If there's no Galaxy Note 21 this year, what phone will you buy instead?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra back
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra back (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

Samsung's Galaxy S21 series has been the talk of the town for the past couple of weeks, but among all of that excitement, we also saw reports of something not nearly as uplifting. Reliable Samsung leaker Ice Universe shared an ominous Tweet saying "Galaxy Note" with a picture that says "The End" — strongly suggesting that there won't be a Note 21 this year.

There have been substantial rumors and reports hinting at the Note line being done for, and especially with the S21 Ultra shipping with S Pen support, a future without a Note seems more likely than ever before.

A few of our AC forum members got to talking about this, saying:

If this year the last Note , I'll get it , keep my Note 20U also and will always have a Note 😎 🙂


Looking at the S21 Ultra, it does not have an expandable SD card slot, doesn't come with a stylus (will support a stylus though) and there is no stylus housing built into the phone itself. Seems like they are making a lower Note capable phone rather than a full on replacement.


I think this is the end :( I'm not convinced by the fold I tried one I hate the crease in the middle when it's open (it's visible and annoys me) and when folded the screen keyboard is far too tiny to type on so I am out. Will hold onto the note 20 ultra for a few years and look elsewhere.


I think a few people will. I am tempted by the N20U but the Exynos chip inside it puts me off it. Battery life isn't too good by many accounts. I will keep my S10+ for a while longer. Get the battery replaced in the summer and keep it going. It has plenty of space left.

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All of this got us wondering — If there's no Galaxy Note 21 this year, what phone will you buy instead?

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