If the Pixel 6 can't compete with the dull-as-dirt iPhone 13, Google will never win

Google Pixel 6 Pro Coming Soon Nyc Display Unit Gold Close
Google Pixel 6 Pro Coming Soon Nyc Display Unit Gold Close (Image credit: Michael Fisher / Android Central)

Last week's Apple Event was a bit of a snoozefest. On the one hand, the new iPad Mini impressed even the most hardcore Android fans as a compact slate for consuming media. On the other hand, the regular iPad underwhelmed with its still-giant bezels and last-gen chip, the Apple Watch 7 had no major design or sensor updates (and still has no release date), and there were no new laptops or M2/M1X chips to be found.

But what really blew me away with its mediocrity was the iPhone 13. As much as I enjoyed the cute Knives Out knock-off home video, the announcement didn't have any other stand-out moments. Instead, it simply moved us through all the requisite beats that every phone release trailer has: A brighter display than ever! Longer battery life than ever before! Faster than competing brands by a vague metric!

This phone was mistaken for a "12S" for a reason. This is an off-year for Apple.

The only "major" improvement is that the iPhone 13 Pro will get a 120Hz LTPO display with variable refresh rate. The OnePlus 9 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra already have that, but to be honest, Apple always lags behind other brands. Being "only" a year behind the competition is an improvement.

iPhone 13 Pro

Source: Apple (Image credit: Source: Apple)

Aside from the smaller notch and the upgraded A15 Bionic chip, the iPhone 13 isn't a major update on the iPhone 12. Rather than provide concrete specs or benchmarks, Apple pushed the usual platitudes, then focused half of the event on its new camera lenses and video features. Its 12MP cameras fall well short of most of the best Android phones, but its ProRes 4K videos could make the 13 a popular choice for YouTubers or TikTokers.

Millions of Apple users are ripe for the picking if Google can successfully woo them.

The question is, will a vague spec sheet and uninspiring launch do anything to reduce sales? CNBC reported that 250 million iPhone users currently have phones three years or older. A huge, loyal base of users may upgrade simply because of their aging hardware, and compared to the iPhone X or XR, the iPhone 13 is a considerable improvement.

I'm curious whether or not Android phones can peel away just a few million of those loyal users. Specifically, the Pixel 6 Pro, which seems the most likely phone to be able to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone 13 Pro.

Google's most Apple-like phone

Google Pixel 6 Coming Soon Nyc Display Unit Orange Close

Source: Michael Fisher / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Michael Fisher / Android Central)

I've used iPhones pretty loyally for a decade before switching from iOS to Android, and I have a pretty good sense of what Apple users look for compared to Android fans. And the Pixel 6 could bridge that gap and bring over some adventurous iPhone users.

iPhone owners seem to care more about updates than Android users do.

First, the Pixel 6 will (according to credible rumors) get 5 years of software updates. Apple users may upgrade every few years, but they like having the option to keep a phone for much longer. And they're also used to prompt updates as soon as a new OS launches. Compared to other Android phones — which get three years of updates at most, and often receive those updates the following calendar year — the Pixel 6 has the longevity and speedy stock updates that Apple fans take for granted.

Then you have to consider the Pixel 6's design, with its two-tone colors and eye-catching rear camera bump. Apple's hardware design history is full of striking, multicolored tech, and we saw how much that still appeals to Apple fans by the response to its many-hued iMacs. The iPhone 13 has its colorful backs, too, but that's just colorful icing on a bland vanilla cake.

While Apple spun its wheels this year, Google went all out on a properly innovative flagship.

The eye-catching, playful colors also extend to the Pixel 6's software. Android 12 and its new Material You design language instills color into every menu, button, and icon on your phone. Plus, its color extraction tool automatically changes the color of your menus based on your current wallpaper. While Android phones are all about customization, the Pixel 6 has a stock launcher with colorful tricks that Apple converts can enjoy without diving into settings.

Android 12 Beta 5 Homescreen Clock Colors

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

On that same note, the Pixel 6 gives Apple users a stock app experience that they'll appreciate. Apple phones have some apps that you could uncharitably call bloatware, which is why many iPhone owners already rely on Google apps for their day-to-day lives. Being able to use those same apps as default apps will make the transition to a new phone much more straightforward. Meanwhile, other Samsung or OnePlus flagships have their own app stores along with Google's, which I think will be too messy and complicated for iPhone owners.

Finally, you have the Pixel 6's rumored 50MP primary camera. The iPhone 13 will undoubtedly win the battle for best video quality, but for people who take fewer videos and more photos, Google will be the more attractive option if it markets its Pixel 6 properly. Not only is its sensor more powerful, but Google's automatic AI improvements to photos will sound very appealing to iPhone owners who want to take quick, high-quality snapshots.

Google needs to go for broke

iPhone 13 Lineup

Source: Apple (Image credit: Source: Apple)

We don't have iPhone pre-order sales numbers yet, but SCMP reports that Apple has already sold 2 million iPhone 13 units in China. And iMore detailed the issues people faced when trying to preorder Apple hardware. Was traffic so high that the company couldn't handle it?

Meanwhile, Pixel sales have trended downwards in the past couple of years. We know that Google sold 7.2 million Pixels in 2019, with initial sales for the Pixel 4 lower than the Pixel 3 in its first two quarters. Then Nikkei Asia reported last year that Google only planned to sell 800,000 Pixel 5 phones and about 2 million Pixel 4a and 4a 5G handsets.

Google's mid-range flagships just haven't sold! In our tests, they've consistently outperformed their mid-range hardware thanks to Google's optimizations; but Android shoppers have gone for faster Samsung hardware or the cheaper Pixel "a" phones instead.

Google Pixel 6 Coming Soon Nyc Display Unit Orange Close

Source: Michael Fisher / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Michael Fisher / Android Central)

In 2021, Google will release a proper flagship with a beautiful display, flashy software, powerful cameras, and a self-made Google Tensor chipset. If all goes well, it'll attract Android and Apple fans in equal measure, with the specs Android fans will appreciate and the intangibles that exacting Apple fans want in a phone experience.

But that'll only happen if Google goes all-out on its marketing campaign. Obsessive tech fans ate up Pixel 6 rumors and leaks for months, but it's unclear how much the general public cares about Pixels — except as a budget brand. Google needs to have its own "think different" commercial moment and push its flashy phone as the exciting alternative to Apple's boring-ass, incremental phone upgrade.

Will it happen? Google has a tendency to let its products speak for themselves, then kill them off when they languish without proper marketing. I can only hope Google realizes that if the Pixel 6 fails to make a mark against Apple's weakest phone since the iPhone 8, it'll permanently mark the Pixel brand as a minor player in the smartphone arena.

Michael L Hicks
Senior Editor, VR/AR and fitness

Michael spent years freelancing on every tech topic under the sun before settling down on the real exciting stuff: virtual reality, fitness wearables, gaming, and how tech intersects with our world. He's a semi-reformed Apple-to-Android user who loves running, D&D, and Star Wars. Find him on Twitter at @Michael_L_Hicks.

  • Nice write up. As a current iPhone user who has skipped the 13 and *may switch to Android Im currently undecided on the Pixel phones. Hoping they can deliver on some unique selling point otherwise it will be the same as always for the pixel lineup. Price will be important of course. Availability (unlike the 5a in the UK!) too.
    Google in general isn’t known for trust , supporting the long term , or privacy which are other blockers for people not switching.
    Switching to an unfamiliar platform isn’t seen as a positive either (my wife’s view).
    At the end of the day both platforms pretty much do the same thing but with a different approach / presentation layer.
  • You have this absolutely correct. Either platform will serve the user just fine, and if that’s what their comfortable with there’s nothing wrong with it.
  • Price is extremely important. While the Pixel 6 may blow the iPhone 13 out of the water on paper it doesn't say Apple or Galaxy on it. That's all that matters to many people. You're only going to sway them with low pricing.
  • Absolutely agreed. Many consumers are buying the name, not the product. It might take many iterations of the Pixel to catch one, but I'm hopeful.
  • The thing is the majority of iPhone users don't care about all the "flash" that you tech bloggers like to think people care about. If that was the case the iPhone would have been blown out of the water by android phone sales years ago. Pixel is niche and even with placement in carrier stores (which still won't place it as prominent as iPhone/Samsung devices) Google will need more than flashy specs to sway people to try their device. Hopefully the pixel 6 doesn't have the QC issues of past pixels because that always will push some people to other devices. 
  • From reading AC articles and listening to the podcast, I regularly hear AC acknowledge that because of their immersion in the phone tech scene they have a very different perspective from the phone "normies" and "casuals" out there. They're aware people tend to gravitate to Samsung or Apple because it's what they know, and researching about other brands or getting used to a different OS just isn't fun for them. I agree that Pixel has been niche, but I also agree that with the proper marketing/pricing strategy, that could change.
  • Pixel needs to put it's speakers on the outside. I was curious about one of the phones last year but turned off by owners comments about muffled sounds for calls and music.
  • 6 & 6 Pro have returned to the 'conventional' speaker setup.
  • It always cracks me up reading articles like this. Look, no oem's smartphone release/design is going to have any effect on Apple or iPhone at this point in the game. If Samsung during its heyday with tons of marketing could not do it, the pixel have no shot at all. I read comments like "Apple is missing the boat," to which I say no they are not. How can you miss the boat when you have your own cruise ship. Apple is long passed the market share game those on forums and tech sites seems so obsessed with. Apple have reached a point where market share can't effect them. There is only one reason why one worry about market shares (attract support from devs. and others). Apple have no such issue, in fact everyone wants to be on their closed platform because that's where the users with the most buying power are. The Epic case showed us that power. Despite having less market share than Android Epic games made 7 times more money on iOS than on Android and they are not alone. Market shares is no longer a good way to measure the iPhone success, its all about the service revenue now. Perfect example, during its last financial report Apple reported that about 45% of its iPhone user base are paying some kind of subscription fee, with about 1.3 billion iPhone out there, that's almost 600 million people that's paying them money for a service beside buying the device. That's the thing every Android oem's would kill for, Samsung have been trying to accomplish such a feat forever with no success. You want to know why the iPhone 6S, that was release in 2015 is still supported for it 6th and soon 7th year? It's because Apple still make money from them on service fees. So articles like this one misses the point of what is really going on and the chess moves each oem's are making. So, to answer your question, "no", the pixel will not even be a blip on Apple/iPhone radar.
  • "Epic games made 7 times more money on iOS than on Android". Which is apparently not enough ;(
  • Epic just wants to use the platforms for free, which is crazy since they charge 12% for their own store and charges 5% for the use of their unreal engine tool.
  • While I agree a lot of what you wrote, Fortnite is not a good example. Fortnite launched on iOS first, with a marketing campaign helped my Apple, while on Android you had to sideload the app. Fortnite was only on the Play Store for a few months before Epic pulled their stunt, while it was on the App Store for about two years. And Epic knew not being in the Play Store basically killed Fortnite on Android. They initially planned on suing Google way before Apple, but changed their strategy because of legal counsel. In fact it's believed that, including China, Android now makes more money overall on gaming than iOS: gamesindustry . biz/articles/2019-09-17-newzoo-android-games-will-earn-more-revenue-than-ios-in-2019
  • @toukale
    this is 100% spot on. Not to mention that Google, no matter how hard they try, aren't available direct from All 3 carriers. Google can only get support from one carrier at a time.
    Plus, the Pixel 6 is too big for a Lot of people. to make the Smallest device 6.4" is just dumb. I have the pixel 5 and do not want anything bigger. My iPhone is the Mini, and LOVE the size. I do plan to go to the 13 Pro and at 6.1" that is already too big, but I can deal with it. I wish Apple would have kept the 5.8" smaller device.
    I do not want 6.4" and 6.7" devices.
    Since Google made two phones this year, they should have made the smaller one 6.1" with the same polycarbonate back like the S21 (or same back material as Pixel 5) and the larger the 6.7" glass sandwich.
    Google is never going to make a dent in the Apple sales market, They ALWAYS do dumb stuff and Always have some sort of build quality issue on EVERY single phone they've ever released.
    They should drop the 888 and new Cam into the pixel 5 and sell it in addition to these new models.
  • Pixel line is far from being a success. It looks like Google doesn't have a desire to sell phones.
  • While that argument seems valid for all of their prior phones (other than the value-oriented -a series), it seems very premature to presume it to apply to the new models. Google has always been recognized for having a great software experience, merely short on the hardware. With the changes to the new models to include top tier hardware across the board (though we'll have to wait to see how the SOC compares, as it's a bit of an unknown at the moment with its unusual design and the question of how Google will take advantage of it through their software), the Pixel appears likely to have everything it needs to be an absolute competitor, given the opportunity through proper marketing.
  • What Google apps do iphone users rely on because of Apple bloatware, maybe maps? My kids have iPhones and they don't use any Google apps... The Pixel may gain market share for Google but don't think it will be at the expense of Apple...
  • Apple having an "off" year is just a troll to the rest of the industry. The iPhone 13 will be the best selling iPhone of all time, mark my words. Google needs to compete with Google, not Apple or Samsung. They need to set themselves up as the sturdy alternative first, not try and suddenly compete with the big boys. Despite how excellent their phones are, they simply don't have the name recognition yet.
  • I will never own an Apple or Samsung phone. I have no desire to enter into that Apple world, and the Samsung phones (and other products) I've owned in the past have been nothing but trash... flashy WOW on first look but ultimately bloated trash that fails quickly. And Samsung phones take horrible photos that look so fake and plastic with their oversaturated colors and blown-out highlights. Since buying my first Pixel with the Pixel 3, I'm a big fan of them. I'll be retiring my Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 and purchasing the Pixel 6 likely around Black Friday (hoping for a nice sale!).
  • Ever tried an iPhone? I felt just like you til I did. It’s a fantastic experience
  • Just on looks alone the new iPhones blow Google's phone out of the water. Those are some seriously gorgeous phones and I like all the colors. If the Apple legions have money during these crazy times these phones are going to fly off the shelves.
  • This isn't for iPhone users, who stick with Apple but for the millions of Android users. "iPhone owners seem to care more about updates than Android users do." Do they? I've never heard a non-technical user talk about software updates.
  • I have. Usually they aren't happy with it, Apple or Android. Most of the time it just changes something they were used to.
  • Because YOU'VE never heard a non techie talk about updates means they don't?
  • Man if Google couldn't get it right the first 5 times what makes you think they can do it now?
  • Reading all the comments here, this is the question I had. I had the Nexus 4-6 back in the day. Loved them, EXCEPT for the fact that every monthly security patch broke something on the phone, requiring another patch. Went Samsung and never looked back, because ::it just works:: lol
  • what exactly are they getting wrong? I have the Pixel 4XL, so I'm curious of to what you think they got "wrong" .
  • They are providing 5 years of updates now. I mean imagine how many bugs they will introduce to pixel users and take months (if even ever) they fix them. Pixel is a niche and has been Google's beta testers since the nexus days. Charging $1000+ for the phone doesn't change the fact. 
  • You had me at "Eye catching camera bump"🤣🤣🤣🤣. I nearly spit out my coffee on that one.
  • Nothing is more boring than a Pixel phone. Add to that poor performance and endless bug fixes. Biggest thing now that will hurt the 6 is the Pixel name.
  • Eye catching rear camera bump? How about fugly rear camera bump? As for colors? How about not really. But all is subjective so what I call fugly some Pixel zombie will fondle till hell freezes over.
    The quality of the pixel is still unknown since it is not released. While the quality of the iphone is going to be just like their previous models....great. I say all this as a Pixel 4XL owner, who really likes my phone. However, this new pixels has no appeal to be AT THIS TIME. Time does tend to make ugly things better so in six months I might like it. But I have to admit, Samsung is looking good if I want to stay with Android, but that iPhone 13 looks good too. But again, MY OPINION.
  • iPhone (XR) user here, up until a week or so ago I was anticipating getting another iPhone in December. Then I saw some of the Android 12 previews, now I'm strongly considering moving back to Android, but only with a Pixel. Hoping the non-Pro Pixel 6 doesn't cost too much. If it does, I may even consider the Pixel 5, if I can still find one in December...
  • Define "compete." The Pixels were never known for high sales numbers. They never make a dent in market share. Their biggest challenges are availability, marketing, execution, and most importantly... generating excitement from the vast numbers of general consumers. We get excited because we're tech junkies. But the "average" consumers do not even know that these devices are even in existence.
  • I'm interested in getting the Pixel 6pro however the fact that Google has not released any info on who will be carrying it other than their official store in NY is a little concerning. How do they expect to beat Apple by doing this? Not an Apple fan but it does intrigue me because their marketing campaigns are everywhere. The 6 series is the first marketing campaign I have seen for a pixel phone in quite some time and yet none of the major carriers are carrying them so it seems. Do I live under a rock?
  • Where has Beno been?!?
  • Maybe Google should sell the Pixel in more countries not just a selected few to get more market penetration. I can't buy it where I live but can buy most all other makes.
  • I'm still buying the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Google's new chip doesn't have the history of Apple'c in-house chip and its performance capabilities is unknown. At least with Apple, we know we'll get great cameras, long battery life, and consistency. I can use my iPhone and know it won't bug out or get a blue/black screen of death.
  • That is, in my opinion, an unfair statement and AC gave great reviews about what also can be considered boring and plain Pixel phones… This iPhone is a good update, knowing most people don’t update every year, and have good upgrades in screen and camera upon the 12…
    It is an Android centric website but no need to troll the other side :p
  • Personally, iPhones and IOS have always been boring. I purchased an iPhone SE when it was first released and a second hand iPad. While they are easy to use, iPhones and iPads are essentially boring to a tech oriented person like me. I quickly ditched the iPhone after a year and went back to Android exclusively. I like the customization I get with Android include ditching the launcher that comes with phone and using one I like with custom icons.
  • "The iPhone 13 will undoubtedly win the battle for best video quality?" When did you see & test the apple 13 camera with the Pixel 6?🤔
  • It’s hilarious to read this and think you actually think people care what’s on the spec sheet. In the real world people buy the phone they like with emotion or because their family member said they liked it. And you know what wins in that game? Marketing. Apple has the most successful marketing of all time and it’s not close. On top of that they’ve never once released a crappy phone so people know they can trust them. An iPhone won’t win every game but it will score top 3 every one of them. Pixel doesn’t have a chance
  • I don't think that anyone will compete with Apple until someone can change the perception that Android phones are for poor people and iPhones are luxury items. As much new tech Android phones have brought to the market before Apple, people still believe Androids are inferior. When I look at marketing, Apple does a much better job at selling their phones features than Android phone makers. When's the last time you saw a billboard or commercial that says shot on Pixel or Galaxy? In 2021 encryption and security are a premium product, android users still don't have a stock end to end encrypted chat system. It also doesn't help that many Android phones are sold with half baked features and gimmicks. Apple understands that what's important is to be right when you get to the market, not necessarily first. I hate my work iPhone and love my galaxy s20 ultra with the overrated camera... But this war is over and Apple won.
  • E2E encrypted RCS chat has been rolled out.
  • The best Android phones are made by Samsung... End of Story. Samsung is Android in North America. It doesn't matter what Google tries to do with the Pixel. It also does not matter that top Samsung phones like the Note Ultra 20 crush Apple specs... Apple phone buyers aren't about to switch over for an average Android Pixel, because they sure haven't for the best from Samsung... And vice versa. A better question to ask is what high end Samsung owner would switch to a Pixel? Does anyone exist who would switch from Samsung to Pixel? Nobody cares about Android or iOS updates in 2021... Be th are very mature. I've got parents who are clueless about app updates, let alone system updates.
  • Went from a note 20 ultra to a Pixel 5... A downgrade in many many respects, I know, but I still find I'm much happier with it day to day than I was with the note 20 ultra 🤷‍♂️ I do very much miss the sd card slot though, but that's really about it...
  • How can you guarantee that the iPhone 13 will have better video? "The iPhone 13 will undoubtedly win the battle for best video quality"; really? You haven't even tested the Pixel 6 have ya?
  • We need Beno here
  • No, never, lol... Not that multiple personality disorder of a mobile user.
  • Well i switched to iphone last year, purely bored with software from OEMs being messed with.. Tried pixel 3a not for me as felt/looked cheap..... pixel 6 however could be the phone to turn me back to android I reckon.. (depending on its price of course)..... Shame the 5a hasn't graced the UK shores!!
  • At this point I think pixel phones won't expand further than just being a niche phone for tech enthusiasts and those who like their cameras. Their chance to greatly expand market share has already passed and Google only has themselves to blame for this. When you constantly release products only to abandon them a year or a few years later it starts to give potential customers an image that your company won't stand behind their products for the long haul. And in regards to competing with Apple that ship sailed a long time ago. Apple is way too established at this point. Google would do better to just improve their own product and focus on making pixel owners happy since they are their best ambassadors and salesmen/women in the long run.
  • "majority of iphone users care more about updates than android users" umm what? this is a lazy overused trope when talking about android and updates. and if you think that cheerleader, or that hipster skinny jeans wearing guy or that tween, and yes these demographics are the vast majority of iPhone users" do not care one iota about updates, in fact they all generally dread updates because iPhone updates on older phones usually tanks them and they hate learning new things.
  • Att right now will give you a iPhone 13 pro for free or 1000.00 off a max for my crappy pixel 4. Now that is a steal. Who in there right mind would pay premium money for a pixel!!!!!!!
  • They can’t get any one of there phones to not have problems you think there in house chip is going to be good lol
  • What a funny “analysis” :D
    Author didn’t provide any reason for loyal Apple users to switch to Pixel 6. Yes, google is catching up with updates. Yes, stock android is better than ever. So what? What are the reasons for iPhone users to switch? Because iPhone 13 isn’t so much better than iPhone 12? And? iPhone 11 was already better than Pixel 6. So? Because Pixel 6 is almost as good as iPhone (for the reasons you mentioned)? So? As you rightly said there is a huge number of iPhone users with iPhones 3-year old and older, that is the target for iPhone 13. Again, as you rightly mentioned, iPhone users tend to hold on their devices longer compared to android users that just like to shell out their money every year because their “flagships” turn into pumpkin (in their minds). Pixel 6’s target audience is other android flagships’ users, and of course that twelve Pixel fans. And since there is almost zero brand loyalty among android users (they mostly look for specs and price) it is going to be really hard to compete with Samsung, OnePlus, and others. Unless Google will price it low.
  • As much as I love my pixel phones, the Pixel 6 or Samsung or any manufacturer can’t touch Apple irrespective of how boring new iPhones are. It’s just the tech bubble that cares and everyday consumer cares will have zero issues with these new iPhones. They will be upgrading from older phones and they like something which they are comfortable with and already know. I have trouble having my wife change from her old iPhone to new iPhone and can’t even imagine the pushback on switching platforms 😂
  • Few seem interested in switching platforms, I'm not sure a "dull" iPhone release will change that. Most likely we'll see iPhone users stick with the phone they have. As for those who are actually interested in changing the Pixel 6 phones are certainly a compelling choice. They do come off as more iPhone like than any other Android and the switch less jarring and perhaps more interesting as a result, so there is that. The big thing will be if Google offers 5 years of support. They also need to drive home Android privacy controls to attract iPhone users imo.
  • Google will never compete with apple in terms of support. I don't care how many apple users switch, many of them will switch right back when they realize they will NEVER be able to actually talk to someone from Google.
  • I've never had a problem speaking to someone at Google if I had an issue with a Pixel phone or Nest device.
  • I think the Pixel needs an iterative upgrade strategy that doesn't leave the phone looking like a completely unfamiliar device every year. They almost had this with the 2 & 3, but the 4 & 5 looked nothing like their predecessors. This is a key difference between iPhone & Pixel; the new iPhone is guaranteed to be better than the old one in every way possible, while the Pixel could come with shortcomings a previous model didn't have. Regardless of if you like the Pixel 6 design, Google needs something to commit too & hopefully this is it. Although I still think they should have just popped a Tensor SoC & larger camera sensors into the Pixel 5 and made an XL variant, while maybe changing the material on the rear or making it a tad thicker to accommodate a big battery.
  • "CNBC reported that 250 million iPhone users currently have phones three years or older."
    "I'm curious whether or not Android phones can peel away just a few million of those loyal users."
    Maybe Android but defintely not Pixel. The iPhone is available pretty much worldwide while the Pixel phones are only available in a handful countries. For example, the Pixel 5 is only available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States.
  • it's an exciting year for the pixels. I was bored of OnePlus and got the 4a 5g dirt cheap with black Friday deal, thinking I would never put flagship (even "cheap" flagship money) into a phone. I was blown away by Google camera and now want to upgrade to the 6 pro which will probably double the price I've ever put in a phone, and retire my camera with lenses. if black Friday makes it somehow reasonable other,ise I might just skip and wait for pixel 7a. I'd love a midrange pixel with a telephoto lens but seems like it's not happening soon unfortunately. I just cant go back to Samsung or Chinese phones OS after years of OnePlus or pixel, and I would miss google camera even if it seems other manufacturers have improved in camera software and caught up in low light pictures
  • I just purchased my first iPhone last week, because of the lack of attractive options currently available. If Google had really shown off their device and a solid release date I might have waited.
  • You forgot to mention that mostly the only reason Pixel sales are down the drain its because of its horrible battery and atrocious battery life. If pixel 6 will have a downfall it will be the battery life, if they manage to fix that, they are golden and I guarantee at least 10 million Pixel 6 sold.