If you still want a Nexus One, better grab it fast, as Google gets its last batch

If you're still on the fence about buying a Nexus One, you need to pull the trigger pretty soon. (Get it at Google.com/phone.) Google says it's taken its final shipment of phones from HTC, and that's likely to be it for the phone, since it's closing its web store.

Earlier this year, we announced that we will be closing the Nexus One web store. This week we received our last shipment of Nexus One phones. Once we sell these devices, the Nexus One will no longer be available online from Google. Customer support will still be available for current Nexus One customers. And Nexus One will continue to be sold by partners including Vodafone in Europe, KT in Korea, and possibly others based on local market conditions.

Hate to see a great phone die like that, but them's the breaks. Google says it will still offer the N1 for sale to registered developers. [Google Nexus One blog]

Phil Nickinson
  • A shame. I love my Nexus. It might have sold really well at a retail location like Best Buy. It would probably sell well unlocked and un-subsidized, but it's tough to justify that price with a piece of hardware you haven't had the chance to touch.
  • That price tag is A LOT lower in comparison to similar phones. Can you imagine an iPhone unlocked and unsubsidized? It won't be less than $800.
  • I wish it was available on vzw. Never had the chance.
  • The N1 was never even manufactured for verizon despite original Google claims it was almost ready, and all parties knew the Incredible was coming months before it was released, and its internals are pretty much the same as the N1.
  • Does this mean that the Nexus Two is coming soon? Or how about a Nexus 1.2? That'll do
  • I really doubt that there will be such a thing unless all the manufacturers revert to being content to releasing the same old shit over and over again. Google may have a manufacturer release an unlocked version of their top of the line model for developers available thru Google. They really do need a dev phone. Or maybe one from each major player. But without a retail outlet, I just don't see it happening.
  • Google already said there will be no N2. From what they set out to do with the N1 they did, so they are stopping. Bummer really.
  • You can go grab one at Cincinnati bell store if your in the area.
  • Locked or unlocked?
  • All N1s are unlocked. Either buy online through Google (which will be ending soon), or in a retail store (which will continue for some time since HTC is still manufacturing them) they will always be unlocked.
  • All this says is that Google will no longer be selling the Nexus One online. If indeed (as continually rumored) other sellers, such as uber-retailer Best Buy, sell it, won't your headline to this tidbit be very much overstated?
  • Sad to see it go, wonder what the next "dev" phone will be and how to get my hands on it. I assume it won't be as simple as the N1 for us north of the border.
  • anybody selling one ....
    i want one but no wanna spend a lot , i have the evo 4g.. but i would like to have the Nexus ..
  • Also least offering with the official froyo. It seeing the only phone that will get froyo. Bs
  • I was wanting this phone really bad when Sprint announced that they were releasing it but had to grab the EVO. The size is cool but the N1 would be easier to hold.
  • My wife wants one after seeing mine. I suspect all she really needs is a Captivate, as she's not much for running non-stock things. Being on At&T N1 was the only real choice for me prior to Captivate.
    Sooo tempted to pull the trigger again, but the Captivate is tempting too.
  • Great phone, I got mine for att about 1 month ago. All the kinks are worked out of production and the hardware is flawless. Watching Phil's videos made me want one :) Also probably still the most future proof android phone.
  • This is probably the nicest phone I've ever used. Sorry it will soon be unavailable in the States but I will continue to use mine until it falls apart.
  • i will be using my N1 until it no longer receives updates from Google! i cant go back to a phone thru a carrier!
  • I actually really like this change. This will keep the N1 RARE and keep the price up if anyone wants to buy it :) Plus, I feel special having one :P I had the iPhone 2g, 3g, and 3gs and this is the best phone I've ever had. I love the fact we can do anything we want to it! With the iPhone, I couldn't update it because it would relock it again :(
  • Only Google selling them online is stopping. HTC is still making them, and will continue to be sold through retail stores. Very misleading article.
  • It's still unclear WHERE and WHEN they will be available in retail stores. The HTC Desire is coming to Telus (Canada), does this mean there will be no N1 in retail stores in Canada? Really unclear..
  • Bam!. Pulled the trigger on one for posterity. Had one. Sold it. Rocking an Incredible but really miss standard android. Think this puppy will stay voip only though..
  • Seriously enjoying my T-Mobile Vibrant. From the G1 to the Behold 2, it was a toss up between the nexus 1 and the Galaxy S. (Could I trust Samsung after the Behold 2 debacle?) I decided to pull the trigger and go with a Galaxy S device after seeing touchwiz 3.0 in action. Very happy with the interface, design, and performance.