Imint's new Vidhance algorithms can turn phones into action cameras

Vidhance Super Stabilization
Vidhance Super Stabilization (Image credit: Imint)

What you need to know

  • Imint has announced next-gen video enhancement solutions for multi-camera smartphones.
  • The Swedish company is working on bringing action-camera performance to phones with the new Vidhance MCT and Vidhance Super Stabilization technologies.
  • Its Vidhance Selfie Mode uses AI and facial recognition to keep users in the video frame even when they're moving.

Swedish video technology company Imint today announced its latest solutions that it says will "revolutionize" the way consumers experience video on their phones.

The company's new Vidhance Selfie Mode has been developed to ensure that users always stay in the frame when video chatting, recording an Instagram story, and more. This is done with the help of artificial intelligence and facial recognition. Vidhance Selfie Mode can continuously track the user's face and apply algorithms to reposition it within the frame.

Imint Vidhance Selfie

Source: Imint (Image credit: Source: Imint)

Imint has also announced Vidhance Super Stabilization technology, which it claims can provide stabilization on-par with or even better than dedicated action cameras. According to the company, Vidhance Super Stabilization can manipulate the source video captured by today's smartphone cameras to compensate for excessive motion. To do this, it uses the wide-angle and primary high-resolution sensors that are becoming increasingly common, even in budget phones.

To integrate the multiple cameras in modern smartphones, the Swedish company has come up with Vidhance MCT. Using a proprietary self-calibration algorithm, Vidhance MCT can smoothen the transition when a user switches from one lens to the other. Additionally, Vidhance MCT can automatically align each camera, ensuring that they do not fall out of alignment from daily use.

Imint says all three new solutions will be included in the Vidhance 3.6 software release.

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