If you're at Google I/O, be on the look out for Lloyd!

Today is the last day of the Take Lloyd on an adventure and win 1 of 4 Samsung Galaxy S IIIs Contest. If you're in attendance at Google I/O, we're going to make it super easy for you to get a photo of you and Lloyd so you can submit it for your chance to win.

A few members of the Mobile Nations crew will be walking around the main floor of Moscone today (just look for them in the shirts above) and they're loaded up with sweet free Lloyd gear they're giving away. They have Lloyd pins, stickers and even some t-shirts. Don't be shy. If you see a person walking around with Lloyd on a t-shirt, just stop him and say hi. We'll hook you up.  

And while the contest to win 1 of 4 Galaxy S IIIs ends today, we've got a lot of Lloyd gear with us, so you'll be able to find us tomorrow too (before the keynote, look for us in front of the Cafe doors near the I/O Gear booth). That's it. Lloyd ​FTW!

AC Staff
  • Please don't accept submissions for the free SGSIII of pictures taken at Google I/O!!! Wouldn't be fair!! ¬¬
  • I agree!
  • Wish I was at I/O. Is it crazy of me to wish I was there for a Lloyd pin instead of the free devices?
  • Yes, yes you are... But how about a free phone WITH a free Lloyd pin? ;)
  • Might have to save the picture Kevin tweeted in one of these shirts for future blackmail purposes, haha.
  • Lloyd NFC tags!!!
  • I'd buy those!
  • I cant wait to find out who won this contest!