Ingress turns 2, announces user milestones

Ingress, the experimental GPS-based game from Google's Niantic Labs that has spawned book series, support sites, and massive multi-city and even international events, is turning two years old. Time flies in an open beta, huh? Anyway, the good folks at Niantic have some impressive numbers to show us about all the things we've accomplished in that time trying to see who will control the XM, the Enlightened or the Resistance.

Let's see how much walking they've made us do trying to get those portals working.

Over 200 countries have been touched by the Ingress battle, with more than 178 million portals being claimed and fought over by players around the world. That's a lot of artwork and landmarks to walk to, and while walking around looking for XM and portals to disrupt and steal, Ingress users have walked over 126 million kilometers. For the metric-illiterate among us, that's over 78 million miles, and my thighs hurt just thinking about that.

Ingress is growing up so fast. *tear*

So, are you still in the battle? Or have you retired? What's the XM situation in your neighborhood?

Ara Wagoner

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