zoes much better than bare-bones vanilla android.
  • I like latest software better than custom skins. Posted via Android Central App
  • I like my phone working as the OEMs designed it and not a barebones Android system
  • I like REAL features like TRIM support, and security updates. You can keep the ugly skins and gimmicky bloatware. Posted via Android Central App
  • Totally agree. And I like stock android. But the camera in the gpe blows! And honestly I love the new sense. Can't wait to see what 5.5 brings!
  • Along with the worse camera quality and the useless ir blaster? no thanks, and I think many agree or we would've all sold our ones and gottent the Google edition. This, however, doesn't seem to be the case. Posted via Android Central App
  • I've already got 4.3 with Sense. Granted, I root and ROM so...
  • Wow, glad I traded in the old Evo LTE!
  • "old"... Wasn't it released just last summer? Posted via Android Central App
  • Just sent my One in for repairs so I hope this isn't released before it comes back! Posted via my HTC One or S4 using the Android Central App
  • I've been on android 4.3 sense 5 for a week or so now on my att htc one. It's pretty slick. I still prefer my Google play edition 4.3 rom tho. Posted via Android Central App
  • And I'm officially done with HTC. That is BS that the EVO LTE won't get the upgrade to Sense 5. I think HTC owes the EVO users considering how buggy the last few updates where on the phone and the number of problems with the last update. I think they make quality hardware, but it means shit when they don't support it and the software negatively impacts it. I qualify for an upgrade in Feb. and I'm dropping HTC for a different brand. It's not like Sense 5 won't work on the EVO LTE, as it was ported when it was first released. Unfortunately there is no way of rooting and s-offing the last update from what I understand.
  • Complete BS the EVO isn't included. Posted via Android Central App
  • Its been running on the EVO LTE for the past 5 months, yet they can't give us an official release?!
  • I haven't receive a update for my htc one x yet still on 4.1 ;( Posted via Android Central App
  • damn I just listed my One on Craigslist. I dont suppose the update will be here tomorrow? (lol)
  • I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.People need to understand that AT&T doesn't care what version of Android you are on. They want you to keep signing two year agreements and buying their phones.
  • this is why I am selling my unlocked One (AT&T is my carrier) and buying a Nexus 5.
  • Had the original EVO and upgraded to the EVO 4g LTE because of the deal I got. Looks like I am dropping HTC when my upgrade comes up in January. Probably go with the Note 3. I was seriously thinking of getting the One but not now since they (htc) shows us EVO owners no love.
  • Bring it on! I'll take any updates that improve this great phone:-D
  • It makes me laugh when you guys throw the toys out of the pram because you are not on the latest update buy a phone for what software it has now ...not for what it might have in the future ..they don't have to update your handset at grateful for what they give you ..
    Or don't be so tight and upgrade to a new handset ..
    Manufacturers will only upgrade your software if they can guarantee it can run on your handset and give a better experience...
    They are not going to leave themselves open for complaints because the hardware can't cope with the software...
    There is a whole bigger picture here ...
    And unfortunately us fanboys (hate that word) are a small minority of the overall sales ...sorry guys but that is the way it is ..right or wrong .. Posted via Android Central App